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RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Piura to Lima00:0021:15BOOK NOW
Piura to Tumbes00:0123:00BOOK NOW
Piura to Chiclayo04:0022:30BOOK NOW
Piura to Máncora00:0123:00BOOK NOW
Piura to Terminal Plaza Norte00:0021:15BOOK NOW

Top Bus Routes To Piura

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Lima to Piura00:0021:00BOOK NOW
Chiclayo to Piura02:5221:45BOOK NOW
Terminal Plaza Norte to Piura00:0021:00BOOK NOW
La Victoria to Piura14:0020:30BOOK NOW
Máncora to Piura00:2021:56BOOK NOW

Information About Piura

Piura36 m.a.s.lDry tropical

Piura Facts

AnniversaryBest time to visitMain destinations from Piura
August 15thAugust, September, and OctoberLima, Mancora, Zorritos, Rioja, Tumbes

About Piura

Piura was one of the first cities to be founded by Spanish in Latin America, in this case by Francisco Pizarro in 1532. The name of Piura comes from the word “Pirhua” that in quechua means barn or supply storehouse. In times Piura was a storehouse ba...se to quechua inhabitants. It’s also known as “the carob tree city”, due to its leafy vegetation in the summer rainy season. Numerous ethnic groups have lived in Piura throughout History; among those settlers, the tallanes, vicus and yungas stand out.
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Travel tips for Piura

-The route from Lima to Piura makes a distance of 610 mi (982 km) through the Panamericana Norte highway and the travel takes about 15 hours by bus.-The minimum altitude is 3 meters in Paita and Los Órganos and the maximum 2709 meters in Ayabaca.-We recommend to travel in summer to enjoy the magnificent beaches. It’s preferable in October, November at the end of the year.Once in Piura you can get around by foot, which is a great option to visit this beautiful town and its streets. In moto-taxi the cost for the ...route is at 2-4 soles. The taxi is a more expensive option, but also possible.Piura is a quiet city but we always recommend not to go by yourself at night nor by foot but you must pay attention to the thieves, specially at the Sánchez Cerro avenue.You should also watch out with the dengue illness, which is more incident in the Alto Piura and Sullana. We recommend you to protect against the mosquito bite and look for an effective vaccine of dengue of the area you are travelling to, because it’s being developped.
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Piura weather

Best time to visit Piura

The best period to visit Piura is from September to November, a period when the temperature stays below 77 °F (25 °C) and there are several important dates that are celebrated.

Climate in Piura

-Many towns of the Piura department, and among them Paita, Talara, Sechura, Piura, Chulucanas, Morropón and Ayabaca, have an arid and warm weather, without rains throughout the year and a half atmospheric humidity.-The minimum temperature is 61 °F (16 °C) and the maximum 93 °F (34 °C).

The things to do in Piura

Piura is the capital of the Piura region. It is located in the center West of the region in the "Valle del río Piura" (river Piura's valley) at the north of the biggest peruvian desert, Sechura, very close to the Equator border. Piura is considered as one of the best places in Peru to eat a cevicheand the variety of fish and shellfish. Some says the secret of their food comes from t...he way they are seasonning...Piura is also known for its warm climate and is named the city of the "eternal summer". Besides, Piura counts with various museums of religious art and pre-Columbian pottery, as many galleries where you can appreciate the paintings of the most famous artists. In Piura stands the famous house museum of the admiral Miguel Grau, the hero of the Pacific war.
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Accomodations in Piura

Hospedaje Tumbes
Location: 614, Grau street
Price: 20 soles and up
Rooms come with full bathroom though they are a bit dark. The atmosphere is pleasant and family-friendly.
Hospedaje Aruba
Location: 851, Junín street
Price: 20-35 soles
Hospedaje Aruba offers small, lit up rooms and its impressive decor separates it from its competitors. Smaller rooms share the bathroom.

Important dates in Piura

Señor Cautivo de Ayabaca(October)For this festival thousands of pilgrims from northern Peru and southern Ecuador flock to Ayabaca to demonstrate their fidelity to the Cristo Cautivo. This is not to be missed, and if you're adventurous and like to get to know people, we recommend participating in the pilgrimage.
Semana Jubilar de Piura(October,1st to 9th)Piura offers the best musical, handmade and gastronomic repertoire to celebrate this festival where artistic performances and social and cultural events become daily.
San Clemente Fair(November, the 23rd)Festival in honour of the Señor de los Milagros de San Clemente. It's known for its joyful atmosphere and the active participation of its attendees. The most noteworthy of all the various activities is the bullfighting.
Día de la Algarrobina(March, the 15th)The carob tree (prosopis pallida), representative of Piura, is the most important forest tree (from an economical point of view) of the dry forests in the Peruvian North-East. In this area large and leafy trees of carob grow and their fruit is the raw material for the production of the famous “algarrobina”. At this festival they make a competition to the best algarrobina cocktail, a competition to the biggest pod of carob tree, and even dishes based on algarrobina.
Virgen de las Mercedes (September, the 24th)A festival that joins a large number of devotees who make a long pilgrimage from various places to renew their faith and keep their promises before the Virgin. The celebration is accompanied by processions and parades, among other cultural activities that bring together locals and visitors from different areas of the region and the country.

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