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RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Tingo María to Lima07:3019:30BOOK NOW
Tingo María to La Victoria07:3019:30BOOK NOW
Tingo María to Terminal Plaza Norte19:4521:00BOOK NOW
Tingo María to Javier Prado19:4521:00BOOK NOW

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RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Lima to Tingo María09:0019:30BOOK NOW
La Victoria to Tingo María09:0019:30BOOK NOW
Javier Prado to Tingo María13:4515:50BOOK NOW
Terminal Plaza Norte to Tingo María13:4515:50BOOK NOW

About Tingo Maria

In the pre-Columbian period the province of Leoncio Prado was inhabited by indigenous tribes as the Tulumayos and Cholones in the riverbank of the Magdalena river; those tribes penetrated into the jungle, since the Inca Empire was moving forward and nowadays there is a paved road at the area of Leoncio Prado with Pachitea.In the colonial period the high jungle region (Rupa Rupa) was controlled by several Spanish authorities. One of the founders of the nea...rby towns was Salazar, of the Orden de Jesus, while he was executing his religious roles.In 1938 the population is told that the land where they live were expropriated in their favor and from this momento they could live freely. The word Tingo comes from the quechua Word Tincco, which means meeting in reference to the rivers Huallaga and Monzon, and Maria was a settler who helped the travelers who wanted to cross the river, providing them food and lodging.
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Travel tips for Tingo Maria

-In the nearby towns to the river can occur moderate floods which go from little drizzles to real risks; similar is the probability of rocks sliding in the urban áreas closest to the nature.-It’s highly recomended to have cotton and pale clothes to maintain you cold, also sunscreen and a mosquito repellent will be useful.To get around in Tingo Maria the most used mean of transportation is the mototaxi, taxi and combi (small buses), while for distant trajects of the urban area, drivers in motorbikes transport the traveler to his destination.The most frequent mean of transportation in the city is the mototaxi, which have a price between s/ 0.50 to s/ 2 depending on the distance of the route; the mototaxi is not made for long trips. The prices for the taxis go from s/ 3 to s/ 5 for not so long routes, but to get to ...other towns the rate will increase. The combis are used for longer trajects as one city to another as Tingo Maria to Huanuco for example, whose prices change depending on the bus depots of this mean of transportation.To be cautious is always wise everywhere you go to, since you can spare yourself worries and problems. The urban area of Tingo Maria doesn’t present bigger problems than assaults and thefts, reason why we recommend to keep them out of the public view, beeing watchful to your luggage and mistrust anybody who comes to help you.You should be more attentive in forest and natural areas –even more if you if it’s the evening time-, since its difficult access and high chance to get lost can be used by thefts and it can even occur armed kidnappings. You should be careful before untrue tours or non legal tours.
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Tingo Maria weather

Best time to visit Tingo Maria

The best time to visit Tingo Maria can be in June, for the Fiesta de San Juan or in October, for the anniversary of the city, when you can participate of the events and activities that are celebrated.

Climate in Tingo Maria

-The climate of Tingo Maria is tropical and presents an average temperatura of 75,2 °F (24 °C); the humidity level that you can feel in the air is 77%.-The level of precipitations is quite high throughout the year, the driest period goes from June to September, but even in that period you should take an umbrella, a raincoat or something to protect you of the rains.

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The things to do in Tingo Maria

Accomodations in Tingo Maria

Hotel Nueva York
Location: Av. Alameda Peru 533
Rate: no available information
It’s one of the oldest hotels of the city. This lodging offers free wifi conexión, rooms with cable tv, private bathroom and a table to eat. It’s a place recommended to back-packers who have a low Budget. It’s recommended to select the rooms towards the street to enjoy the breeze of the wind.
Hospedaje Paraiso
Location: Av. Raimondi 456
Rate: s/ 54 –s/ 88
The hotel is located in the downtown of the city, the rooms have cable tv, private bathroom, free wifi, fan and electric kettle to drink something warm when you want.

Important dates in Tingo Maria

Aniversario del Parque Nacional Tingo MariaDate: MayIt’s a date that commemorates another year of the existence of this preservation area. Enjoy yourself contemplating the passacaglia, an artist night or the Festival de Estampas Selvaticas which transmit the joy of this natural area.
Fiesta de San JuanDate: JuneOne of the most important festivities of the area, which starts with a passacaglia where diverse groups dance with typical costumes of the region, you can taste typical dishes and there are beauty competitions and at the end there is a great concert with Peruvian artists, all of it as a celebration and party in honor of San Juan Bautista.
Aniversario de Tingo MariaDate: OctoberIn this date the locals celebrate the foundation of the city that includes parades, beauty competitions, dances and fairs that stand out the quality of the products from Tingo Maria in agriculture and livestock, industrial and artisanal fields and you can also admire fireworks and burning of castles.