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Jaén to Chiclayo13:0023:00BOOK NOW
Jaén to Av. Bolognesi13:0023:00BOOK NOW
Jaén to Lima15:0017:00BOOK NOW
Jaén to Chachapoyas07:4510:30BOOK NOW
Jaén to Lambayeque13:0023:00BOOK NOW

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RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Chiclayo to Jaén09:0022:30BOOK NOW
Av. Bolognesi to Jaén09:0022:30BOOK NOW
Lima to Jaén15:3016:30BOOK NOW
Terminal Gazelle to Jaén09:4020:15BOOK NOW
Chachapoyas to Jaén02:1505:00BOOK NOW

About Jaen

The history of the first settlers of the Jaen territory dates from 1000 to 1500 b.C. A proof of it is the human settlements found in the province, where the visitor can appreciate the pottery and archaeologic remains that are a sample of the architecture and art of this emerging culture. Those inhabitants were part of tribes who lived in presumable harmony, although the most renowned were the pakamuros (or bracamoros). The name of this tribe comes from the word "pukamoros" (puka = red, muro = pintado), a name given by the inca Huayna Capac, after being defeated by the bravery of this ...town of Amazonian roots. The name is also reference of the red paintings that the inhabitants made on their faces and chest when they went to war or to do a celebration.During the Spanish conquest, the autonomous development of this population was interrupted, ending with the colonization and foundation of the city of Jaen de Bracamoros, in 1549. During the war of Independence, Jaen supported the independence of Trujillo, proclaiming its own independence on June the 4th 1821, and being converted in the crib of the Peruvian patriotism. From 1855 Jaen is part of the Cajamarca department.
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Travel tips for Jaen

-In Jaen are produced the best quality of rice and coffee (to export). Don't you waste the chance of buying those products in any of the agriculture and lifestock fairs of the city.-The distance from Lima to Jaen is 674 mi (1085 km) and from Cajamarca to Jaen there are 388 mi (625 km). There are 2 highways that connect the city with the other cities of the country.-You can get to Jaen by bus or in a direct flight to the airport of Shumba, the name of the Jaen airport.-The airport has flights to Lima, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Piura, Cajamarca and Chachapoyas (the route from Jaen to Chachapoyas is one of the favourites among the tourists).The shared taxis and mototaxis are the most common means of transportation in the urban area of Jaen. At just a few ...soles (s/ 1 to s/ 6) you can get to the downtown and the outskirts, choosing the taxi or mototaxi.The landsliding, commonly named "huaycos", are the main natural risk in the province of Jaen, due to its geography and climate of strong rains. If there is a day too much rainy, avoid to go out from the safe areas of the city. Or if you are in the outskirts of the urban area, don't you expose yourself to innecesary risks as being close to mounds or rivers (the riverbed increases with a risk of overflow). If you go by car take your cautions, since the highways become very danger when it rains.Another risk of the strong rains that fall down in Jaen are floods. Watch over your valuable objects, which can be damaged as laptops or other electronic devices.
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Jaen weather

Best time to visit Jaen

The best period to visit Jaen is in September, since it's part of the less rainy season and the celebration of Senor de Huamantanga takes place, so you can participate in the activities.

Climate in Jaen

-Jaen is located between the jungle and the Cajamarca mountain range and so its climate is one of the warmest in Peru; the maximum temperatures are 86 °F (30 °C) and minimum of 66,2 °F (19 °C).-The rains in Jaen are strong, although refreshing in the warmest periods. Be ready with a raincoat, rubber boots or an umbrella.

The things to do in Jaen

Accomodations in Jaen

Gran Hotel Jaen
Location: calle San Martin 1532 (at 10 min. from the Plaza de Armas)
Rate: s/ 50 - s/ 60
Located in the downtown of the city of Jaen this hotel provides a large variety of services at the best price. There is wifi, laundry service, shower with cold and warm water, room service, cable TV, security and garage.

Important dates in Jaen

Anniversary of the Independence of Jaen(June the 4th)This important date is celebrated with parades, fireworks and cultural events in the Plaza de Armas, one more year from the independence of Jaen.
El Señor de Huamantanga(September, 5th to 23rd)During the days of celebration takes place the Feria Regional that complements the cultural and religious activities in honor of the Senor de Huamantanga. You will see the sports competitioons, the traditional dances, you will taste the typical dishes from the region and purchase artisan products.