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About Pacasmayo

The first settlers of the Pacasmayo valley, or the ones whose existence is known were the cupisnique, with an antiquity of approximately 11000 B.C. to 3500 B.C. The mochica culture also had a presence in the valley, between 500 B.C. and 800 B.C. During the 900 AD, the chimu culture appears, leaving to the future the famous archaeological center of Pakatnamu. The inca culture also came to Pacasmayo, just little time before the Spanish arrival, although they did not have a great influence on the historic legacy of the region. Its foundation as city took place during the colonial period in 1775. It's believed that the origin of the word Pacasmayo comes from the quechua Pakatnamu, the name of the founder of the fortress that keeps the same name. Othe theories support that Pacasmayo means hidden river.

Travel tips for Pacasmayo

-If you travel in summer time, have by hand sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. The beaches are striking, but a sunstroke is not that pleasant. -Pacasmayo is one of the most visited destinations for the lovers of waves and water sports. If you don't practice one, it's a good chance to start, don't you loose it.-Pacasmayo is known as a beach-city, since it's close to the sea and it's the favourite place for summer vacationers due to its nice weather and beautiful coast geography.-Artisanal fishing is one of the most practiced activities in its beaches. If you are in one of those beaches, buy fresh fish, ideal to eat it in a fire on the beach.To get around Pacasmayo won't be complicated, since it's a little town and the distances aren't very long. The main mean of transportation in the city is the mototaxi. You will see them in every street and you can travel at the rate of s/ 1 to s/ 6, depending on the route. You will also find shared taxis and normal taxis, but we recomment you to take the service of a trustworthy company.Due to the shortage of care and maintenance of the historic dock of Pacasmayo, to visit or walk around has became impossible. The strong swell of the sea have made that part of the bridge blocks, which is a real pitty, since the view of its structure facing the skyline is a symbol of the city.The most frequent risks can take place due to the marine currents, when you are practicing any water sport or just swimming. You should be attentive to the sudden changes in the swell.As in every city, you should be cautious. Avoid to exhibit your valuable belongings in areas that are not safe and don't talk to people that approach in a suspect way.

Pacasmayo weather

Best time to visit Pacasmayo

The best time to visit Pacasmayo goes from December to Mars, in the summer, since you will enjoy the wonderful beaches that are located there and the weather.

Climate in Pacasmayo

-The climate in Pacasmayo is warm, sunny most of the year. The temperatures oscillate between 66,2 °F (19 °C) and 77 °F (25 °C).-Rains can be present in a regular way, but they are compensated with a sunny weather. Precipitations are not so strong, they won't bother you, just take an umbrella or raincoat.

Things to do in Pacasmayo

Nightlife in Pacasmayo

La Taberna

Location: Pasaje Víctor Fajardo N°19 C
Hours: 9:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m.
Price: free entrance (you consume at the bar)
Your nights in Pacasmayo will be cheerful in the bohemian atmosphere of La Taberna, with large and comfortable rooms for you to meet with friends, with modern and varied music. Their drinks menu is peruvian but also international, you can find from pisco to tequila of vodka.

El Ruiz Señor - Karaoke Pub

Ubicación: Andrés Rázuri 247
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information

Where to eat in Pacasmayo?

Restaurante Pastimar

Location: Jr. Aurelio Herrera 10A
Hours: 12:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Price: approximately s/ 10
In Pastimar you will taste the best of the local, Peruvian and international gastronomy. The service is good at this restaurant, but the dishes are not fast to arrive (you can wait between 30 to 60 minutes to be served). But it worths it to wait due to the exquisite seasoning of the food, specially in the pizzas: ask pizza de lomo saltado, just delicious!

Mochica Cafe Restobar

Location: Jr. Junín 11, close to the Plaza de Armas
Hours: no available information
Price:between s/ 3 and s/ 11
It's a place where the atmosphere is pleasant and traditional, where you will find breakfast, lunch and even the coffee of the afternoon. We suggest to ask a seco de cabrito for lunch, although the chaufa especial and the pastas are a delight. As a dessert you should taste a delicious chocolate cake.

Restaurante Puerto Escondido

Location: Dos de Mayo 56
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information
The gastronomy experience of sea is waiting for you at this place where are prepared the most exquisite dishes with ingredients from the sea of Pacasmayo, that is located close to the restaurant. The fried fish is one of the house specialties. Ask for a pescado frito!

Restaurante Aruba

Location: Jr. Ladislao Espinar 32
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information
Somthing different is what you will find in Aruba, where stand out the sushi dishes.

The tourist places to see in Pacasmayo are:

El Faro beach

Location: at 15 minutes from the center of the city by mototaxi
Hours: all day
Price: free entrance
It's the most visited beach by surfers and enthusiasts to water sports, due to its waves and strong winds, just perfect if you wish to practice kitesurf or windsurf. Its name comes from the lonely lighthouse that you can see from one side of the marine landscape of this beach.

Bosque El Cañoncillo

Location: In San José district, Caseríos de Santonte y Tecapa
Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Price: s/ 3
At this forest, as an ecosystem of dry forest, there is a large biodiversity of flora and fauna. The forests of carob tree and the wild horses will surprise you, due to the natural majesty of the region. You will also find archaeological remains of the cupisnique, moche and chimu cultures in the surroundings of the forest. It's a tour that you will always rememeber, take your camera empty to fill it!

Casa Museo Raimondi

Location: at the district of San Pedro de Lloc, at 15 min. from Pacasmayo
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Price: s/.3 (adults) - s/.1 (children)
This old mansion was the last dwelling of the famous italian researcher Antonio Raimondi. To preserve its legacy there was an inauguration in 1981 of an exhibition divided in three rooms, where you learn about every event of the researches and life of Raimondi.

Archaeological Complex of Pakatnamu

Location: at 8,7 mi (14 km.) from Pacasmayo, at the district of Guadalupe
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
The complex has a pre incan architecture made of adobe and mud, unique in the country, with 50 piramides, fortified squares and a great number of room complexes. This cultural and historic attraction is attributed to the chimu culture.

The things to do in Pacasmayo

Water sports in Pacasmayo

Location: El Faro beach
Hours: all day
The geographic conditions of the sea and its excellent climate make of Pacasmayo the favorite destination of surfers and water sports enthusiasts. In its water you can practice surf, kitesurf, windsurf, paddle up and jet sky, among others. We recommend you to use a suitable equipment and being cautious if you are not an expert in any of those sports, since waves can reach 3 meters and the winds extreme speeds.

Typical dishes in Pacasmayo

Ceviche de lagartija

It's a ceviche that you did not expect. Don't wait until somebody tells you, taste it! The flavor is unexpected and incomparable. It's prepared with lizards of Pacasmayo, parboiling the meat in slices for 2 minutes to add later lemon juice, garlic, salt, onions and chilli pepper, similarly as they do with fish ceviches. It' s an exotic delight from the north of Peru that you should experience.

Seco de cabrito

This dish is prepared with kid seasoned with onions and garlic. They leave it cook and add peas before the cooking is finished. Once ready, it's served with manioc, rice or beans.

Tamal Sampedrano

It's the pride of the inhabitants of the city, since it's prepared with traditional recipes that have been transmitted from generation among the families of tamaleros (the people who prepare it). It's prepared with white corn, onions, chilli pepper, chicken, oil and other ingredients that vary depending on the recipe, all of it wrapped in a banana tree leaf.

Espesado de cabrito

This dish consists of a soup made of grated corn and cow soup. The meat is boiled and you add green beans and pumpkin, to strain it and serve it with rice.

How to reach Pacasmayo

Pacasmayo by train

There was a train in 1950 that made the route Pacasmayo - Chilete that served for transporting minerals and to develop the area, but nowadays it's just a remain, a museum. There isn't a train available nowadays in Pacasmayo.

Pacasmayo by flight

Pacasmayo does not have its own airport. The closest airport is the one of Chiclayo, that receives 4 daily flights from Lima. The distance from Chiclayo to Pacasmayo is 62 mi (100 km), so it's an alternative route if you like flying. To go through this route takes about 2 hours.

Pacasmayo by bus

The travel from Lima to Pacasmayo by bus takes about 10 hours. While you travel you can admire the view of the landscapes of the north coast. To do this route you will have the services of the bus companies Excluciva, Linea, Civa and Turismo Dias, with prices between s/ 50 to s/ 120, depending on the kind of service that you choose, since some of them have bus bed, wifi, food service on board, etc.

Accomodations in Pacasmayo

    Barack Hospedaje

    Location: Calle José Andrés Rázuri 33
    Rate: s/ 20 - s/ 105
    The travelers who can not leave their pets home will find a good option of hostage in the Barack, since it's allowed their entry of those special friends. In the rooms you will have a flat screen TV, wifi, private bathroom (the amenities depend on the price you pay).

Important dates in Pacasmayo

Anniversary of PacasmayoNovember the 23rdAt this date are planified some civic, religious and costumbrist activities, and with them you will live the whole experience of the north coast. You will also taste the best of the local gastronomy in the fairs of this date.
Fiesta del Carnaval de San Pedro de LlocMarchAt this carnival, typical in different cities inside the country, people from several neighborhoods of the province join together to participate of carnival parades and artistic representations, wearing color and joy through the streets of the city.

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