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About Marcona

In 1850 occured at the coast of Punta de San Juan city (today Marcona) the accident of the first Peruvian steamboat BAP Rimac, in which hundreds of people died, being a survivor the writer Ricardo Palma.In 1870 the researcher Antonio Raimondi recognized that there were numerous iron deposits in the area, but it was in 1915 that the explorations started. In 1943 was created the Corporaci...on Peruana del Santa to take advantage of the resources of the area and years later there were international companies that joined, creating the first mining camp.During the government of Juan Velasco Alvarado the deposit that was used for 17 years was nationalized and from the first government of Alberto Fujimori the Corporacion Shougang de China is in charge of the area until nowadays.
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Travel tips for Marcona

-Due to its proximity to the sea, it's important to pay attention to the swell and tide.-It's recommended to bring varied clothes to use pale colors during the day and in the evening warm clothes, since the thermal sensation can be colder. Don't you forget the sunscreen for the sun rays that reflect in the sand.On your visit to Marcona you will have means of transportation as taxis, shared taxis and mototaxis.For the adventure tours through the tourist places in the surroundings of the city you can hire 4x4 vans, quads and sand cars.The rates in taxis oscillate from s/ 5 to s/ 10, depending on the areas where you go. You can negotiate the rate previously with the taxi driver.The prices of the mototaxis are usually the lowest, but we must remember that you can not use them in long-dist...ance routes.The city of Marcona doesn't present high risks for the traveler, if and when he takes the appropriate cautions to avoid little thefts.In the remote areas or some beaches where the traveler can camp it's important to be watchful, since the solitude of the area and the darkness of the night can be used by a criminal to attack.The sand storms can be unexpected, so try to check the weather before leaving to get to know tourist places on the outskirts of the city. If you are in a sand storm, take it easy and try to protect yourself in a closed place so that your sight is not affected or something. If you are in a car in the highway, it's recommended to set you aside or looking for a nearby construction to wait until it's finished to avoid a crash or other worries with the sand.
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Marcona weather

Best time to visit Marcona

The best moment to visit Marcona is in February, to participate at the Semana Turistica de Marcona, where there are lots of activities to enjoy.

Climate in Marcona

-The climate in Marcona is arid-warm and presents an average temperature that oscillates from 73,4 °F (23 °C) to 64,4 °F (18 °C). At the moments when the season changes there are strong sand winds called "paracas".

The things to do in Marcona

Accomodations in Marcona

Hotel Imperial
Location: Av. Andrés Avelino Cáceres
Rate: no available information
It's placed close to the municipality of Marcona, it's a welcoming hotel with various restaurants around to enjoy the gastronomy of the place. The restaurant propose low-cost rates.
Hostal Premier
Location: Tupac Amaru B-12 Marcona, Ica, Peru
Rate: from s/ 40 to s/ 70
The rooms have cable tv and wifi, jacuzzi and laundry service. Due to its location there is easy access to the boulevard and the Plaza de Armas of the city.

Important dates in Marcona

Semana Turistica de MarconaDate: middle FebruaryAt this celebration there are diverse tourist attractions that the city offers as dances, gastronomy fairs, tourist rally of motorbikes, the competition of the Tourism Lady of Marcona, practice of water sports, ecologic visits and music presentations that give a festive environment to locals and visitors.
Aniversario del DistritoDate: MayAs part of the city's celebration, the Municipality celebrates artist, cultural, sport events which look for promoting the feeling of unit and brotherhood among the settlers. There is also an exhibition of the gastronomy of the place, a presentation of artists and launch of fireworks that reflect in the sea the last days of the celebration.
EasterDate: AprilAt this date you can feel the fervor of the devoted people in the air, the celebrations include masses, altars, change of flowers and processions of Cristo Crucificado and Nuestra Virgen Dolorosa. You will see travelers from other towns of the country this date.


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