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Trujillo to Lima Bus Service

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9 hrs 56 mins
PEN 45

Trujillo to Lima Bus Distance

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Trujillo to Lima Bus Timings & Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus Duration  
ITTSABUS 14:00 16:00 20 hrs 30 mins
America Express 20:45 20:45 7 hrs 0 mins
Linea 18:00 19:00 11 hrs 30 mins
Latham 07:45 07:45 2 hrs 30 mins
OL_Ecotur 21:40 21:40 9 hrs 50 mins

Trujillo to Lima Bus

The distance from Trujillo to Lima is about 345 mi (556 km). If you travel on the ground transportation it will take around 9 hours. The terrestrial transport companies Oltursa, Tepsa, Excluciva, Linea, Movil Tours, Civa and Turismo Dias are the ones that cover this itinerary Trujillo - Lima. The rate fluctuates from s/.30 to s/.120, depending on the comfort services of the bus you board. The buses leave from 8:30 a.m. to 10:45 p.m. on the terminals of the suburbs of Trujillo city. The arrival of the buses to the destination, Lima, will be to the terminals of Lima North and Centre, the areas more crowded and most relevant of the capital. The climate on the city of Lima is different from the sunny Trujillo; the days in Lima can be sunny or cloudy, and the temperatures varybeing the average 66°F (19°C), with humidity presence, depending on the season.

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    • America Sur
    • Av Del Ejercito
    • Av Juan Pablo
    • Av La Marina
    • Cesar Vallejo
    • Nicolas De Pierola
    • Terrapuerto Trujillo


    • America Sur
    • Av Del Ejercito
    • Av Juan Pablo
    • Av La Marina
    • Cesar Vallejo
    • Nicolas De Pierola
    • Terrapuerto Trujillo

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    You can also time-to-time redBus offers while booking your bus tickets online from Trujillo to Lima. Follow a simple, fast and secure bus booking procedure. This helps save time and also helps to create a joyful travel experience!

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    About Trujillo

    Trujillo was founded in 1534 by Diego de Almagro, under the name “Villa of Truxillo”. With the passing of time Trujillo would consolidate as one of the most important cities of the Peruvian viceroyalty, for being an administrative and commercial center, essential for the colonial system. During the independence period, Trujillo had a relevant role on Peru’s Independence, what gave the surname of “Ciudad Benemérita y Fidelísima a la Patria” (“Meritorious city and Faithful to the Homeland”). Besides that, it was the first city to break free from Spain. During the 19th century, and later that the Moche and Chicama valleys emerged as settlements of the sugar industry and the economy grew, new residents came to the city; mostly were european immigrants, what contributed to the development of a local esthetic, since the constructions took breathing from the neoclassical style.

    About Lima

    Lima is the capital of Peru. Formerly known as "The City of the Kings" and now considered as the political, cultural, financial and commercial center of the country. It is the fifth most populated city in South America and the largest in the country. In 1991, was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.


    How can I buy my bus ticket online in Peru?

    You can purchase a ticket for the bus of your choice to any destination in Peru by logging in to the official redBus site which is . This website is easy to use and you can buy your bus ticket in a matter of minutes.

    How do I buy a bus ticket from Trujillo from Lima?

    You can visit one of the terminals in Trujillo and visit the counter of the bus company of your choice, wait your turn in the attention queue, select the seat you want and buy your ticket. But if you prefer to avoid all that, you can simply enter and buy your bus ticket online in just 5 minutes and with the comfort of your home or office.

    Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?

    Yes, you must print it out before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print their bus ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format and then be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company with which you are going to make the trip.

    Can I reschedule my trip after buying my ticket?

    Yes, you can, but this feature is limited to only a few bus companies in Peru. Please contact the bus company of your choice if you need to make any changes.

    How can I pay for my bus fare on the redBus Web site?

    At redBus we have several payment methods that we offer our customers. The most common for most of them are credit cards but you can check all of them on the home page of the site

    Are there special offers or discounts in redbus for the route of Trujillo to Lima?

    In order to make your trip cheaper, redBus offers different discounts, which you can find out here:

    What is the distance between Trujillo and Lima?

    The distance between Trujillo and Lima is approximately 557.3 kilometers.

    How long does it take to go from Trujillo to Lima?

    Approximately the trip lasts 8 hours

    How many departures are there from Trujillo to Lima?

    In Red Bus, There's a variety of departures wich depemds on the season.

    Which bus companies offer the route Trujillo to Lima?

    The bus companies that offe the route Lima- Trujillo are: América Express, Civa, Cromotex, Cruz del Sur, Ecotur, Flores, ITTSA, Línea, Movil Bus, Oltursa, Royal Palace’s. Tepsa, Transportes Vía, Turismo Cautivo, Turismo Días, Turismo Sol Peruano

    Which bus companies have the most departures for the Trujillo to Lima?

    The companies and departures depends on the season.

    From which bus terminals can I travel from Trujillo to Lima?

    You can travel from these terminals:● Tepsa: Amazonas 426, Trujillo● Cruz del Sur:Amazonas 495● Oltursa: Av Ejercito 342● América Express: Auxiliar Panamericana Norte,Terrapuerto Trujillo ● Civa: Av Ejercito 285 / Auxiliar Panamericana Norte,Terrapuerto Trujillo● Cromotex: Av Ejercito Nro 327-A / Auxiliar Panamericana Norte,Terrapuerto Trujillo ● Ecotur: Av Paseo de la República 102 / Av. Javier Prado Este 592/ Auxiliar Panamericana Norte,Terrapuerto Trujillo● Exclusiva: Av Ejercito 285 / Auxiliar Panamericana Norte,Terrapuerto Trujillo ● Flores: Av Ejercito 346 / Auxiliar Panamericana Norte,Terrapuerto Trujillo● ITTSA: Av. Juan Pablo II / Jirón Bolivar 535● Línea: Av América Sur 2857 / Jirón Orbegoso 300/ Alcides Carrión 140/ Auxiliar Panamericana Norte,Terrapuerto Trujillo● Movil Bus: Auxiliar Panamericana Norte,Terrapuerto Trujillo● Royal Palace’s: Av. Nicolás de Piérola 1300 / Auxiliar Panamericana Norte,Terrapuerto Trujillo● Transportes Vía: Av Ejercito● Turismo Cautivo: Av. Tupac Amaru · In Plaza Norte● Turismo Días: Av. Nicolás de Piérola 1079

    If my DNI has expired, can I travel?

    Yes, you can travel with your DNI or passport even if it has expired.

    What documents are required for underage people to travel?

    For children, it is necessary to also present a notarial authorization, signed by the parents allowing the trip, with their IDs attached to the document. In case of the decease of any of the parents, or if the child is only recognized by one of them, the consent of the surviving parent will be enough.

    Can I buy open-date tickets in redBus?

    Unfortunately, no. However, you can reschedule the travel date by contacting the bus operator. This feature is limited to just a few companies.

    Do bus operators offer lunch on the route from Trujillo to Lima?

    As a prevention measure against COVID-19, bus operators do NOT hand lunch to the passengers during the trip, so we recommend you to eat before boarding.

    Lima Weather

    Lima has a warm climate without excessive tropical heat or extreme cold. Summer begins approximately in mid-December and lasts until approximately mid-March, where the temperature varies between 28 and 21 ° C. Winter goes from June to mid-September with temperatures between 19 and 12 ° C. September, October and May are the spring and autumn months and are the warmest with a temperature of 17 ° C to 23 ° C. Average annual temperature is 18.5 to 19 ° C.

    Hotels in Lima

    There are a variety of hotels in Lima. Prices vary according to the district, services offered and location, but the tourist preferred the hotels in Miraflores, San Isidro or the center of Lima. In addition to the 5-star hotels, there are much cheaper lodgings or hostels, finding prices of up to s /.40

    Restaurantes & Bars in Lima

    Lima is known for its delicious gastronomy. In the list of "The 50 best Restaurants in Latin America", the 1st and 2nd place are restaurants located in Lima. The variety of its flavors is due to represent in its dishes all the customs of the country, which, as we well know, is a fusion of various cultures of the world. In the city you can find restaurants and huariques with different prices.

    The most tourist places in Lima

    ● Plaza de Armas de Lima: It is the historic center of Lima and the most logical starting point for sightseeing. Along with the cathedral, the square is surrounded by the Archbishop's Palace; the Casa del Oidor; and the Government Palace, the official residence of the president that was built in the place where José San Martín declared the Independence of Peru on July 28, 1821.

    ● La Basílica Catedral Metropolitana de Lima: Construction of the original cathedral began in 1535 and was expanded in 1564, based on the design of the cathedral in Seville, Spain. A small Museum of Religious Art is located at the rear of the cathedral.

    ● Convento de San Francisco: The church of San Francisco and its monastery are famous for their catacombs. It was the first cemetery in Lima. The catacombs are at the end of a tour of the church.

    ● Circuito Mágico del Agua: It holds the record for the largest fountain complex in the world, with 13 separate fountains. At the Fountain of Fantasy, you can see an image and laser show with jets synchronized with the music.

    ● Visit the districts of Barranco and Miraflores: In Barranco, you can find the bridge of sighs and the Chabuca Granda promenade. And in Miraflores, you can stroll along the Malecón and the park of love.

    Important dates in Lima

    ● January 18 - Anniversary of Lima: The Spanish foundation of Lima is celebrated. The municipality organizes various activities throughout the city, and a stage is set up in the Plaza de Armas for singers and artists to perform.

    ● July 28 – Fiestas Patrias: In the military parade the military forces present themselves with their weapons to honor the homeland. Popular parades are also held, where artists gather to dance indigenous dances, among other cultural activities. The schools also organize parades on the occasion of the national holidays.

    ● October 18 – Festividad del Señor de Los Milagros: The figure of the Lord of Miracles has been venerated since it was kept intact in a strong earthquake. That is why the month of October is also known as the month of miracles. The processions take place throughout the month and the main date is one of the largest processions in the world.

    ● October 31 – Día de la canción criolla: On this day the best Creole songs are celebrated and sung, putting together the so-called “Jarana Criolla”, represented with the musical instruments: guitar and Peruvian Cajon. People gather to organize parties and peñas, with excellent Peruvian dishes

    How to move around Lima?

    Lima has 4 options to get around the city:

    ● Public bus: Bus fares can vary from s / .1 to s / .6 depending on the distance since there are lines that run through a large number of districts. By having several stops to get on and off, the travel time is longer.

    ● Buses corredores: This bus has a single rate for the entire route. Their bus stop is specifically marked. The cost is s /. 1.50 and the "Lima Pass" card is used, which is recharged and is charged when boarding the unit.

    ● Metropolitano: It is a high capacity transportation system. It has 38 intermediate stations that connect the North and South of the city, linking 18 districts. The buses go by an exclusive route, avoiding, for the most part, the traffic of the city. The "Lima Pass" card is also used to enter the terminals and the fare is s / 2.50 to any station. If you have any questions about the bus stops, at the stations you will find guidance counselors, who will answer your questions.

    ● Linea 1 del Metro de Lima: This is the metropolitan railway, whose network crosses a total of 26 stations. Runs from the south to the northwest of Lima. It passes through 9 districts, including the city center. To enter the Lima Metro card is used, and the ticket is only s /. 1.50.

    ● Taxi: This is the fastest and most comfortable way to get around and the service is taken from the street or through a taxi service operator either by phone or app. The rates are higher, they are usually not less than s / .10.

    How to reach Lima?

    Lima by bus: The distance is 559 km and the journey takes an average of 08 hours.

    Gastronomy in Lima

    In the city of Lima, you can try these typical dishes:

    - Causa Limeña.

    - Ceviche.

    -Lomo Saltado.

    - Anticuchos con pancita y rachi.

    -Pollo a la Brasa.

    - Suspiro a la Limeña.

    -Pisco Sour.

    Things to buy in Lima

    In Lima you can buy some souvenirs, such as:

    - Toros de Pucará

    - Instrumentos peruanos como: La quena o la sampoña

    - Joyería Peruana

    - Textiles: Ponchos, gorros, chalinas 

    - Mochilas étnicas.

    Lima Facts

    Lima is located in the coastal desert of Peru, in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, it is the most populated city in Peru with more than 9 million 320 thousand inhabitants. . It was founded on January 18, 1535, it was known as "The city of the Kings, but also as the" garden city "due to its large number of parks, especially at the beginning of the 20th century. Currently, there is no longer that amount of green areas, but there are still traces of it in some areas of the city.

    Bus operators of the route Trujillo to Lima

    ● América Express

    ● Civa

    ● Cromotex

    ● Cruz del Sur

    ● Ecotur

    ● Exclusiva

    ● Flores

    ● ITTSA

    ● Línea

    ● Movil Bus

    ● Oltursa

    ● Royal Palace’s

    ● Tepsa

    ● Transportes Vía

    ● Turismo Cautivo

    ● Turismo Días

    ● Turismo Sol Peruano

    In conclusion:

    Lima has a lot to offer travelers. Whether it's for world-class food, nightlife, colonial-style architecture, or surfing; you will be able to spend a pleasant visit, with many places to know. In addition, take the opportunity to take a gastronomic route through the city named in the World Travel Award gala as "the best culinary destination in the world".

    Trujillo to Lima Route


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    Measures against COVID-19 on the Trujillo to Lima route

    To ease the impact of COVID-19, every passenger should:

    • Not forget the Declaracion Jurada! Without this document, you won't be able to access the bus. You can download it through these links:

    • For passengers

    • For passengers over 65

    • For passengers under 14

    • Always wear your mask. Also, carry a spare one in case of emergency, and hand sanitizer.
    • Take only the necessary luggage.

    You will find more information here.

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