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Ichiban Bus Company

Transportes Ichiban is a large transport company that began its activities in 2011. With more than 6 years of experience in moving passengers through the interior of Peru, it is a serious and responsible company whose objective is to provide a safe trip to all Peruvians and tourists who want to visit in the interior of Peru. Its great logistics and operations have made it a great option and many Peruvians take it into account for their interprovincial trips. You can also try this great service, buy your bus tickets with Transportes Ichiban.

The Transportes Ichiban fleet is made up of double-decker buses that have everything you need to make your trip a very pleasant one. Each bus floor has reclining seats, subject to arrangement, and are equipped with a GPS for constant monitoring, a television screen for movie playback, and a properly cleaned chemical restroom before boarding. In addition, on each trip the clients have the help of a stewardess, who is dedicated to providing blankets and blankets, supporting according to the needs of each passenger and being the communication link between the administrative staff and the driver.

As Transportes Ichiban wants each passenger to have an excellent experience, it has constant training that its staff must take. Not only those who accompany clients during the journey (such as the hostesses and drivers), but also those who serve in the offices and terminals. Drivers are prioritized in this group, as they must go through tests and constant learning to always have the necessary knowledge of the route they are going to go on. This is how Transportes Ichiban takes care of its clients, ensuring that they are accompanied by trusted personnel.

Information Contact of Ichiban

Address: Lima, Los Olivos, Cal. 29 Mza. N Lote. 10 Coo. Santa Petronila.

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Can older adults travel alone?
Older adults can travel alone if they do not need any assistance for their daily activities such as eating or going to the toilet facilities. In addition, in case of suffering from any disease, they must have the authorization of the doctor so that you can make the transfer. A staff of the bus company will verify that the older adult can travel alone and that this does not present any inconvenience, otherwise they will be prohibited from entering the bus. In the latter case, a family member can help to postpone or cancel the bus ticket according to the policies of each company.
How far in advance do I have to be at the terminal?
At the terminal it is necessary to be at least 1 hour in advance so that you can carry out all the procedures in a calm way. Remember that you must register your ticket if necessary and leave your luggage in the hold, which can take time if there is a long queue of passengers waiting for their turn. If you need to do another procedure, such as cancellation or postponement, we recommend you go 6 hours in advance to the terminal, since only with this time can these procedures be carried out. We suggest that you exercise caution when leaving your home to avoid traffic, especially during rush hour.
How many kilograms of luggage can I carry?
You have two types of luggage, one is your hold luggage and the other is your hand luggage. In your hold luggage you can carry up to 20 kilos of luggage, remember that you must register it at the box office and declare things of value in case you carry one. In the case of your hand luggage, the weight is free, but being a shoulder backpack or a wallet, the weight cannot be much. Avoid carrying sharp or flammable objects in your hand luggage, because if they are found they can be taken from you and even prohibit entry to the bus in order to take care of all travelers.
Is there preferential care?
Yes, preferential care is a right that people with disabilities, pregnant women, the elderly and children have in all public spaces. There will usually be a counter especially for these people, but if there is not, you can request that they attend you immediately. Preferential attention also extends to staff within the bus itself, who must be aware of their needs if they are allowed to board. Remember that the administrative staff of the bus will do everything to ensure a quiet and comfortable trip for this group of individuals.

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  • ● Lima, Los Olivos. Cal. 29 Mza. N Lote. 10 Coo. Santa Petronila. ☎ Telephone: 064601503

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