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Transportes Seysan Bus Company

Transportes Seysan is an interprovincial transport company that has been in the market for about a year since it began operations in 2019. It is a company in northern Peru that was born under the idea of ​​providing transportation to all tourists who want to go Lima to Chiclayo or Lima to Jayanca. Although it is just making its way in the Peruvian market, its good reviews predict that it is going incredible and that customers trust Transportes Seysan. Go ahead and travel with Transportes Seysan and discover the best way to travel to the north of Peru.

A safe and comfortable trip is what awaits you if you decide to buy your bus ticket at Transportes Seysan. They have a fleet implemented with the latest technology, so the administrative staff is in constant communication with the attendant and the driver to provide help if necessary. In addition, all passengers will be able to enjoy excellent amenities such as 145 ° and 160 ° reclining seats (always subject to availability) and small snacks that are distributed during breakfast, lunch or dinner. If there is any inconvenience during the trip, call the tattendant that accompanies you on the trip.

With Transportes Seysan you will always have the best promotions, do not hesitate! For Christmas and sometimes for other special dates, the administrative staff offers many discounts that you cannot miss, such as bus tickets from S / 50. These promotions can also be viewed on our platform when looking for your ticket and remember that we always communicate them through our social networks, so we suggest that you always be attentive to our Facebook and Instagram page to obtain your bus ticket of Transportes Seysan at the best price.

A couple of months ago, Transportes Seysan decided to join the other transport companies and start its parcel service, which is already very popular with its clients. That is, anyone who wants to send an object to Chiclayo or Jayanca can approach the Transportes Seysan offices and ask about it. The price is very comfortable and affordable for all budgets, so you don't have to worry about it. In addition, your item will be well packaged and protected against any damage in the cellar! These and more guarantees are those that Transportes Seysan offers you in its delivery service.

Information Contact of Transportes Seysan:

☎ Telephone of Transportes Seysan: (0930) 739 798. Address: Av. 28 de Julio 1160, Cercado de Lima (0.40 km), Lima.

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  • Av. 28 de Julio 1160, Cercado de Lima (0.40 km). ☎ (0930) 739 798.

Cancellation Policies

Transportes Seysan bus tickets cannot be canceled. However, it is possible to reschedule up to 6 hours before boarding the bus. For more information about changes and reschedules, you can contact the bus company.


What documents do I need to travel with a minor?
Through redBus you can buy bus tickets for any minor, but you should bear in mind that when boarding you will be asked for a series of documents. One of them is the child's ID, the other is a letter of authorization from the parents that must be legalized by a notary. Remember that minors must travel with both parents or with the permission of the absent parent during the trip, otherwise the minor can be prohibited from entering the bus and call the authorities in charge, which may lead to a legal problem.
If I no longer wish to travel, can I give my ticket to someone else?
The change of ownership of a ticket is subject to the policies of each transport company. It is usual for companies to offer to allow this type of exchange instead of giving a refund. What would need to be done, if applicable, is to present yourself at least 6 hours in advance to the terminal with the person to whom you will give the bus ticket. Both must carry their identity document or their passport to be a foreigner. In the office, the change will be made and a penalty may be paid (this also depends on the transport company). Finally, keep in mind that the new passage must have the same date as the original.
If I no longer travel, can I get a refund?
Ticket return policies vary by each transport company. In Peru, it is a common practice not to offer to return the bus ticket and give a ticket with an open date. This passage can be used at any other time, however, an excess must be paid. For example, if the new travel date is during high season, the user will be charged the remaining amount with respect to the price that was originally charged. We recommend that you contact Transportes Seysan in case you want a return so they can tell you how to proceed.
How much can my luggage weigh in Transportes Seysan?
You can have luggage of 10kg.
Can I travel with my pet?
Transportes Seysan allows to bring pets in a jail with prior coordination. For more information, you can contact the bus company.

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