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About Huari

Huari is the capital of the Huari province, located in the western part of the Ancash Region, 3149 m.a.s.l., near the banks of the Huaritambo river. The city was founded in 1572 as Santo Domingo de Huari, during the rule of Viceroy Toledo. Its name derives from Quechua, meaning “wild, rough, huge, native”, in allusion of its surrounding geography. Huari is known for its important festivities and for it being near several touristic attractions of the Ancash region.

Travel tips for Huari

Due to its location it is common to suffer from Soroche upon arriving to Huari. We recommend you rest and avoid making demanding physical exercise upon arriving to the city. Its better to travel to andean locations with warm clothing to endure to cold, as temperatures drop during the night. In Huari you will be able to find mototaxis which offer interurban transportation at a low cost.

Huari Weather

Best time to visit Huari

We recommend you visit Huari during the winter, to better appreciate the snowpeaks and the natural vistas.

Climate in Huari

The average annual temperature in Huaraz is 56°F, with an annual precipitation of 632. Oddly, it rains more during the summer than during the winter.