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About Tumbes

The history of the first inhabitants of Tumbes dates back to the pre-Incan period and it’s linked to the Tumpis culture, a noted ethnic group of navigators, who reached to be considered the best of the Peruvian North coast. They were also expert sculptors using as main material different mollusk shells species of the region.During the incan period, Tumbes was subdued to the power of the inca Pachacútec, and was transformed into an important administrative center of the incan culture. But it was during the peak of the inca Huayna Cápac control that Tumbes had an strategic relevance, building temples, roads and homes.With the Spanish arrival in 1532, the incan culture and the West culture met in Tumbes terri...tory. Then the Spanish knew for the first time the strength and vitality of the indigenous warriors; some fighted for the possession, while others resisted invasion at the named Combate de los Manglares (Manglares combat). Later, during the Independence war, Tumbes would be the first city to achieve its independence in January the 7th 1821.At the armed conflict of 1941 against the neighbour country Ecuador, the people from Tumbes had an essential role, collaborating actively in the patriotic fight for defending the peruvian sovereignty. It was in 1942 that Tumbes raised as Department category, as recognition to its unconditional support, effort and sacrifice for achieving the victory of the Peruvian nation.
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Travel tips for Tumbes

-Bring sun lotion is also necessary (the higher is the protection degree, the better), because the strong sun can damage your skin.-You should also take mosquito and zancudo (a kind of mosquito) repellent, they are abundant in tropical areas.-For not paying more than others for a tour, take a shared taxi to Puerto Pizarro, because in Tumbes center due to the privilege location, they collect more expensive.-If you have US dollars, change them on your travel agency or terminal, because since 9 a.m. the prices fluctuate and are lower. In some currency exchange houses you can change euros.-If you want to process the documents to cross the border from Peru to Ecuador, avoid the private people to help you and go directly to the border ecuadorian station, it’s the best way of doing it.To get around Tumbes in the main means of transportation (buses, taxis, shared taxis and mototaxis) is easy even for not experienced tourists. You can go across all the department, travelling through the different localities (Aguas Verdes, Puerto Pizarro, Zarumilla, Caleta La Cruz) and even arrive to Punta Sal and Máncora. Take your ID card/passport ...with you, because without it you can not board on the buses.If you are at the airport and there are taxis waiting for you, don’t pay more than 25 soles for the service. The minimum you can haggling is 20 soles, but if they want you to pay more, don’t accept it, this is an average rate.The mototaxis are a low-cost option to cover the short distances inside the city. You will pay an average of 1.50 soles for a route.The biggest risks in Tumbes are of nature kind (erosions on the land, slipping, landslides, growth of the riverbed, extreme temperatures)... due to the El Niño phenomenon which affects a lot this region. This phenomenon has an indefinite cyclic impact, although it’s considered that it comes every 2 to 8 years. The droughts and floods are very common during the phenomenon and the highways and urban areas are damaged due to the landslides and erosions. Before you get to Tumbes it’s recommended to search on meteorology webs specialized on the coastal regions observation.Another common danger is the theft in the places of high risk. You should avoid going alone to unknown places and to bring valuable objects with you.
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Table of Contents

Tumbes weather

Best time to visit Tumbes

The best time to visit Tumbes is at the important dates celebration, that take place in June or September.

Climate in Tumbes

-The weather in Tumbes is very warm and dry, with maximum temperatures of 84 °F (29 °C) and minimum of 70 °F (21°C); that’s why it’s indispensable to have enough water to be hydrated.

The things to do in Tumbes

Accomodations in Tumbes

Hospedaje LM
Location: 648, Bolívar street
Price: from 50 soles and up
It offers the necessary to spend the night. It’s recommended for the travellers with low budget. They have free wi-fi, air conditioning and private bathroom in the rooms.
Hospedaje Gran Imperial
Location: 240, Los Andes street
Price: 72 soles and up
Located close to the Plaza de Armas, it’s a modest option, but has the most demanded services by the modern traveller. You can have wi-fi, air conditioning, laundry, cable TV and cold and warm water shower.

Important dates in Tumbes

Tumbes Anniversary(January the 7th)This day a serenade is prepared in honour of the city and all the locals participate. This activity is complemented by cutural events, tasting of typical food and colourful fireworks.
Aniversario de la Cruz(May the 6th)The cross is the main symbol of Christianity, brought to Tumbes by the conqueror Francisco Pizarro. This day they celebrate his arrival to the city.
Anniversary of the Zarumilla Battle(June the 24th)Every year is commemorated one of the most important battles that faced Peru and Ecuador in 1941. The war hero and pilot José Abelardo Quiñones sacrificed during this battle in a heroic act without precedents in Peru’s history. Today his face is on the 10 soles bills.
San Pedro and San Pablo Patron Saints festival(June 28th and 29th)This festival is very important for the fishermen of the handmade small coves, since the saints are considered their protectors. Those days there are eucharistic activities, school parades, gastronomic fairs, dance competitions and the traditional route of the saints in a boat which goes through the main harbours, as Puerto Pizarro.
Tourist Week of Tumbes(September the 21st to the 27th)As other towns in Peru, Tumbes has a tourist week where the visitor can taste the distinguished dishes of the local gastronomy, observe the cultural activities as typical dances and listen to the local music, besides appreciating the best of its handicrafts.
Inmaculada Concepción festival(December the 1st to 15th)The festival lasts two weeks with lots of religious activities as masses, processions and other manifestations of the locals faith. There are social activities as serenades and recreation games. The central day is December the 8th.


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