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RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Lima to Chiclayo15:0022:15BOOK NOW
Andahuaylas to Lima13:3018:00BOOK NOW
Lima to Huanta19:2521:45BOOK NOW
Lima to Nazca06:1521:30BOOK NOW
Abancay to Lima00:0022:30BOOK NOW

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About Wari Palomino

Grupo Palomino is a company with a lot of experience in Peru and is one of the most popular bus operator companies. The company was born in the department of Apurímac more than 50 years ago thanks to Serapio Palomino Cáceres and Antolina Ortiz Talaverano, a couple who saw in the transport industry an opportunity for progress. Few people know but Grupo Palomino did not start as an interprovincial company, but as a transport within the city itself. That is why, with a successful business in his native Apurimac, the couple saw that it was necessary to enter the capital, specifically to San Juan de Lurigancho, so that the company could grow even more. It would not be until later that, with the help of their children, they achieved the dream of having the first interprovincial bus, which had since the beginnings the characteristic green and yellow colors of Grupo Palomino. 


Grupo Palomino's mission is summed up in three words: quality, punctuality and safety, as it has been since the beginning of this great company. Above all, its executives want it to be a company that Peruvians can trust. They want to maintain the quality standards that have characterized them from day one and, not only that, but also be updated as requested by the market. Their desire to provide the best to their customers means that they continually train their staff, who are always willing to help and improve the experience of all those traveling on Grupo Palomino's bus. 


From its beginning in the interprovincial industry, Grupo Palomino has extended its routes and now has more than 20 destinations throughout Peru. These are: Abancay, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Andahuaylas, Chiclayo, Cora Cora, Camaná, La Merced, Cusco, Ica, Ferreñafe, Puquio, Lima, Nasca, Puerto Maldonado and Uripa. As Grupo Palomino wants to offer variety and services according to its customers' pocket, it currently has 3 types of buses. 


The first is the Chasqui Bus, a one-and-a-half-floor bus that has 140 ° reclining seats, USB input, air conditioning, TV / Music and hygienic services. It is important to keep in mind that the Chasqui Bus has authorized stops in restaurants within the route, so the food is paid by the customer. 


The second is Inka Class, which has 160 ° reclining seats on the first floor and 140 ° reclining seats on the second floor. In addition to this, the traveler can also enjoy TV / Music, air conditioning, hygienic services, blankets, pillows and refreshments (breakfast / lunch / dinner, depending on the route schedule). 


The third is Inti Plus, the most luxurious service that Grupo Palomino has. It has 160° reclining seats on the first floor and 180° reclining seats on the second floor. In addition to this, it has the following amenities: TV / Music, blankets, pillows, snack (which will depend on the time in which you are traveling), tickets with USB port and WIFI (always available to the bus). 


Currently Grupo Palomino is present in 65 terminals throughout Peru. In Lima, customers can find Grupo Palomino buses on Luna Pizarro Avenue, Los Héroes Avenue, Nicolás Arriola Avenue, Centro Comercial Plata Norte and in Atocongo. That is to say, that Limans have a wide range of possibilities to leave, they should only choose the terminal that is closest to their home. It is worth noting that its main agency is located on Nicolás Arriola Avenue, in case you need to do some very important process. 


In order to improve the user experience, now all customers who have requested an invoice, credit note or debit note when buying their bus tickets, can find it on the Palomino Group web portal. Just go to the Electronic Documents section and fill in the available fields. It is crucial to know the series, the number, the RUC and the purchase amount so that the system can send the requested document. In 2019, Grupo Palomino opted for the modernity of its fleet and bought 20 Mercedes Benz units from the distributor DIVEMOTOR. The objective of this purchase was to improve security and thus continue betting on interprovincial transport, but also sought to enter another type of business: the transport of workers to the mines. 


Grupo Palomino, in addition of transporting peruvians interprovincially, has also expanded its business to the delivery of parcels. Wari Cargo, the official name of this service, has a fleet of modern mini vans that are responsible for delivering packages to the recipient's door. But they not only support the delivery of light loads, they also help with heavy and / or special cargo, consolidate cargo, full load and even removals. For more information, you can call the Telephone Central and ask for the prices of each one: (01) - 6202333. 


It is important to keep in mind that Grupo Palomino has an online claims book, you just have to enter its website: grupopalomino.com.pe and select the corresponding option. In case of any complaint, suggestion or doubt, it is essential that the client add their comments regarding the service here so that Grupo Palomino can have an archive of them and thus improve their services. In addition, if it is a complaint, the client must fill out the claim book as the law dictates. The purpose of having the claims book on the website is to give the user more facilities.

Wari Palomino's Phone: (01) 6202333

Address: Oficina Principal: Av. Nicolás Arriola 906, La Victoria, Lima.

Wari Palomino Bus Service On Board

  • Seats reclining to 160° on the first floor
  • 20 suite seats reclining to 180° on the second floor
  • WIFI
  • Frequent GPS control each vehicle
  • Food service on board
  • Entertainment
  • audio and video
  • Cabin crew service available to passengers at any time
  • Blankets and head pillows
  • Personal reading light
  • Air conditioning and heating according to your needs

Select Your Agency

  • ● Abancay - terminal terrestre ; Terminal terrestre Av. pachacutec ; 083 321651
  • ● Abancay - Arenas ; Av. Arenas 157 ; ☎ Telephone number: 083 322932

Bus Amenities


Q-1). How can I book a Wari Palomino bus ticket?
A: You can visit the Wari Palomino ticket counter located at the bus terminal nearest to you. An even simpler booking solution has been provided by redBus, Peru. The user-friendly website offers a simpler way to book your bus tickets online.
Q-2). How much does a bus ticket on a Wari Palomino bus cost?
A: Ticket fares will vary depending on the pick-up and drop off points. You can visit redbus.pe/en to help you stay updated on bus fares, availability, and much more. The payment platform on the redBus website ensures that every transaction made on the site is protected.
Q-3). Do I need to print my bus ticket to board the bus?
A: There are two main scenarios that you might fall into when you have to board a bus. Now, if your boarding point is at any terminal in Peru, passengers will have to take a print out of the bus ticket that has been sent to the email in a PDF format. The second scenario is when your boarding point is a bus stop and not a terminal. In this case, you will receive an M-ticket that you will have to produce before boarding your bus. If the operator does not provide an M-Ticket, you will have to take a printout of the ticket (PDF) that has been sent to the registered email ID that you have used to book the bus ticket on the redBus website. Some operators might levy a charge if these conditions are not followed.
Q-4). Should I book my bus ticket at the counter or on the redBus platform?
A: That depends on what works best for you. You could book a ticket at the counter but you might be too late to book a comfortable window seat or risk being too late to book any seat at all. A lot of people are recognizing the benefits of booking a bus ticket on an online platform like redBus. It’s easy, convenient, and leaves you having all your questions answered by just browsing the website. The website provides live updates on a number of different avenues such as bus timings, fares, available seats, pick-up and drop-off points, discounts and offers, and much more.
Q-5). What is the Wari Palomino contact number?
A: You can contact Wari Palomino by dialing 01-6202333.
Q-6). Can I postpone my trip?
A: Grupo Palomino allows you to postpone your trip as long as you approach the agency hours before the bus leaves. You must pay a penalty of S/10 so that the change can be made. You have two options: if you have a new travel date, you can request a new ticket; and if you have not decided on a date, you will be given a ticket with an open date. It is important that you keep in mind that, in case you decide for a new ticket, the difference should be paid if the amount has risen. The documents that you must carry are the ticket or the invoice of the purchase.
Q-7). What is an open date ticket?
A: An open date ticket is a modality offered by Grupo Palomino when the client wants to postpone their trip, but does not yet have a defined date. This open date ticket lasts only 03 months and, after that period, there is no claim right.
Q-8). Can I give my ticket to a family member or friend?
A: You can change the ticket holder to a family member or friend. To access this option, you must go personally to the agency at 4 hours in advance. Here, you must present the invoice of the purchase, your ID and the ID of the family member or friend who will access the ownership of the ticket. The charge is S/10.
Q-9). Can Palomino Group refund my ticket if I don't use it?
A: Grupo Palomino does not offer refunds. They offer different alternatives such as postponing the trip (which implies a penalty of S/10) or transferring the ownership of a ticket to a third party (which costs S/10 as well).
Q-10). Can my pet travel with me?
A: Grupo Palomino currently does not transport pets,. Therefore, we recommend leaving your pet with a family member or friend you trust so you can access the services of Grupo Palomino without any problem.