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Information About Ayacucho

Ayacucho2761 m.a.s.lWarm and dry

Ayacucho Facts

AnniversaryBest time to visitMain destinations from Ayacucho
April 25thMay, June, and JulyArequipa, Lima, Cusco, Ica

About Ayacucho

There is evidence that Ayacucho was a populated settlement more than 20,000 years ago B.C., because there are archaeological remains to certify it. Thousands of years later other human groups established in the area, setting the bases of the coming cultures. On the 6th and 7th centuries the culture wari appeared, founding its capital and control center in Ayacucho. In this region, the Huari - Tiahuanaco culture would exercise its power, being Ayacucho its sanctuary, during the period from 900 to 1200 A.D. With the incas arrival, the Ayacucho conquest meant the extinction of the other cultures, consolidating the city as part of the incas Empire, and establishing an administrative center in Vilcashuaman. After the Spanish arrival, in 1539 Francisco Pizarro founded the city of Ayacucho as p...art of a militay strategy, to eradicate the rebel incas from the closest areas. Ayacucho became a very important city, commercially and culturally. During the colonial period, Ayacucho developped a growing textile industry. It was also one of the most important cities during the viceroyalty, for being the archbishopric see and for having his own university. On December the 9th 1824, it took place the Ayacucho battle, a crucial event on the Independence process of Peru. Recently, on the 80s, Ayacucho was hardly hit by the terrorism of Sendero Luminoso, a terrorist group leaded by Abimael Guzmán. Nowadays, Ayacucho shines with a confident light, as a city of great religious fervor and cultural tourism, leaving behind the shadows of a sad decade that we hope will never be recured.
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Travel tips for Ayacucho

-The minimum height is 330 m.a.s.l. (Santa Rosa)-The maximum height is 5505 m.a.s.l. (Sara Sara volcano)-The distance from Lima to Ayacucho is 348 mi (560 km).The most used and safest means of transportation of the city are the buses and taxis, to do a route through the city; the mototaxis are a low-cost mean of transportation, but the vehicles can be instable and they are... not as safe as the normal taxis.As in any big city, the most common risk is the theft. To avoid it, we recommend you to avoid taking unknown taxis or taxis that don’t belong to a reliable company, especially at night. Contract authorized services and don’t lose of sight your high value objects. During the day the risks are less, but you’re your preventive measures anyway.
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Travel to Ayacucho

Buses in Ayacucho are a great way to visit and discover Peru as they are cost-effective and present a comfortable way of traveling. A high number of popular locations in Ayacucho are easily accessible due to its state-of-the-art road network.

The things to do in Ayacucho

"The City of Churches", as Ayacucho is known, is one of the main places of architecture and colonial art concentration. It's famous as well for the talent of its artisans on the creation of amazing altar pieces with Andean and religious motifs. Religiosity is an aspect that predominates on the culture of Ayacucho. This religious fervor i...s shown on the celebrations of Easter, where you can see the faithful people participate in dayly processions or visiting one of the 33 churches that Ayacucho has. Another important festivity is the Ayacucho carnival, where you'll find troupes with traditional costumes, a tasting of local dishes and the traditional folk music of Ayacucho
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Dropping Points in Ayacucho

Here are some of the most popular dropping points in Ayacucho. Please note that these locations generally differ with each bus operator. The bus dropping points in Ayacucho are as follows:

  • La Victoria
  • Terminal Ica
  • San Luis
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Accommodations in Ayacucho

Hotel Misky Samay
Location: Jr. Carlos f, Ayacucho
Price: 81 soles and up
Simply rooms with TV and a bathroom.
Hotel La Villa de Roel
Location: Jr Manco Capac 513, Ayacucho
Price: 93 soles and up
The hotel is near the square and has comfortable beds.

Important dates in Ayacucho

Semana Santa de Ayacucho ;(March the 24th, for 10 days)During the Easter days, the locals of Ayacucho demonstrate their devotion with processions and celebrations of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. Its the second worlds most important celebration of Easter, after the Easter in Sevilla, Spain. Cultural, artistic and commercial activities are suggested to the people that go to enjoy the festivity. At the procession moment, the locals decorate the floor with lots of flowers as carpets, that made of it a beautiful show.
Carnaval Ayacuchano (between February and March)The Carnival of Ayacucho is a festivity that has been recently declared Cultural Heritage of the Country. It gathers together people of all ages and it lasts 3 days. At the carnival you can enjoy the rural troupes, who come a month before to participate on the competition of rural troupes, coming from all over the region. Dances, songs and tradition are joined in this celebration that wont leave anybody indifferent. The festivity is also known as Carnaval Huamanguino and the locals celebrate the fertility of the living beings and the earth.
Homage to the American Freedom (December the 9th)This date corresponds to the anniversary of the Ayacucho Battle, which meant a key for Perús Independence. This tribute is part of the American Freedom Week, where you can find exhibitions, cultural activities and folklore. Sometimes the Ayacucho Battle is dramatized in the Pampa de Quinua and the event congregates hundreds of people. Those days the Guitar International Festival is also celebrated, famous among the comprehendids.
Yaccu Raymi (August the 24th and 25th)Its a celebration that comes from the pre-hispanic period and its name means water festivity in quechua language. During those days the locals clean the canals of water to wait the rain season with clean canals. The water divinity will bring fertility and is also celebrated for having a good rainy season. Everyone participates and they do the scissors dance, scenic dramatizations and fairs. The pagapus they offer during those days are payments that the locals do to the earth, like presents. The Yaccu Raymi means also the renovation of the cultivatable land through the rains and is celebrated to ask for good harvesting.
Chaccu de vicuñas (June)This festivity is celebrated in Lucanas province, region of Ayacucho. Its an ancestral activity that looks for the exploitation of the vicuna animal, always with respect to its nature and without putting on risk their species. Chaccu means in quechua chase, capture and shear of the vicunas. The locals encircle the animals in a big space and they reduce it until they can catch them. They do also the payment to the pachamama (the earth), with the aim of achieving the fertility for the cattle. People dramatizes at the begining of the festivity the inca and the sun virgins, that has its origin in old times.


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What are the main festivals and events in Ayacucho?
Ayacucho is known for its festivals and cultural events. The most prominent one is Semana Santa (Holy Week), celebrated with great religious fervor and various processions. Another important event is the Fiesta de la Virgen de la Asunción, which takes place in August and is characterized by traditional dances, music, and colorful costumes.