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Chepén to Terminal Av. Libertad18:1918:39BOOK NOW
Chepén to Chachapoyas18:1918:39BOOK NOW
Chepén to Pedro Ruiz18:1918:39BOOK NOW
Chepén to Cahuide18:1918:39BOOK NOW
Chepén to Lima20:0020:00BOOK NOW

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Lima to Chepén16:0016:00BOOK NOW
Bagua Grande to Chepén00:1500:15BOOK NOW
Pedro Ruiz to Chepén20:3022:30BOOK NOW
Cahuide to Chepén20:3022:30BOOK NOW
Terminal Bagua Grande to Chepén00:1500:15BOOK NOW

About Chepen

The origin of Chepen goes back to the pre-Hispanic period, as most of the cities of the coast region. Its historic legacy is shared out among the cultures chavín, mochica, wari, chimú and even inca. Each one of those cultures dominated the territory sometime, being conquered or just disappearing. Most of the cultural influence in Chepen was by the mochica and chimu cultures. On the last years, the Spanish invasion, the inca people conquered the region, subdueing the chimu, leaving their traces on the archaeological remains found. Chepén, San Pedro de Lloc and Jequetepeque are considered among the oldest places and historic places of the region Libertad. The legacy from its origins still remains in little peasant communities, descendants from the first natives that settled on the area.
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Travel tips for Chepen

You should bring sunscreen to protect your skin, a hat to protect your head and face and sunglasses. Those are the basics for having a pleasant stay in warm days.-Besides being a coastal calm city-town, there is a lot of racket due to the unreliability of the business that you will see in the main avenues and streets of the city. If you look for calm and relax avoid this kind of places.-The settlers of Chepen are called “chepeneano”.The most common vehicle in the northern city is the “mototaxi”, a vehicle very used in most of the cities of the inside country for being low-cost and easy access. Something you have to keep in mind is that the situation of traf...fic in Chepen is quite chaotic, due to the informality of the services and the number of vehicles that saturate the streets in peak hours. If you take a mototaxi you will pay from s/ 1 to s/ 3.The dangers that can affect to the visitors of this northern city are social, since thefts and assaults happend constantly in some areas that are considered as “high risk” for tourists. Before going to those streets that you don’t know, ask to the locals. They will warn you about the dangers so you will be ready for possible thefts. In the areas of high urban traffic, avoid to have valuable objects in sight as cell phones, cameras or show you have big amounts of money.
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Chepen weather

Best time to visit Chepen

The best time to visit Chepen is in June, when takes place the driest season. And its also the celebration in honor of San Sebastian, the patron saint of the city. So you can participate on the activities that are organized.

Climate in Chepen

-The climate in Chepen is warm and dry depending on the season, with maximum temperatures of 95 °F (35 °C); and in winter the coldest days drops to 55.4 °F (13 °C).-The warm thermal sensation can be intense in summer, specially being a coastal city of desert climate as is Chepen.

The things to do in Chepen

Chepén city is known as the "Northern Pearl", due to its rice production, renowned product of its agricultural activity. It's located on the hillside of Chepén hill and next to the Panamericana Norte highway. It's a destination with tourist attractions inside and outside the city. On the center of Chepén you will find archaeological remains and ruins from a wall made of stone, trace of the pre-Columbian cultures tha...t settled on the region. You can also go all over the Vía Crucis way, decorated with 23 statues that show the itinerary made by Jesus to the cross. This route is the main attraction of Easter in Chepén. You will find at 5 minutes from the city another archaeological destination in the Complejo San José de Moro, main site of archaeological dig where experts from all the world come looking for Moche's culture remains.
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Dropping Points in Chepén

Here are some of the most popular dropping points in Chepén. Please note that these locations generally differ with each bus operator. The bus dropping points in Chepén are as follows:

  • Terminal Terrestre Chepén
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Important dates in Chepen

Festividad de San Sebastian(January the 20th)San Sebastian is considered as the patron saint of Chepen. The people from Chepen people make a mass in his honour and a procession where there are music bands to play serenades and accompany the image through the main streets of the city. Other activities of this festival are the burning of artificial fireworks, the gastronomy fair “Sabores Chepenanos”, the competitions of typical dances and the open-air dances. You will experiment the religious fervor at this festival, but also you will do cultural tourism and you will enjoy it.