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Lima to Ayacucho Bus Service

Avg. Bus Duration
Buses depart from
Bus arrives in
Daily Bus Services
Cheapest Bus
9 hrs 598 mins
COP 30

Lima to Ayacucho Bus Distance

Earliest Bus
Last Bus
Bus Companies

Lima to Ayacucho Bus Timings & Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus Duration  
Internacional Sumaqbus 19:30:00 00:00 12 hrs 0 mins
Expreso Jireh 17:00:00 00:00 14 hrs 0 mins
Transporte Elegant Bus 20:00:00 00:00 9 hrs 30 mins
Wari Palomino 14:00:00 00:00 18 hrs 0 mins
Internacional Andia 16:30:00 00:00 14 hrs 0 mins

Lima to Ayacucho Bus

To travel from Lima to Ayacucho you have the option of choosing the terrestrial transportation service in the following companies: Excluciva, Tepsa, Movil Tours, Expreso Los Chankas, Megabus, Wari Palomino and Turismo Libertadores. The distance from Lima to Ayacucho is 352 mi (566 km) and it takes about 10 hours of trip. The bus tickets costs from s/ 40 to s/ 110, depending on the service type and the season. The buses Lima - Ayacucho can be found in the North, Center and South of Lima, in the schedule from 3:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. The buses will arrive to Ayacucho, to the terminals of the bus station Plaza Wari, located in a central area where you will find all the services to carry on enjoying your trip. The climate in Ayacucho, most of the year, is dry and temperate, with an average temperature of 63 °F (17,5 °C).

Top Bus Operator Images



    • Cercado De Lima
    • La Victoria
    • Nicolas Arriola
    • Plaza Norte, Lima
    • San Luis
    • Terminal Ate Vitarte
    • Terminal Atocongo
    • Terminal Terrestre Plaza Norte


    • Cercado De Lima
    • La Victoria
    • Nicolas Arriola
    • Plaza Norte, Lima
    • San Luis
    • Terminal Ate Vitarte
    • Terminal Atocongo
    • Terminal Terrestre Plaza Norte

    Why book a Lima to Ayacucho bus with redBus?

    You can also time-to-time redBus offers while booking your bus tickets online from Lima to Ayacucho. Follow a simple, fast and secure bus booking procedure. This helps save time and also helps to create a joyful travel experience!

    Buses from Ayacucho to Lima

    If you already acquired your tickets to travel from Lima to Ayacucho and you are looking for a return trip, you can buy them easily on our platform. We have many bus operators that travel through this route, that departs at different times to give the passengers more options. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your bus tickets from Ayacucho to Lima with redBus. 

    About Lima

    "The City of Kings", as Lima is known, was founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro and became the center of Spanish power in Peru, during the colonial period.The urban planning of Lima is one of the colonial models in South America. Lima is known for its social, economical and cultural growth and stands out as the cultural center of Latin America; besides that, Lima is the home of San Marcos National University, the most ancient from America, founded in 1551.Lima is famous for being the viceroyalty capital of Peru and one of the cities most important of South America in the spanish regime period; after its independance in 1821 the city became the republic's capital. Before this period, the Baroque and Neoclassical style took the power on the streets, impregnating those architectural styles in the main constructions. The capital counts a high variety of tourist attractions that combine history and modernity, as you can see on the Historical Center. Another strong point of Lima is the food, there are many restaurants from the 3 Peruvian regions where you can live a complete gastronomical experience, given that the population is multicultural and mostly migrant. Live Peru from one of its corners, and enjoy tasting the culture that Peru offers you!

    About Ayacucho

    There is evidence that Ayacucho was a populated settlement more than 20,000 years ago B.C. because there are archaeological remains to certify it. Thousands of years later other human groups established in the area, setting the basis of the coming cultures. In the 6th and 7th centuries the culture wari appeared, founding its capital and control center in Ayacucho. In this region, the Huari - Tiahuanaco culture would exercise its power, being Ayacucho its sanctuary, during the period from 900 to 1200 A.D. With the Incas arrival, the Ayacucho conquest meant the extinction of the other cultures, consolidating the city as part of the Incas Empire, and establishing an administrative center in Vilcashuaman. After the Spanish arrival, in 1539 Francisco Pizarro founded the city of Ayacucho as part of a military strategy, to eradicate the rebel Incas from the closest areas. Ayacucho became a very important city, commercially and culturally. During the colonial period, Ayacucho developed a growing textile industry. It was also one of the most important cities during the viceroyalty, for being the archbishopric see and for having his own university. On December the 9th 1824, it took place the Ayacucho battle, a crucial event in the Independence process of Peru. Recently, in the 80s, Ayacucho was hardly hit by the terrorism of Sendero Luminoso, a terrorist group led by Abimael Guzmán. Nowadays, Ayacucho shines with a confident light, as a city of great religious fervor and cultural tourism, leaving behind the shadows of a sad decade that we hope will never be recured.


    How can I buy my bus ticket online in Peru?

    You can purchase a ticket for the bus of your choice to any destination in Peru by logging in to the official redBus site which is . This website is easy to use and you can buy your bus ticket in a matter of minutes.

    How do I buy a bus ticket from Lima from Ayacucho?

    You can visit one of the terminals in Lima and visit the counter of the bus company of your choice, wait your turn in the attention queue, select the seat you want and buy your ticket. But if you prefer to avoid all that, you can simply enter and buy your bus ticket online in just 5 minutes and with the comfort of your home or office.

    Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?

    Yes, you must print it out before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print their bus ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format and then be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company with which you are going to make the trip.

    Can I reschedule my trip after buying my ticket?

    Yes, you can, but this feature is limited to only a few bus companies in Peru. Please contact the bus company of your choice if you need to make any changes.

    How can I pay for my bus fare on the redBus Web site?

    At redBus we have several payment methods that we offer our customers. The most common for most of them are credit cards but you can check all of them on the home page of the site

    Are there special offers or discounts in redbus for the route of Lima to Ayacucho?

    Find cheaper tickets for your destination city. Enter and discover the offers.

    What is the distance between Lima and Ayacucho?

    The distance is 567.2 km

    How long does it take to go from Lima to Ayacucho?

    Approximately the trip takes 17 hs

    How many departures are there from Lima to Ayacucho?

    There are 14 departures a day

    Which bus companies offer the route Lima to Ayacucho?

    You can travel through the following companies: Expreso Carmen Alto, Megabus, Wari Palomino, Excluciva, Tepsa, Expreso Antezana, Movil Bus, Sumaq Bus, Ronco Perú, Divino Señor Express.

    Which bus companies have the most departures for the Lima to Ayacucho?

    The Movilbus company has 06 departures for Lima from Ayacucho, followed by Tepsa with 05 departures and ExcluCiva with 01 regular departures per day.

    From which bus terminals can I travel from Lima to Ayacucho?

    MOVILBUS: Paseo De La República 749. La Victoria, Av. Javier Prado Este 1093 (In Front Of Clinic Ricardo Palma), Av. Tomas Valle 651 (In Front Of Serpost Offices). TEPSA: Lima Javier Prado Terminal, Lima Plaza Norte Terminal; EXCLUCIVA: Av. Javier Prado Este 1155, La Victoria

    If my DNI has expired, can I travel?

    Yes, you can travel with your DNI or passport even if it has expired.

    What documents are required for underage people to travel?

    For children, it is necessary to also present a notarial authorization, signed by the parents allowing the trip, with their IDs attached to the document. In case of the decease of any of the parents, or if the child is only recognized by one of them, the consent of the surviving parent will be enough.

    Can I buy open-date tickets in redBus?

    Unfortunately, no. However, you can reschedule the travel date by contacting the bus operator. This feature is limited to just a few companies.

    Do bus operators offer lunch on the route from Lima to Ayacucho?

    As a prevention measure against COVID-19, bus operators do NOT hand lunch to the passengers during the trip, so we recommend you to eat before boarding.

    Ayacucho Weather

    The climate in Ayacucho is mostly temperate, rainy, and with moderate thermal amplitude. The annual average of the maximum and minimum temperature is approximately 23.8 ° C and 9.3 ° C, respectively. 

    Hotels in Ayacucho

    Ayacucho is well known for having a large number of festivals such as city carnivals or religious festivals. This allows residents to be able to offer a large number of hotels and lodgings for all tourist classes. Ayacucho is visited most of the year by tourists from all over the world. You can find very serious hotels to spend the night with your family or a more backpacker hotel where you can share with friends.

    ● Hotel Rivera

    - 316 Callao Street, Ayacucho

    - Price: From S/.130.00

    - Services: It has individual, double, triple, and family rooms. Wifi. Includes breakfast.

    ● ViaVia Café Ayacucho

    - Portal Constitución 4, Ayacucho

    - Price: From S/.210.00

    - Services: It has individual, double, triple, and family rooms. Restaurant. Bar. Wifi. Includes breakfast.

    ● DM Hoteles Ayacucho

    - 184 9 de Diciembre Street, Ayacucho

    - Price: From S/.250.00

    - Services: It has individual, double, triple, and family rooms. Restaurant. Bar. Room service. Wifi. Includes breakfast.

    Restaurantes & Bars in Ayacucho

    The city of Ayacucho has a great gastronomic variety, which forces it to also have a great offer of places for tourists who visit it throughout the year. From the city center to the towns located outside it, tourists can find many restaurants offering both local food and a varied menu for all tastes.

    ● Mestizo Restaurant & Café Lounge

    - 241 Cusco Street, Ayacucho

    - Price: From S/.12.00

    ● Sukre Cocina Peruana

    - Portal Constitución 9, Ayacucho

    - Price: FromS/.22.00

    ● Restaurante la Huamanguina

    - 138 Asamblea Street, Ayacucho

    - Price: From S/.17.00

    The most tourist places in Ayacucho

    ● Intihuatana: If you want to know the history of one of the greatest ancient civilizations, you should visit Intihuatana. It is located in the Vischongo district, near Ayacucho. It is known as Pumacocha, and it is one of the largest archaeological sites in Peru. Studies affirm that this city was made by and for the Incas of great importance.

    ● Plaza de Armas de Ayacucho: The Plaza de Armas is one of the most important places to visit in Ayacucho. It is located in the center of the city and was built between the 16th and 17th centuries, which gives the place a colonial touch. It is known as “Plaza Sucre”, this is because in the center is the monument to Mariscal Sucre.

    ● Pampa Galeras: This nature reserve is one of the largest and most important in Peru. It is located in the province of Lucanas. The Pampa Galeras National Reserve was created in 1967 with the purpose of preserving the vicuña.

    Important dates in Ayacucho

    ● Holy Week in Ayacucho: Holy Week in Ayacucho is a religious and popular festivity where all the people participate in such a way that together, it seems to be a great scenic representation of the passion and death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    ● Ayacucho Carnival: The Ayacucho carnival has recently been declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation in 2007. It is a fairly important festivity for the people since the festival is celebrated and has its celebration between the month of February and March.

    ● Yaku Raymi: The Yaku Raymi, Quechua voices that translated mean "water festival" is an important and ancient celebration that takes place in the department of Ayacucho. It is about the cleaning of the ditches, before the coming of the rains that must have their access roads clean.

    How to move around Ayacucho?

    To move in the city of Ayacucho, the tourist has 2 options: public bus and taxi.

    ● Public bus: This is the most popular and easy way to get around the city. One of the reasons why it is preferred by people is because it is the cheapest option as well. The bus has various stops throughout the city and the tickets do not usually cost more than 3 soles per person.

    ● Taxi: This is the fastest way to get around the city. Taxis have no whereabouts, therefore, the driver will not stop until they have reached your destination. It is a more expensive means of transport, so you can find a service between 6 and 10 soles. 

    How to reach Ayacucho?

    Ayacucho by bus: The distance between Lima and Ayacucho is 564 km approximately. The trip by land takes between 8 and 9 hours.

    Gastronomy in Ayacucho

    In the city of Ayacucho, you will try delicious dishes such as:

    - Adobo Ayacuchano.

    - Puca picante.

    - Caldo de cabeza. 

    Things to buy in Ayacucho

    The most typical souvenirs that you can buy in Ayacucho are:

    - Sarhua tables

    - Huamanga stone

    - Silverware and Filigree 

    Ayacucho Facts

    The city of Ayacucho is located on the eastern slope of the Andes mountain range and has an altitude of 2,671 meters above sea level. It enjoys a mostly dry and temperate climate with sunshine all year round. It is known as the City of Churches, this is because it has a large number of colonial temples. It is also known as a Stately City due to its architecture, tradition and art. The city of Ayacucho is known both nationally and internationally for its majestic pieces of handicrafts. This was the reason why it was declared the Capital of Popular Art and Crafts of Peru.

    Bus operators of the route Lima to Ayacucho

    ● Expreso Carmen Alto

    ● Megabus

    ● Wari Palomino

    ● Excluciva

    ● Tepsa

    ● Expreso Antezana

    ● Movil Bus

    ● SumaqBus

    ● Ronco Perú

    ● Divino Señor Express 

    In conclusion:

    Visiting Ayacucho is a great option if you are looking for a destination full of culture. Its colonial churches and temples will make you know more about this city every day. Learn more about its architecture and different artistic creations that you can visit in this city.

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    How to get cheap bus tickets from Lima to Ayacucho?

    Do you want to travel to Ayacucho from Lima but it's out of your budget? Don't worry about it. At redBus we have many offers and discounts that you can take advantage of for your vacations, business trips or to visit your family.

    Measures against COVID-19 on the Lima to Ayacucho route

    To ease the impact of COVID-19, every passenger should:

    - Not forget the Declaracion Jurada! Without this document, you won't be able to access the bus. You can download it through these links:

    For passengers

    For passengers over 65

    For passengers under 14

    - Always wear your mask. Also, carry a spare one in case of emergency, and hand sanitizer.

    - Take only the necessary luggage.

    You will find more information here.

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