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About Carhuamayo

Carhuamayo is a district of the province of Junín, inside the same name departament. It was founded in 1815 under the order of the Viceroy Francisco de Borja y Arangón.

Travel tips for Carhuamayo

- Due to the high altitude of Carhuamayo, it is possible to suffer from "soroche", a sickness that causes headache and vomit. To avoid it you can always ask for a hot cocas tea or buy a pill in the nearest drugstore. - You should always bring a bottle of water to keep your skin mousterize. - The weather in Carhuamayo is ambiguous, during the morning is sunny but in the night is cold. This is why you should pack a jacket. - In Carhuamayo the common way of transportation is the mototaxi. Before you decide to aboard one, ask first for a referential price to you guide, this way you can avoid a bad moment.

Carhuamayo Weather

Best time to visit Carhuamayo

Carhuamayo is a very beautiful district and it should be visited between january and march, the warmest season.

Climate in Carhuamayo

Carhuamayo is a district with a very changing weather. During the hottest moments the temperature can reach up to 29°C and during the nights it can decrease to -5°C.