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About Caraz

Caraz is a city located in the Department of Ancash, at the shores of the Santa River, within the Callejón de Huaylas valley. It is the second most important city of the department after Huaraz, its capital. Caraz was occupied long before the Spanish arrival, first by the Chavín and afterwards by the Recuay, Huari and Inca, civilizations which managed to gain control over the local chiefdoms and effectively rule the valley. Caraz was created as a city by Simón Bolívar, and was oficially recognized as such the 29th of december of 1856. Its name derives from quechua qaaray, which refers to Agave Americana plant which grows in the area. Due its location, Caraz is an attraction to those looking for adventure tourism, as it is near beautiful snow peaks such as the Alpamayo. It also has an important historical and cultural heritage in the city, along with many interesting archeological sites.

Travel tips for Caraz

While temperature during the day can be warm, it decreases drastically during the nights, so it is advised you bring a warm coat. A raincoat is also recommended if you are travelling during the rainy season. In the city you can find the famous mototaxis (little taxis) and buses that can give us a ride on the surroundings. Inside the city the taxis are low-cost (about s/. 4) and fast. Caraz is a city located in an altitude. It can take you a while to acclimatize and it’s highly recommended to rest upon arrival. You should take “mates de coca” and hydrate a lot with water. You should also eat light, soups for example. Avoid the heavy meals and fried foods as soon as you arrive.

Caraz Weather

Best time to visit Caraz

The best time to visit Caraz is from April to October, specially if you are interested in visiting the snowpeaks that surround the city.

Climate in Caraz

Climate in Caraz is semi-arid and mild, with temperatures that reach 77°F during the day, but can drop down to 60.8 during the night. Rain is scarce in the city, and the annual average precipitation is minimum.