Terrapuerto Arequipa

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Bus From Terrapuerto Arequipa

RoutesNumber Of BusesFare Starts From (PEN)
Terrapuerto Arequipa to Lima3049.00VIEW PRICE
Terrapuerto Arequipa to La Victoria1760.00VIEW PRICE
Terrapuerto Arequipa to Nazca1175.00VIEW PRICE
Terrapuerto Arequipa to San Isidro661.00VIEW PRICE
Terrapuerto Arequipa to Javier Prado549.00VIEW PRICE

Bus To Terrapuerto Arequipa

RoutesNumber Of BusesFare Starts From (PEN)
Lima to Terrapuerto Arequipa3060.00VIEW PRICE
La Victoria to Terrapuerto Arequipa1560.00VIEW PRICE
Terminal Atocongo to Terrapuerto Arequipa1260.00VIEW PRICE
Ica to Terrapuerto Arequipa1060.00VIEW PRICE
Terminal Ica to Terrapuerto Arequipa1060.00VIEW PRICE

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The Terrapuerto Arequipa is an important terrapuerto of the homonim department. It's caracterized for its first class services and its departures to internacional destinies.

Address of the Terrapuerto Arequipa

■ Address of the Terrapuerto Arequipa: Javier Pérez de Cuéllar 223, Jacobo Hunter, Arequipa.

How to reach Terrapuerto Arequipa?

By Taxi: If you have too much luggage or you are travelling with your family, then you taking a taxi is the best choice to get to Terrapuerto Arequipa. You can go to the avenue and catch a taxi there or you can ask for one on the app of your choice. Finally, don't worry about your arriving time, it won't take you more than 40 minutes.

By public transport: Go in public transportation to Terrapuerto Arequipa is a very economic and popular option. Of course, you need to have caution and left your hotel in time because it can take up to 50 minutes to arrive to Terrapuerto Arequipa because of the vehicular traffic.

Terrapuerto Arequipa Buses Information

Bus operators asociated with redBus that operate in the Terrapuerto Arequipa: There are 12 bus operators asociated with redBus serving daily on the Terrapuerto Arequipa.

What are the bus types you avail at Terrapuerto Arequipa?: Economic Buses (120 °), Semi Bed Buses(145°), Bed Buses (160°), Super Bed Buses (180°)

Amenities at Terrapuerto Arequipa

The Terrapuerto Arequipa has ticketing, waiting rooms, cafeterias, orientation center, gift shop, ATM, parking lot, batheroom and security personnel.