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Top Bus Routes From Arequipa

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Arequipa to Lima05:4521:15BOOK NOW
Arequipa to La Victoria05:4520:35BOOK NOW
Arequipa to Cusco18:3021:10BOOK NOW
Arequipa to Terminal Terrestre Cusco18:3021:10BOOK NOW
Arequipa to Nazca05:4521:15BOOK NOW

Top Bus Routes To Arequipa

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Lima to Arequipa06:1521:00BOOK NOW
La Victoria to Arequipa09:3021:00BOOK NOW
Terminal Atocongo to Arequipa13:3020:30BOOK NOW
Nazca to Arequipa00:0123:37BOOK NOW
Terminal Nazca to Arequipa00:0123:37BOOK NOW

About Arequipa

The name Arequipa comes from the quechua word “ari-que-pay”, that refers to a legend about the inca Mayta Cápac; in the legend his subjects, impressed by the beauty of the place, asked him to stay and the inca answered: “yes, stay” (ari-que-pay).In the inca period the incas left the Arequipa territory in search of new places to conquer. The official foundation of the city took place in 1540, by the Spanish who arrived there to take advantage of the mines of the area in the colonial period.The city quickly due to its advisable location in the mining transit path, becoming the most important commercial city, and standing out for its loyalty to the Spanish crown.During the republic, Arequipa was the place where concentrated most of the uprisings and social and political conflicts, what (later on time) would deserve its title of “Hero city of the free people of Arequipa”. Nowadays the city of Arequipa is one of the metropolis of higher economic, cultural and touristic importance inside the country.
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Travels tips for Arequipa

-The minimum altitude is 9 meters high (Punta de Bombón)-The maximum altitude is 4910 meters (Los Volcanes viewpoint - Caylloma)-The distance between Lima and Arequipa is 623 mi (1003 km)At night we recommend to get around by taxi. During the day you can do it by foot, because the distances are short. Like that you will enjoy much more the experience of getting to the architecture and beauty of the Arequipa streets.As in every big city, the most common danger is the theft. To avoid a bad moment, we recommend you not to take unknown taxis or taxis of a non reliable company at night. Try to book the authorized services and take care of your highly-valued objects. During the day the risks are fewer, but anyway stay cautious.
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Arequipa Weather

Best time to visit Arequipa

The best time to visit Arequipa is in August due to the nice weather and its when the foundation festival takes place.

Climate in Arequipa

-The region’s climate is semi-arid and temperate, with a rainy season from January to March-The maximum temperature is 71 °F (22 °C) and the minimum is 41 °F (5 °C).

The things to do in Arequipa

Arequipa is known as the legal capital of Peru and also known as the "White City". This name comes from the style of the city's arquitecture using a white volcanic stone as the main material to build. Arequipa is one of the biggest cities in Peru and it's as well ranked 3rd destination of the country for its tourism. We advice you to visit the majestic Cathedral of Arequipa, the church of San Domingo and the Santa Catalina monastery.Arequipa is also known as the “White City”, because most of its historic monuments are of block of stone (a white stone of volcanic origin). In this beautiful city you will get to know the lovely Plaza de Armas (main square), a historical Cathedral and streets and mansions of colonial architectural style. Don’t you miss one of the most important religious constructions in Peru, the Santa Catalina Monastery. In the outskirts of the city you will appreciate the magnificent volcano Misti and if you’re adventure spirit is high, take a tour to the Colca canyon, considered one of the deepest in the world.
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Accomodations in Arequipa

Hospedaje el Caminante Class
Location: 207, Av. Santa Catalina /
Price: 15 soles and up
Dormitory bedrooms from 15 soles per person, located next to the main square. It’s a special feature that you will enjoy appetizing breakfasts on their patio home style. As their slogan says: “You will feel at home, even if you are far from your house.
Posada Misti
Location: 204, Calle Alvarez Thomas /
Price: 15 soles and up
Dormitory-style bedrooms with 6-9 beds, family atmosphere, and wifi. What else would you demand?
Dragonfly Hostels Arequipa
Location: Consuelo street with Alvarez Thomas streetRate: Shared room from s/ 35 – Private room from s/ 85Dragonfly Hostels offers a beautiful experience of lodging for all travelers. The place has several games and colorful rooms to share as well as the private rooms, to start well the day. The visitor will have free wifi, shower with warm water, hotel transfer and reception desk 24h a day.

Important dates in Arequipa

Carnival in Camaná(February - March)It’s one of the most popular and cheerful carnivals of the Peruvian central south; the locals go through the streets singing huachanacos, which are challenge folk songs, that test the creativity and slyness of the participatings at the moment of improvising the verses.
Virgen de Chapi(May the 1st to the 10th)This date the Purificación Virgin or Chapi Virgin is adored going through the Arequipa dessert in procession
Cotahuasi Anniversary(May the 4th)It’s one of the most important festivals of the province, where there are bullfights, dance competitions, and the locals organize visits to different tourist places of the region.
Anniversary of Arequipa city(August)During this month there are several celebrations that commemorate the Anniversary of Arequipa. We stand out the festival of the International Fair of Arequipa (located in the Cerro Juli) and the International Competition of the Misti Ascent. There are as well handicraft exhibitions in the Fundo El Fierro and the Festival de Danzas Festidanza. The main day is August the 15th, celebrated with a plunder who traverses the whole city.
Fiesta de Santa Úrsula(October the 21st)This popular and traditional festival is celebrated with the entrance of capos, burning of the yareta (a plant), pyrotechnic spectacles, masses and processions. There are also bullfights with Spanish novice bullfighter and cockfightings.
Inmaculada Concepción(December from the 7th to the 10th)It’s a peculiar festival where, after December the 8th, men are dressed up with female costumes to dance with women in a unusual dance. You can use this festival to get to know the 16 churches of Baroque style of the Colca valley, enjoy the thermal waters of La Calera, immerge yourself on the beautiful farming floors of the second deepest canyon of the world and contemplate on the sky the always majestic and enigmatic Andean condor.

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