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RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Trujillo to Lima08:3023:15BOOK NOW
Trujillo to La Victoria08:3023:15BOOK NOW
Trujillo to Terminal Plaza Norte09:0022:30BOOK NOW
Trujillo to Piura09:3023:45BOOK NOW
Trujillo to Terminal Terrestre Cajamarca06:1523:00BOOK NOW

Top Bus Routes To Trujillo

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Lima to Trujillo08:0023:55BOOK NOW
La Victoria to Trujillo08:0023:55BOOK NOW
Terminal Plaza Norte to Trujillo08:0023:20BOOK NOW
Cajamarca to Trujillo06:3023:00BOOK NOW
Terminal Terrestre Cajamarca to Trujillo06:3023:00BOOK NOW

About Trujillo

Trujillo was founded in 1534 by Diego de Almagro, under the name “Villa of Truxillo”. With the passing of time Trujillo would consolidate as one of the most important cities of the Peruvian viceroyalty, for being an administrative and commercial center, essential for the colonial system. During the independence period, Trujillo had a relevant role on Peru’s Independence, what gave the surname of “Ciudad Benemérita y Fidelísima a la Patri...a” (“Meritorious city and Faithful to the Homeland”). Besides that, it was the first city to break free from Spain. During the 19th century, and later that the Moche and Chicama valleys emerged as settlements of the sugar industry and the economy grew, new residents came to the city; mostly were european immigrants, what contributed to the development of a local esthetic, since the constructions took breathing from the neoclassical style.
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Travel tips for Trujillo

-To get to Trujillo from Lima it will take about 9 hours by bus.As in many other peruvian cities you will find a lot of combis (little buses), taxis and informal vehicles to get around. Tell the collector of the bus your destination and he will tell you if he stops there or wich line you must take. At night we recommend you to take taxis of reliable companies or that at least have the license plate painted in one side (it...’s better to cautious).Thefts and assaults are the main problems in Trujillo city. Some areas are dangerous for the people who does not know the area. We recommend not to venture in places that are far away by yourself. You should always be accompanied or with the information close to you. Make sure not to go to waste grounds or crops on the limits of the city, because the thieves use those areas without vigilance to hide.
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Trujillo weather

Best time to visit Trujillo

The best time to visit Trujillo is from June to September, since the temperature decreases and you can enjoy a nicer environment.

Climate in Trujillo

-The weather in Trujillo is moderate and nice with sun most of the year (minimum temperature 57 °F or 14 °C and maximum 86 °F or 30 °C).-Trujillo is located 34 meters above the sea level, so you can go without worrying about the acclimatization to the altitude.-The climate in Trujillo is desert, with nearly no precipitations.

The things to do in Trujillo

Considered one of the most touristic cities in Peru, Trujillo is known not only for its archaeological ruins but also for its beauty and food. Here you can eat an excellent ceviche, one of the most traditional dishes in Peru, at an amazing restaurant. There are also markets in Trujillo where you can stroll through and find "yacon," a tuber native to the region that can't be found anywhere else (it looks like a potato but tastes like a pear).
...sides that, you can visit various beautiful archeological sites, of which the remains of "Chan Chan" is one of the most well known and was the center of the Chimu culture. You can also ask about the "Huacas del Sol y la Luna," two ancient temples that can be found in this zone from the Mochica culture. If you want to surf on the beaches of Trujillo, you cant take a tour to Chicama, which is considered the longest left wave in the world (1 km).
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Accomodations in Trujillo

Hostal Lima
Location: 718, Ayacucho
Price: 10 soles and up
The perfect place for the traveler with a tight budget.

Important dates in Trujillo

International Spring Festival (El Festival Internacional de la Primavera)(September)In this festival you'll see parades, dance contests, step horse demonstrations, sports competitions and lots of cultural activities.
Marinera Festival(January)The capital of the marinera dance could not be unconnected to a very important cultural festival of the country. The festival is a dance competition, where two participants must show their elegance and abilities for the emblematic and typical dance of the city, the marinera. This competition pass on TV and is one of the most waited events of the Trujillo community, where you can also see passacaglia and shows with the traditional dancing horses step by step.
Anniversary of Trujillo’s Independence(December 29th)This day is holiday in the whole city, so nobody will miss the activities of the celebration day. This event commemorates every year the independence of the city, making dances, tasting typical dishes, masses and other cultural activities type.