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About Mancora

It's been many centuries since the Tallanes were the first inhabitants of Máncora. Nowadays, 105 years after its official foundation, Máncora, which took its name from a large property close to the Chira river, has been transformed in a beach-city with nearly 10000 residents. Máncora is a tourist reference worldwide, famous for the beaches of indomitable waves, its flourishing tourism development and its incomparable landscapes.

Travel tips for Mancora

-You should reserve your lodging in advance specillay for the high season (December-April). You can choose between backpackers type and the most sophisticated bungalows next to the sea, with yoga courses, massages and all the relaxing activities you can imagine.-There is sun most of the year, without a lot of humidity, but it can lightly rain in summer. Don't you forget your windbreak coat, nor your sun loation.-If you want to be inside the action, stay in Máncora. But if you like privacy, we suggest Vichayito and Los Órganos. -In Máncora you are next to the best beaches of the coast, as Punta Sal, Zorritos and Cabo Blanco (where the writer Ernest Hemingway has some stories to tell, trying to hunt the black swordfish).-Puerto Pizarro has the best ceviche of black shells that you can dream of, also the "majarisco" (a plate of seafood) and the shellfish with rice. We hope you are not allergic to the fish!-If you look for waves to practice surf (or some other sports related), take a good wetsuit, because the temperatures vary and the water can be very cold, depending on the geographical location.Máncora is a little city and you must be cautious, specially if you travel by yourself or in couple. Don't you forget that the nightlife and the large number of tourists carries out many risks. You should take authorised transportation (mototaxis and taxis) and we recommend you not to go to lonely places at night. For any question you have, notify the tourism area of the municipality:

Mancora weather

Best time to visit Mancora

From August to October is not yet the high season, but it's the best moment to see the humpback whales and dolphins. It's an amazing spectacle!

Climate in Mancora

The weather in Mancora is desert. The average annual temperature is 74,4 °F (23,6 °C). The days are sunny most of the year, but there is a chance of rain in summer time.

Things to do in Mancora

Máncora is the perfect place for surf, diving and sea life lovers in general. It's a beach-city located between Piura city and the department of Tumbes, characterised for the tourist activity and wealthy of marine fauna, from where is prepared the biggest variety of typical dishes of the coastal region. The beaches represent the greatest attractions because of the crystalline waters and turquoise tonalities, besides the pale colouring of the sand. The climate of Máncora is pleasant and sunny most of the year and the most crowded beaches have an infrastructure for the comfort of the visitors. Máncora is the axis of the beaches that form the beaches group. Vichayto, Pocitas (Máncora Chico) and Los Órganos are some of the most renowned of the Northern coast of Peru and the coast of the Pacific sea. The summer of Máncora and the natural charm of its beaches is waiting for you!

Nightlife in Mancora

Have a drink and going out

Máncora is very popular among the travellers who like nightlife and celebrations with good music. Enjoy the intense nights of the different bars that you will find on your step in Máncora and the famous discos, where you will listen from rock to blues music, what's better than doing it in front of the beach and the sea!!

Where to eat in Mancora?

Restaurante Angela's Place

Location: 396 Piura
Hours: From 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Price: 4-14 Soles
Angela started selling its famous breads based in manioc on her bicycle.

Hermanos Lama

Location: 503 Grau
Hours: From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Price: 10-15 Soles
Lama is well known for its fresh ceviche. It's located in front of the terminal Eppo.

El Espada

Location: Piura cuadra 5
Hours: From 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Price: 18-29 Soles
This restaurant gives food based on sea ingredients. If you go there, you should do it early, because the place is always crowded of people who look for good food.

The tourist places to see in Mancora are:

Getting to Mancora

Máncora is a town at 3 hours from Piura city. It's built in the vicinity of the sea and is nowadays the most visited of Peru. Here you will taste a lot of coast food, generally very fresh.
In this town there is sun the whole year, with very hot seasons, but the temperatures maintain.
You will have the possibility of surfing in Máncora beach during the day and at night find the best bars close to the sea, where the bohemian life is enjoyed with lots of intensity. You can also make tours to the other beaches of the area as Punta Sal, Vichayito, etc.

The things to do in Mancora

Surfing and kitesurfing

Boards for rent at: Soledad
Location: 316 Piura street
Price: 15-20 soles per day

Laguna Camp
Price: 60 soles for a surfing class plus equipment

Del Wawa
Price: Kitesurfing 120 soles per hour

Mancora Rent

Location: Hospedaje las Terrazas, 496 Piura street
Price: 18-95 soles
Rent motorcycles, quad bikes and jetskis.

Mud baths

Location: 7 miles (11 km) from Mancora in the Fernandez valley
Price: Take a taxi for 35 soles plus 2 soles entrance fee
You'll find a thermal hotspring that emits muddy water, perfect for a full-body treatment

Diving in Máncora

Spondylus Escuela de Buceo
Diving courses and Excursions and whale watchLocation: 216, Av. Piura, Máncora.

Máncora beaches

You can go to Punta Sal, Cabo Blanco, Lobitos or Zorritos to catch a wave and enjoy the sea.

Typical dishes in Mancora

Typical dishes and drinks

The main dishes you must have in your table are: parihuela, ceviche mixto, causa rellena and papa a la huancaína (among many other sea delights that you will discover there).

How to reach Mancora

Mancora by train

There is no train actually to get to Mancora.

Mancora by flight

The closest airports to Mancora are the airport of Piura (at 200 kms to the south of Mancora) and the airport of Tumbes (130 kms to the North of Mancora). From there you can easily take a terrrestrial mean of transportation to get to Mancora.

Mancora by bus

There are several cities from where you can take a bus to Mancora. Among them you have Chimbote, Organos, Guayaquil, Huaura, Piura, Trujillo, Tumbes, Chiclayo. The main bus companies that cover this destination are Oltursa, Excluciva, Tepsa and Civa. The distance from Lima to Máncora is almost 745 mi (1200 km) and the travel on the highway takes about 19 hours.

Accomodations in Mancora

    Hi La Posada

    Location: Panamericana Km 1164
    Price: 18 soles and up
    Close to the ocean, with a lovely garden with hammocks. The bedrooms are comfortable and Luisa, the owner, treats all her guests very well.

Important dates in Mancora

Semana Jubilar de PiuraOctober 1st to 9thIn this occasion the city of Piura celebrates the tourist week, with cultural and tourist wealths of the region.
Carnavales en PiuraMarchIt's the moment when all the city is dressed up and there are troupes and parade floats, among other activities. There is the habit of soaking the people with water during this period.

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