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Chiclayo is one of the most important cities in Peru, not only for its tourist attractions but also for the warmth of its people and its rich cuisine. It is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations to travel to.

About land transportation: In Chiclayo, you can move around the city without much hassle as you will find a plethora of modes of transportation such as taxis, buses, trains, shared taxis, and even motorcycle taxis (3-wheeler motorcycles that run short distances in some parts of the city).

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Information About Chiclayo

Lambayeque27 m.a.s.lWarm, windy and dry

Chiclayo Facts

AnniversaryBest time to visitMain destinations from Chiclayo
July 22ndFebruary, March, and AprilLima, Trujillo, Piura

About Chiclayo

The name of the city comes from Chidayep and Chiclayoc, words in mochica language which mean “green that hangs”. It was the place where the culture mochica was born in the period of 0-600 B.C. Its foundation took place in 1560, during the colonial period, as a rural house; this lasted until the republic period, when the city started to grow due to its commercial importance and privileged location. Today we can appreciate on the outskirts and museums the legacy of a large culture moche, which dominated the valley centuries before. Declared the “capital of the friendship” for its hospitality, charm and good disposition of the residents, Chiclayo is the place where every traveller who likes history, good food and beaches with a good climate can’t miss.

Most Popular Routes from Chiclayo

Chiclayo is the departure point to many cities in Peru, due to its location and the city's development. Some of the most important routes from Chiclayo are:

Chiclayo to Lima: Travel to the capital from Chiclayo is possible thanks to the wide variety of offers available for this route. You can find many options according to your budget and expectations of services.

Chiclayo to Trujillo: This route connect s two cities in the Peruvian northside, with departures at different times for the passengers' comfort. The trip is very short, as you can reach Trujillo on a 4 hour trip.

Chiclayo to Mancora: You can reach Man cora's beautiful beaches from Chiclayo by land. There are many options to travel to Piura, and you can see them all in

Most Popular Routes to Chiclayo

Chiclayo is one of the most popular destinations among national and international tourists, due to its culture, cuisine, and the beauty of its tourist places. Some of the popular routes to Chiclayo are:

Lima to Chiclayo: It is one of t he most popular routes in the country. You can find many departures at different times, with a wide variety of services and rates.

Trujillo to Chiclayo: Travelling to Chic layo from Trujillo is very easy. On a 4 hour trip, you can reach Chiclayo from the city of the neverending spring.

Piura to Chiclayo: This route conn ects two cities of the Peruvian northside. You can find bus tickets from 30 soles.

Bus Companies in Chiclayo

These are some of the bus operators that operate routes from or to Chiclayo:

Transportes Chiclayo  

Address: Chiclayo Bus Terminal; 010 Jose Leonardo Ortiz Avenue

Telephone: 074 503548

It is one of the most popular bus companies in Chiclayo, as it was established on that city. You can travel to Lima, Trujillo, Piura, Mancora, among other cities. Inside its buses, you can find amenities like reclinable seats, air conditioning, onboard services, Wifi, among others.


Address: 714 Fransisco Bolognesi Avenue

Telephone: 979-778-176 / 979-353-234

The bus company offers destinations from Chiclayo like Olmos, Lambayeque, Lima, Rioja, among others. For the most popular routes from or to Chiclayo, Civa offers daily departures at different times.


Address: 165 Los Incas Avenue

Telephone: 979 705 534

Allinbus offers optimal services that look to surpass the passengers' expectations. For that reason, Allinbus has amenities on its buses to make the trip an unforgettable experience. Among the main destinations that Allinbus offers from Chiclayo are Lima and Trujillo.

How to reach Chiclayo?

Chiclayo by bus: There are many cities from where you can take a bus to Chiclayo city: Jaen, Moyobamba, Nuevo Cajamarca, Pedro Ruiz, Piura, Trujillo, Órganos, Pucará, Tumbes, San Ignacio, Tarapoto, Bagua Chica, Bagua Grande, Chachapoyas, Guayaquil, Huaura, Cajamarca, Máncora, Tumbes and Lima.From Lima to Chiclayo there is a distance of 476 mi (767 km) and the trip takes about 13 hours on the highway. The companies that cover this route are Oltursa, Excluciva, Tepsa, Linea, Movil Tours, Turismo Cautivo, Civa and Turismo Días. The tickets price varies from 47 to 125 soles, depending on the service and the transportation company chosen. The buses leave from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Travel to Chiclayo

Buses in Chiclayo are a great way to visit and discover Peru as they are cost-effective and present a comfortable way of traveling. A high number of popular locations in Chiclayo are easily accessible due to its state-of-the-art road network.

Buy your bus tickets online to Chiclayo

Buses that go to Chiclayo are great options that offer a quick and comfortable trip. Also, buying bus tickets online with Chiclayo as your destination has been made simple, fast and secure with

The things to do in Chiclayo

Chiclayo is the capital of the Lambayeque Province, and it’s considered a key location of the commercial activity between the coast, the mountain, and the jungle of the North. The Chiclayo lands have been the crib of the Mochica culture, which was developed between the 1st and 7th centuries A.D. That’s why the Lambayeque department is one of the destinations of ample attraction for archaeological tourism. The busiest places of the city are the Plaza de Armas, the cathedral, and the ba...silica of San Antonio. Chiclayo has also diverse fauna and flora, that you can discover in your route in the ecological reserve of Chaparri. If you are looking to relax under the scorching sun and a refreshing marine breeze, you have the beach, Pimentel, at 15 minutes by taxi, that welcomes the traveler with a beautiful landscape, the port, and the crowded beach. Don’t you miss the chance of making archaeological, cultural, and summer tourism in the city of Chiclayo and surroundings.

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Accomodations in Chiclayo

Hotel Real
Location: 338, Elías Aguirre
Price: 20 soles for a room
In the Hotel Real youll get decent rooms with hot water and a pleasant atmosphere.

Important dates in Chiclayo

Cruz de Chalpón(August 1st to 4th)Location: Motupe (95 feet, 29 meters above sea-level). 60 miles (90 km) from Chiclayo.The pilgrimage center for thousands of believers who come to pay tribute to the blessings theyve received. During this festival the Peruvian Step Horses also present an exhibition, and there are musical groups and the sampling of traditional dishes.
Señor Cautivo de Monsefú(September the 14thThe patron saint of the town of Monsefú in which the image of Christ that passes through the city streets is venerated. The celebrations include handicrafts and gastronomic fairs.


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What are the main bus destinations from Chiclayo?
From Chiclayo, you can find buses to various popular destinations within Peru, such as Lima, Trujillo, Piura, Cajamarca, and Tumbes, among others. Additionally, there are connections to other important cities in the northern region of the country.
What is the main bus station in Chiclayo?
The main bus station in Chiclayo is the Terminal Terrestre de Chiclayo. It is located in the district of José Leonardo Ortiz and is an important departure point for national trips to different destinations within the country.