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RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Lima to Caraz07:0022:50BOOK NOW
Huaraz to Trujillo09:3023:15BOOK NOW
Trujillo to Huaraz09:3022:20BOOK NOW
Huaraz to Lima09:0123:20BOOK NOW
Lima to Huari18:2018:30BOOK NOW

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About Transportes Julio Cesar

Transportes Julio César is a company that was founded in 1948 in the department of Ancash. It started with the purchase of a Dogde 300 car with which groceries were distributed. As time went by, the business expanded and it was possible to buy two other trucks with which they started transporting heavy loads. Some time later, when the interprovincial transport business started and became popular, Transportes Julio César entered this field. Currently, it is one of the most solid companies in the Peruvian market, with 16 units and 3 terminals distributed in Lima, Huaraz and Trujillo.

With more than 20 years of experience, Transportes Julio César differs from other companies because it offers a complete and optimized service with which it is committed to provide quality and safety to all its clients. That is why it complies with a series of regulations such as a strict service of schedules so that users arrive on time at their destination, buses that are cleaned and sterilized before leaving for the route, and drivers who have extensive experience and also comply with all the provisions of the Peruvian government.

Transportes Julio César has three services that distinguish it from other transport companies. The first is called Especial, which consists of a double-decker panoramic bus where you can enjoy the reproduction of a film and a chemical toilet. There is also the Emperador service, which is a double-decker bus that has 145º and 160º reclining seats. In addition, it also has air conditioning, snack, USB chargers, movie and GPS tracking. Finally there is Vip Emperador, the most exclusive of all. On both floors there are 160º reclining seats, blankets and pillows, USB input, chemical toilet and movie.

At the start of its operations, Transportes Julio César had three main destinations: Lima, Ancash and Trujillo. With the passage of time and the expansion of the business, the administration realized that there were many destinations between these three main points and enabled them. That is why today stops are made, to help those Peruvians who have to go to these other destinations either for work, family or tourism. Currently, Transportes Julio César is going to ten destinations. These are Lima, Huaraz, Carhuaz, Yungay, Caraz, Chimbote, Trujillo, Chavin, San Marcos and Huari.

With the expansion of its operations, Transportes Julio César gained wide popularity in the destinations where it works and therefore saw the need to build terminals at different points in order to comfortably serve all its customers. That is why Transportes Julio César has 9 offices and terminals distributed throughout northern Peru. Three of them are in Lima, five of them in Ancash and one in Trujillo. The main office is located in Lima, in the La Victoria district in Jose Galvez avenue #562.

As the responsible company that it is, and caring for the well-being of its clients, Transportes Julio César complies with each of its buses with the following protocols: continuous training for the cleaning and prevention measures dictated by the Ministry of Health, the use of convertible gloves by the bus crew and use of antibacterial gel during all services. In this way, Transportes Julio César is committed to taking care of all the clients who want to travel with them and seeks to make them feel safe so that they can reach their homes safe and sound.

Information Contact of Transportes Julio Cesar:

☎ Telephone number of Transportes Julio César: 01 - 4248060. Address: Av. Jose Galvez #562​

Transporte Julio César Bus Service On Board

  • Reclinable seats 160°, Hostess, Snacks, Blankets, Pillows, Reading light, TV/Music, Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning, Power Socket, Bathrooms

Transportes Julio Cesar Bus Service On Board

  • Maximum seat reclining approx. 160°
  • Hostess on board
  • Snacks
  • Pillows and blankets
  • Reading light
  • TV and Music
  • WI-FI
  • Air Conditioning
  • Restroom

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  • ● LIMA; Terminal Plaza Norte | Av. Gerardo Unger #6917 Independencia stand 88 | ☎ Telephone: 01 - 5331765 | RPM #944 939239
  • ● LIMA; Agencia Lima Norte 2 | Av. México Mz B Lte 36 Urbanización Santa Isolina Comas | ☎ Telephone: 01 - 521863

Select Your Agency

  • ● LIMA; Terminal Plaza Norte | Av. Gerardo Unger #6917 Independencia stand 88 | ☎ Telephone number: 01 - 5331765 | RPM #944 939239
  • ● LIMA; Lima Norte 2 | Av. México Mz B Lte 36 Urbanización Santa Isolina Comas | ☎ Telephone number: 01 - 521863

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Q: What documents do I need to buy a bus ticket?
A: To buy your bus tickets on redBus, you must have a National Identity Document, also called a DNI. This document is held by all Peruvians and is used for the identification of the person. It is necessary to have it because when boarding the Transportes Julio César staff will ask for it. If you are a foreigner, it is necessary that you have a valid passport. At the time of making your purchase through redBus, the system will ask for the number of that passport and in the terminal the physical passport will also be requested to verify the identity of the person.
Q: How far in advance should I be at the terminal?
A: In many occasions it is necessary to be at least an hour in advance at the terminal due to the queues that are made here. For example, you have to register the ticket, deliver the luggage to the cabin or the paperwork of the order. These actions can take up to 30 minutes each if the terminal is full. We also recommend that users take into account the time it takes for the taxi or public bus from the house to the terminal. Usually, in Lima the streets are full around 6 p.m. and it is better to prevent. If the terminal is too late, the user may not be able to perform all these procedures on time and the bus will depart.
Q: Can I reschedule my trip?
A: If the user will not be able to travel on the scheduled date and time, they must contact Transportes Julio César as far in advance as possible. This company is the only one that can make the respective change, so it is recommended to send an email or call to indicate the procedure to be performed if possible. In the same way, instead of opting for a reprogramming, a change of ownership can also be requested in case the client wants to pass the ticket to a third party. To see if this is possible, you should also call the PBX. In both cases, a surplus may be paid, especially if the new travel date falls in the high season.
Q: Can minors travel alone?
A: If a parent wants to send their minor child, he or she may travel alone as long as all the requirements of the law are met. In redBus you can buy the bus ticket for the boy and girl and in the terminal the parents must present a letter (legalized in a notary's office) authorizing the transfer of the minor. In case the boy or girl travels with one of the parents, the letter must be presented anyway. This document is necessary at the time of addressing because, if you do not have it, it would be against the law and Transportes Julio César staff can call the authorities.