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Lima to Piura Bus Service

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16 hrs 7 mins
PEN 80

Lima to Piura Bus Distance

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Lima to Piura Bus Timings & Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus Duration  
Sullana Express 18:10 21:00 7 hrs 30 mins
ITTSABUS 14:00 16:00 20 hrs 30 mins
Terramovil Peru 18:00 18:00 6 hrs 0 mins
Transportes Dora 15:30 20:00 0 hrs 0 mins
Challenger 17:30 22:00 15 hrs 52 mins

Lima to Piura Bus

The distance from Lima to Piura is 614 mi (988 km) travelling on the highway. The transportation companies that cover this route are Oltursa, Excluciva, Tepsa and Civa, with bus tickets for the route Lima - Piura at rates from s/. 50 to s/. 150. If your question is how long it takes from Lima to Piura, the answer depends on the transportation company, there is an average of 16 hours (take a good book and music for the trip). The buses leave from the terminals of Central and North Lima in the schedule from 2:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. destination to the terminals of the avenues Loreto and Bolognesi, both close to each other and located next to the Plaza de Armas of Piura. The climate in Piura is desert and very warm, with temperatures that reach 88 °F (31 °C) and can go over 97 °F (36 °C) in summer time.

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    • Terminal Terrestre Plaza Norte


    • Terminal Terrestre Plaza Norte

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    You can also time-to-time redBus offers while booking your bus tickets online from Lima to Piura. Follow a simple, fast and secure bus booking procedure. This helps save time and also helps to create a joyful travel experience!

    Buses from Piura to Lima

    If you already acquired your tickets to travel from Lima to Piura and you are looking for a return trip, you can buy them easily on our platform. We have many bus operators that travel through this route, that departs at different times to give the passengers more options. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your bus tickets from Piura to Lima with redBus. 

    About Lima

    "The City of Kings", as Lima is known, was founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro and became the center of Spanish power in Peru, during the colonial period.The urban planning of Lima is one of the colonial models in South America. Lima is known for its social, economical and cultural growth and stands out as the cultural center of Latin America; besides that, Lima is the home of San Marcos National University, the most ancient from America, founded in 1551.Lima is famous for being the viceroyalty capital of Peru and one of the cities most important of South America in the spanish regime period; after its independance in 1821 the city became the republic's capital. Before this period, the Baroque and Neoclassical style took the power on the streets, impregnating those architectural styles in the main constructions. The capital counts a high variety of tourist attractions that combine history and modernity, as you can see on the Historical Center. Another strong point of Lima is the food, there are many restaurants from the 3 Peruvian regions where you can live a complete gastronomical experience, given that the population is multicultural and mostly migrant. Live Peru from one of its corners, and enjoy tasting the culture that Peru offers you!

    Travel to Piura

    Piura was one of the first cities to be founded by Spanish in Latin America, in this case by Francisco Pizarro in 1532. The name of Piura comes from the word “Pirhua” that in quechua means barn or supply storehouse. In times Piura was a storehouse base to quechua inhabitants. It’s also known as “the carob tree city”, due to its leafy vegetation in the summer rainy season. Numerous ethnic groups have lived in Piura throughout History; among those settlers, the tallanes, vicus and yungas stand out.


    How can I buy my bus ticket online in Peru?

    You can purchase a ticket for the bus of your choice to any destination in Peru by logging in to the official redBus site which is . This website is easy to use and you can buy your bus ticket in a matter of minutes.

    How do I buy a bus ticket from Lima from Piura?

    You can visit one of the terminals in Lima and visit the counter of the bus company of your choice, wait your turn in the attention queue, select the seat you want and buy your ticket. But if you prefer to avoid all that, you can simply enter and buy your bus ticket online in just 5 minutes and with the comfort of your home or office.

    Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?

    Yes, you must print it out before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print their bus ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format and then be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company with which you are going to make the trip.

    Can I reschedule my trip after buying my ticket?

    Yes, you can, but this feature is limited to only a few bus companies in Peru. Please contact the bus company of your choice if you need to make any changes.

    How can I pay for my bus fare on the redBus Web site?

    At redBus we have several payment methods that we offer our customers. The most common for most of them are credit cards but you can check all of them on the home page of the site

    Are there special offers or discounts in redbus for the route of Lima to Piura?

    To make your trip cheaper, your discounts are here:

    What is the distance between Lima and Piura?

    The distance is 987.6 km

    How long does it take to go from Lima to Piura?

    Approximately the trip takes 16 hs

    How many departures are there from Lima to Piura?

    There are 10 departures a day

    Which bus companies offer the route Lima to Piura?

    You can travel through the following companies: Tepsa, Movil Tours, Ronco Peru, Movil Bus, Oltursa, Via Expres Nacional and Ittsa Bus among others.

    Which bus companies have the most departures for the Lima to Piura?

    The Tepsa company has 03 departures for Lima. You will also find a wide variety of departures with the companies Movil Tours, Movil Bus, Oltursa, and Ittsa Bus.

    From which bus terminals can I travel from Lima to Piura?

    Terminals of: Javier Prado, Plaza Norte Terminal, Atocongo Terminal, Tomas Valle, The victory, San Isidro, The olive trees, Stone bridge.

    If my DNI has expired, can I travel?

    Yes, you can travel with your DNI or passport even if it has expired.

    What documents are required for underage people to travel?

    For children, it is necessary to also present a notarial authorization, signed by the parents allowing the trip, with their IDs attached to the document. In case of the decease of any of the parents, or if the child is only recognized by one of them, the consent of the surviving parent will be enough.

    Can I buy open-date tickets in redBus?

    Unfortunately, no. However, you can reschedule the travel date by contacting the bus operator. This feature is limited to just a few companies.

    Do bus operators offer lunch on the route from Lima to Piura?

    As a prevention measure against COVID-19, bus operators do NOT hand lunch to the passengers during the trip, so we recommend you to eat before boarding.

    How to travel from Lima to Piura?

    redBus gives you the map with the route, the distance and the travel time for your trip to Piura from Lima.

    About Piura

    The city of Piura is located in the northwest zone of Peru and is the capital of the region with the same name. It is located in the Piura river valley, north of the Sechura desert, about 980 km north of Lima, and very close to the border with Ecuador. According to the 2017 census, it is the 5th most populous city in Peru. It plays a fundamental role as a department's commercial, administrative, and service center. It is said that Francisco Pizarro decided that the Tumbes area was not an appropriate place to plant his base of operations, and preferred to continue his journey south in search of a better place to settle. It was in 1532 when he found this site on the banks of the Chira River, where he founded Piura, the first Spanish city that was erected in Peru. The name of Piura comes from the word "Pirhua" which in Quechua means granary or supply warehouse, and it is that in those times Piura was a supply base for the Quechua settlers.

    Piura Weather

    Piura is a hot and muggy city, perfect for those who want a good tan. In the summer season, from January to mid-May, which is considered the hottest, Piura can reach a temperature of 33 ° C. In winter, although it should be a colder season, it also reaches a temperature of 27 ° C. Regarding the rains, it is a city where it does not rain much, except in summer.

    Hotels in Piura

    Piura is one of those places where you feel like having no regrets. Recognized for its beautiful sunny days and beaches, Piura also has places of interest to visit that few people know, such as the Sechura Desert, the Caracucho Waterfall, or the Cerros de Amotape National Park. That is why Piura has great level content to stay and have a good time with. You can find all kinds of hotels of the highest level as well as inns or hostels for backpacking, very easily.

    ● Estancia Real

    - 446 Callao street, Piura's downtown, Piura

    - Prices: From S/ 68.00

    - Services: It has individual, double, triple, and family rooms. Air conditioning. Free parking. Wifi. Includes breakfast.

    ● Kusnaya Hotel

    - 1286 Loreto avenue, Piura

    - Prices: From S/72.00

    - Services: It has individual, double, deluxe, and family rooms. Free parking. Wifi. Room service. Includes breakfast.

    ● Gran Palma Hotel

    - 307 Luis Montero avenue, Miraflores, Piura

    - Prices: From S/ 183.00

    - Services: It has individual, double, triple, and family rooms. Fitness center. Pool. Bar. Free parking. Wifi. Includes breakfast. 

    ● El Príncipe Hotels

    - 930 Junin street, Piura

    - Prices: From S/ 108.00

    - Services: It has individual, double, double deluxe, and triple rooms. Wifi. Free parking. Air conditioning. Room service. Minibar. Includes breakfast. 

    ● Low Cost SM

    - 251 Arequipa street, Piura

    - Prices: From S/ 50.00

    - Services: It has individual, double, and family rooms. Wifi. Free parking. Includes breakfast.

    Restaurantes & Bars in Piura

    The culinary secret in Piura is its seasoning, achieving a delicate and delicious unique taste in traditional dishes already known for example in Lima. Their Cebiche or the Sudado have that I don't know what, which is characterized in all their meals. So Restaurants and a variety of flavors will not be necessary when you want to sit down to eat.

    ● Paprika Piura Restaurant

    - 649 Loreto avenue, Piura

    - Prices: From S/54.00

    ● El Caracol Azul

    - Mz A13 Chira Piura residential area, Piura

    - Prices: From S/ 45.00

    ● La Santitos

    - 1001 Libertad street, Piura

    - Prices: From S/ 36.00

    ● Eduardo El Brujo

    - C5 Country avenue, Piura

    - Prices: From S/35.00

    ● Don Carlos Piura

    - 1202 Huancavelica street, Piura

    - Prices: From S/.30.00

    The most tourist places in Piura

    ● Cathedral Basilica San Miguel Arcángel de Piura: This church is the cathedral of Piura, that is, the most important church in the entire city. It was built in 1588 after several years of planning.

    ● Vicús Gold Museum: This archaeological museum was opened in 2001. Inside it has a large collection of around 2700 pieces that belonged to the Vicús Culture, many of them made of gold.

    ● The Admiral Miguel Grau House Museum: This house is appreciated with great affection by the people of Piura because Admiral Miguel Grau, one of the heroes in the war against Chile, was born and grew up here. For lovers of history, this site is essential as objects that once belonged to Grau are still preserved.

    ● Kurt Beer Ecological Park: An excellent place to practice ecological tourism. Different tourists come here to disconnect from the world and admire the great fauna, since you can see wild cats, craving bears, and deer, among others.

    ● Catacaos: A very popular place among tourists due to its handicrafts market, where you can find different artisan and metallurgical pieces. In addition, it also receives many visitors for its delicious cuisine and you cannot leave here without trying the Seco de Chabelo.

    Important dates in Piura

    ● March 15 - Algarrobina Day: This day is very popular among the piuranos because the carob tree is the representative forest species of this city. That is why every March 15 a celebration is held where, in addition to preparing dishes with carob, there is a cocktail contest with carob.

    ● September 24 - Virgen de las Mercedes: This festivity is very important for Piurans and many faithful come to Piura just to be present on this day. To celebrate the Virgin, a central mass is held, in addition to colorful parades, Corsicans, and different activities where all visitors can participate.

    ● October 1 - Piura Jubilee Week: A week full of fun and color! If the city of Piura is characterized by being happy, during this week this multiplies. Not only are there different gastronomic fairs and parades full of music, but different artistic shows are also offered.

    ● All October - Lord Captive of Ayabaca: Several believers from northern Peru come to Piura during this date in order to fulfill their fidelity to the Lord of Ayabaca. The pilgrimage is one of the most anticipated events because, in addition to fulfilling the faith, many travelers are also known.

    ● November 23 - San Clemente Fair: This festival carries a great tradition in Piura and is always very happy. National tourists enjoy being here during this day due to the number of parades and activities that take place.

    How to move around Piura?

    To move to the city of Piura, tourists have 2 options: public buses, commonly regulated by the municipality or authority in charge, or taxis, operated by a citizen who provides a service.

    ● Public bus: It is the most popular form of transportation within the city, as well as being very economical. The fare also called a passage, does not usually go up to S / 5 per person. The public bus has different bus stops where it picks up passengers, so the journey can be a bit slow.

    ● Taxi: This is the fastest way of transportation within the city. It has no whereabouts, so it goes straight to the desired destination. You can be contacted on the avenue itself, by calling a company, or through an application. The rate here is usually higher, usually exceeding S / 10. 

    How to reach Piura?

    Piura by bus: The distance between Lima and Piura is 995 km approximately. The travel time by land is 15 hours.

    Gastronomy in Piura

    In the city of Piura, you will try delicious dishes such as:

    - Rachi rachi

    - Malarrabia

    - Ceviche.

    Things to buy in Piura

    The most typical souvenirs you can buy in Piura are:

    - Filigree.

    - Sapote ornaments.

    - Straw Fabrics.

    Piura Facts

    Piura stands out from other cities in the north because it has different religious art museums and painting galleries, where you can find famous artists such as Luis Montero, Cossío del Pomar, and Julio Cálle, among others. In addition, its popularity is also thanks to its delicious gastronomy, where its seasoning and marine food predominate since the proximity of the sea means that fish and seafood are prepared fresh, which gives another flavor to Peruvian dishes. During independence, the residents of Piura happily received the expedition of Don José de San Martín and independence would be proclaimed on January 4, 1821. Its economy is based mainly on the agricultural, fishing, and mining industry, with tourism, slowly advancing thanks to the number of visitors that are received annually and that increases over the years.

    Bus operators of the Lima to Piura route

    ● Tepsa

    ● Movil Tours

    ● Ronco Perú

    ● Movil Bus

    ● Oltursa

    ● Via Expres Nacional

    ● Ittsa Bus

    In Conclusion:

    In Piura you will find everything to spend incredible days. Sunny days, with an ideal climate to go to its beaches and bathe in its most. Good food, where you will especially enjoy fresh, unique seafood dishes. Also rich in its history, customs, churches and museums, but above all, for a human warmth that will constantly invite you to want to return.

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    Measures against COVID-19 on the Lima to Piura route

    To ease the impact of COVID-19, every passenger should:

    • Not forget the Declaracion Jurada! Without this document, you won't be able to access the bus. You can download it through these links:

    For passengers

    For passengers over 65

    For passengers under 14

    • Always wear your mask. Also, carry a spare one in case of emergency, and hand sanitizer.
    • Take only the necessary luggage.

    You will find more information here.

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