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RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Chiclayo to Lima16:0022:00BOOK NOW
Lima to Trujillo08:0023:55BOOK NOW
Lima to Chiclayo15:0022:15BOOK NOW
Huaraz to Chimbote09:3023:15BOOK NOW
Cajamarca to Chiclayo07:0023:00BOOK NOW

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About Transportes Línea

Transportes Linea is a company of land transport that has more than 20 years of experience in this sector. With more than 2.5 million passengers transported, Transportes Linea is one of the most popular companies in northern Peru and one of the inspires more confidence, not for nothing in all their years of experience they have more than 400 thousand tickets.Their business has grown so much that they now have more than 60 offices both in Lima and in northern Peru, and in the future they expect install more. Currently your bus tickets can also be purchased virtually on pages like redBus.

Transportes Línea has more than 20 years of experience in the field of land passenger transport since it officially began operations in 1999. Three companies that were already working in this sector of the country joined forces to form it: Transportes Vulkano, Transportes El Aguila and Transportes del Norte. Its owners saw that together they could strengthen and create a more solid company that would transcend through the years, so they decided to join and thus expand the capital of the company.

At the time of consolidating as a single company, Transportes Línea established as a mission to operate with integrity, responsibility and excellence, all with the aim of providing a good service with great respect and great efficiency and thus offering good results to both its clients and to investors. Transportes Línea is a company that cares a lot about its clients as well as its staff, so 4 ways were set for the company to follow for its correct and perfect operation: punctuality, comfort, safety and attention. Day by day they are in charge of acting and following these 4 ways so that all their clients are satisfied with their care.

This company is very concerned about security, which is why they have highly trained personnel and modern units. The Transportes Línea drivers are always evaluated before starting their work and they have constant training at the company's School of Drivers so that they are always up-to-date with handling techniques and the new regulations implemented by the Peruvian State. The fleet of Transportes line, in addition to being reviewed periodically, also has tachographs, which are devices that are aware of speed and time to offer constant monitoring.

Regarding inter-provincial transport, Transportes Línea has 4 types of buses from which you can choose. The first is "Direct and Economical", which has ergonomic seats, air conditioning, a first-aid kit, films and hygienic services. The second is "Special" which, in addition to all of the above, has food, pillows and blankets, WIFI and service personnel on board. The third is "VIP" which has all the "Special" amenities and a personal entertainment system is added for each client. The fourth and last is "Super VIP", which has seats with 180 degrees of recline, in addition to everything already mentioned.

Transportes Línea also knows how to reward its VIP clients in the best possible way: exclusive waiting rooms for them. These rooms contain amenities such as furniture, magazines, WIFI, television, free drinks and snacks. At the moment they are only available in Lima and Trujillo, since their headquarters and central terminals are there, but it is planned to build these VIP lounges at different offices of Transportes Línea. To access them, you only have to present your credentials, as your user, so that the Transportes Línea staff do not present you with problems and give you access. This is another reason why you should travel with Transportes Línea.

Transportes Línea is one of the most popular companies in Peru and, as you have read, it has a lot of experience that has helped to position itself as one of the safest. In addition to that, their modern fleet and the good training they have given their staff makes them the preferred option for many travelers. For many peruvians, Transportes Línea is the most reliable bus operator that exists, so they always buy their bus tickets here since they know that they are traveling safely.

Information contact of Linea:

☎ Telephone number of Linea: 0801 00 015. Whatsapp: 948 318 723. Address: Av Paseo de la República 979, Cercado de Lima, Lima.

Linea Bus Service On Board

  • TV and music
  • Toilets
  • GPS

Select Your Agency

  • ● CHIMBOTE TERMINAL ; Agente Chimbote terminal ; Terminal Terrestre Chimbador MOD 22 ; ☎ Telephone number: 354000
  • ● CHIMBOTE BUENOS AIRES ; Agente Chimbote buenos aires ; Av. Pacifico MZ B1 LT 5 - LAS CASUARINAS ; ☎ Telephone number: 310214
  • ● CHIMBOTE JOSE GALVEZ ; Agente Chimbote José Gálvez ; Av. José Gálvez Nº 313 ; ☎Telephone number: 322416
  • ● HUARAZ ; Agente Huaraz ; JR. Simón Bolívar Nº 450 ; ☎Telephone number: 426666

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Q-1). Does Transportes Línea offer discounts for its frequent customers?
A: The frequent traveller discount is a very popular promotion offered by transport companies when they see that they have clients who travel up to 3 times a year. This system works with points, the more points you have the more possibilities to exchange it for a bus ticket to any destination you want. Transportes Línea offers discounts for all its travelers, since from the moment you register and buy a bus ticket you acquire points. These then you can exchange or transfer to another traveler and thus get discounts or even bus tickets, check their page for more information!
Q-2). What documents do I need to buy my Transportes Línea bus ticket?
A: The document you need to buy your Transportes Línea bus ticket is your National Identity Document. After choosing your destination and departure date, the page will take you to another where you must fill in your details. Enter your full name, age, ID number, email, and cell phone number. Remember that it is important that the ID is the one corresponding to the person, since it will be verified when boarding the bus. In case you are a foreign citizen buying on redBus, we require a valid passport number in order to issue your ticket.
Q-3). Can I purchase my bus ticket from Transportes Línea as a foreigner?
A: In redbus there is no problem if you are a foreigner and want to buy your bus ticket. As a company we are committed to offering the best shopping experience, especially to those who are not from the country and want to visit it. With us you can enjoy a safe purchase, our Customer Service team is always ready to solve any problem regardless of the language. If you want to buy your Transportes Línea bus ticket on redBus, make sure you have a valid passport, as our system will ask for your passport number to make the payment and buy the seat.
Q-4). How long in advance can I buy my Transportes Línea bus ticket?
A: The inventory of Transportes Línea is available on our website always one month in advance, so you can find many schedules for your trip and choose the one that best suits you. The time with which you will have to buy your ticket depends a lot on the season. In low season you can buy it up to a week in advance, but if you decide to travel in high season then we suggest that you do not wait any longer and buy up to a month in advance. In high season many tourists will want to travel, so seats run out very quickly.