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About Sullana

Sullana is part of the territory where the tallan culture flourished, a culture formed by several ethnic groups that came from the andean gorges located in the Chira valley. It was at this territory that was founded the first Peruvian - Spanish city under the name of San Miguel de Tangara in 1532. But the real foundation of Sullana took place in 1732, under the name of El Principe. Even from the beginning this city stood out for its important devel...opment and agricultural production, since the geography of the valley, with fertile lands, favored the increase of this activity. The natural wealth of the Chira Valley attracted the interest of the mochica, chimu and inca populations, who dominated the tallanes in different periods. However the incan conquest lasted approximately half of a century due to the Spanish arrival, who colonized in a progressive way the territory of the pre-Hispanic Peru.
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Travel tips for Sullana

-The city of Sullana is also called The Pearl of the Chira and the Girlfriend of the Sun, due to its tropical and very sunny climate.-The maximum temperature reaches 95 °F (35 °C) and the minimum drops to 59 °F (15 °C).-The river Chira goes through the north extreme of the city. The river is the main source for the development of the agriculture of the region.-Due to the strong hot and burning sun that you will feel in Sullana, it's obligatory that you have sunscreen to protect you from the UV radiation.-You can consider using a hat, sunglasses and to have cold water to avoid dryhing.The most common mean of transportation in Sullana is the mototaxi (a 3 tyres Peruvian vehicle). Don't be surprised to see a large number of them through all the urban area. It's not the most safe or recommended, but you can get to them mostly in any street and at a low-cost price (between s/ 0.5 and s/ 3). Another alternative to the mototaxi is the shared taxi, much more recommended and safe if you go to far away places of the center of the city, althoug...h it's possible that you travel with unknown people, unless you take a taki with 3 to 4 people. The cost of it will be between s/ 2 to s/ 4 per person.As in any northern town of Peru, the risks that the inexperienced traveller faces are the thefts, intoxications and natural added difficulty (natural disasters, changes in the weather, etc.). In order to not being a victim of thefts or lost of valuable objects, we recommend you to be cautious when taking a mototaxi, since some malicious mototaxi drivers take advantage of the service they cover to steal. Take mototaxis just from the central places and the ones that are in groups. Avoid to eat food in mobile shops or street markets in order to not being sick, since at those places the food is low-cost but the hygiene measures are nonexistent. Finally the natural disasters are isolated and non frequent events, but it's not bad to know that Sullana, due to its location and geography is susceptible of suffering earthquakes, droughts and floods (because of the overflowing of the Chira river).
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Table of Contents

Sullana weather

Best time to visit Sullana

The best period to visit Piura is the summer, although the beaches are crowded in that period. There is always a nice weather, so you can also travel in July for the Fiestas Patrias celebration.

Climate in Sullana

Sullana has a desert climate. The average annual temperature is 75 °F (24°C). There aren't frequent rains, but the period when the city is more rainy goes from February to April.

The things to do in Sullana

Accomodations in Sullana

Hotel El Churre
Location: Transversal Tarapacá 501
Rate: s/ 35 - s/ 45
This modest hotel is ideal to spend a night. There is not a lot of comfort for the traveller and the quality of the service of the personnel is far from the best, but the low-cost rates balance out it, since it covers the basic needs of a traveller that does not spend many nights in Sullana.

Important dates in Sullana

Feria de Reyes(January the 6th)During the first two weeks of January is celebrated this commercial fair where arrive businessmen from Peru, Ecuador and Colombia to exhibit the best of their production. The origin of the fair is related to the cultural exchanges of the first settlers of the region of Chira's Valley. The central day is January the 6th, that coincides with the Epiphany date. The main activities where you can participate are the exhibitions (Peruvian and foreigner), cultural and religious events and a lot of trade. You will also see the famous Festival Internacional de la Cancion that joins locals, peruvian people and foreigners. You can find this celebration in one side of the road Sullana - Piura.


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