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Chimbote is one of the most important cities in Peru, not only for its tourist attractions but also for the warmth of its people and its rich cuisine. It is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations to travel to.

About land transportation: In Chimbote, you can move around the city without much hassle as you will find a plethora of modes of transportation such as taxis, buses, trains, shared taxis, and even motorcycle taxis (3-wheeler motorcycles that run short distances in some parts of the city).

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Information About Chimbote

Ancash5 m.a.s.lCold and dry

Chimbote Facts

AnniversaryBest time to visitMain destinations from Chimbote
December 6thJanuary, February and MarchHuaraz, Lima, Trujillo

About Chimbote

It was the settlement city of different cultures as moche, wari, recuay, chimu and inca, in different historical periods. It’s believed that the name comes from the words “muchic, chin and pot”, that put together mean “closed port”. On the begining of the 20th century the district of Chimbote is created, later that the city had grown during the 19th century, due to the port and commercial activities. The already named Puerto Mayor reached the position of biggest production fishing port of the world on the middle of the 20th century. Even nowadays Chimbote stands out for being the seat of the fishing and iron and steel industries of Peru.

Bus Companies in Chimbote

America Express

Address: 752 Fransisco Bolognesi Avenue

Telephone: 998-334-107

America Express is one of the most popular bus companies in Chimbote. Connects this city with destinations like Lima, Trujillo, and Huaraz. Bus services include reclinable seats, air conditioning, Wifi, and restroom.

Movil Bus  

Address: Bus Terminal, Office 29, Nuevo Chimbote

Telephone: 043-353616

Movil Bus is one of the most important bus companies nationwide, being Chimbote one of its main destinations. With the company, you can travel to the capital on its daily departures, or you can travel to nearby cities like Tarapoto, Huaraz, and Trujillo, among other cities.

Ittsa Bus  

Address: 749 Fransisco Bolognesi Avenue

Telephone: 043-342493

With Ittsa Bus you can travel by bus from Chimbote to different destinations like Piura and Lima. Ittsa bus offers amenities like reclinable seats, air conditioning, snacks and beverages, Wifi, and security.

Most Popular Routes from Chimbote

Chimbote to Lima: This is one of the cheapest routes to travel to Lima, as it only is 422 km long and 7 hours long, with rates from 30 soles or USD 8.

Chimbote to Huaraz: This route takes you through Ancash, connecting two of its most representative cities. You can travel to Huaraz from Chimbote with Movil bus, Civa, Excluciva, and Linea. 

Chimbote to Trujillo: On a short trip, you can reach Trujillo from Chimbote. The companies Civa, Excluciva, and America Express offer daily departures from the Chimbador Terminal.

Most Popular Routes to Chimbote

Lima to Chimbote: Traveling to Chimbote from the capital is very simple, as there is a wide variety of services, terminals, and bus companies that offer this route. The travel time is approximately 7 hours.

Trujillo to Chimbote: Short trip that is very popular thanks to the commercial and tourist relationship between these cities. On America Express, Civa, and Excluciva, you can find daily departures. 

Huaraz to Chimbote: You can travel through Ancash by land. For this route, you will find bus tickets at rates from 30 soles

Travel to Chimbote

Buses in Chimbote are a great way to visit and discover Peru as they are cost-effective and present a comfortable way of traveling. A high number of popular locations in Chimbote are easily accessible due to its state-of-the-art road network.

The things to do in Chimbote

Chimbote, the capital of the Nueva Provincia de Santa is a port city of high commercial and industrial activity. Its recent history tell us that on the 20th century Chimbote was the first place of the fishing ports around the world. The city of Chimbote has a variety of tourism attractions: el Cerro de la Juventud, the Iglesia ...Catacumbas, the Museo de San Pedrito Pescador (a ship transformed and adapted to be a museum) and the Cerro Calaveras, a tourism viewpoint located at 100 meters of altitude. The Blanca Island is placed at 3 mi (5 km) from the coast, and it constitutes an ecological and tourist reserve shaped by a mountain that has no vegetation
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Accomodations in Chimbote

Hostal Chimbote
Location: 205, Avda. Pardo
Price: 55 soles and up
The rooms are decent, but with no hot water to take a shower; a great option for the people who look for a low budget accomodation.
Hotel Camino Real
Location: Prol. Alfonso Ugarte 349, Chimbote
Price: 89 soles and up
It has rooms with private bathrooms, armchairs and medium size beds.

Important dates in Chimbote

Easter(April)Chimbote has a well-planned Easter that is lived with traditional fervor, but also with a joyful colour. There are processions and parades through the streets. There are proposed exquisite plates based on fish (but the price grows due to the demand).
The Festival of San Pedrito de Chimbote(June 29th)Every last week of June the city celebrates the most important celebration, San Pedrito de Chimbote, which worships the patron saint. The central day is the 29th, when locals gather in front of the church to bring the saints statue out to be processed along the bay in a boat and through the main avenues of the city.


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What are the most popular beaches in Chimbote?
Chimbote has several popular beaches to enjoy. Some of the most well-known ones are Playa Tortugas, Playa El Dorado, Playa Vesique, and Playa Besique. These beaches offer soft sand, calm waters, and are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying water activities.
What are the typical dishes of Chimbote's gastronomy?
Chimbote's gastronomy stands out for its delicious seafood dishes. Some of the typical dishes include ceviche de conchas negras (black clam ceviche), arroz con mariscos (rice with seafood), sudado de pescado (fish stew), and jalea de mariscos (seafood platter). These preparations highlight the fresh and authentic flavors of the sea products.