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Turismo Rosita Bus Company

Turismo Rosita is a bus company that has more than 3 years of experience in the land transportation business in Peru. It is relatively new, but in these few years it has gained a loyal audience thanks to its good quality. Among its main objectives are: first, to be a company recognized throughout the country for the efficiency of its service and second, to offer security to its clients during their interprovincial trips. In addition to the above, Turismo Rosita also has a mission to constantly improve its work. For this, it always takes into account the suggestions of its clients as well as those of its own workers.

Turismo Rosita started its services in northern Peru and currently still works only on these routes. At the moment, their destinations are: Trujillo, Retamas and Llacuabamba. There are 4 departures every week: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday and Friday the bus leaves from Trujillo, stops in Retamas and finally arrives in Llacuabamba. During Thursdays and Saturdays, the trip begins in Llacuabamba, the bus stops in Retamas and its last destination is Trujillo. It is important that the traveler takes into account these schedules to avoid a bad time during the trip.

In 2019 they launched the Trujillo - Pataz and Pataz - Trujillo route. For this route, contrary to what happens with the others mentioned above, there are daily departures at two times: at 7:45 p.m. and at 8:00 p.m. Being a popular route in the north, Turismo Rosita sought to provide efficient and affordable transportation every day. This new route has been a great success among northern Peruvians, especially during the holiday and holiday season, as many want to return home or enjoy days off at the beach.

All the units of Turismo Rosita are modern, safe and very comfortable. Among the facilities that each Turismo Rosita bus has are the following: executive seats with reclining so you can rest comfortably, television screens, movie playback during the trip, WIFI at the disposal of the units and GPS of the route. All its buses have two floors and in each of them you can find these facilities that will make you enjoy your trip more. If there is a problem with one of them, do not hesitate that the staff will help you in everything you need.

If you are ready for adventure, all you need to do is buy your bus tickets. Where can you do it? You can go to the agencies or offices of Turismo Rosita, but you also have the option of buying your bus ticket online. It is very simple, just go to www.redBus.pe and fill in your destination, origin and departure date. By filling out all the options, you will get the available buses and seats from Turismo Rosita. Choose to your liking, and best of all, without leaving home! Print the ticket or save it on your cell phone and present it at the time of boarding.

Information Contact of Turismo Rosita

☎ Telephone number of Turismo Rosita: 966753653. Address: Prolongacion Cesar Vallejo 1364, Trujillo.

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Bus Amenities

Fire Extinguisher

Central TV


140° Seat Reclination

USB port for charger

Select Your Agency

  • Trujillo, Prolongacion Cesar Vallejo 1364, ☎ 064601503
  • Pataz, Chillia, Jr. Chimbote 111
  • Pataz, Pataz, Esquina del estacionamiento de las camionetas S/N

Turismo Rosita Bus Service On Board

  • USB Chargers
  • TV
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extinguisher
  • Bathrooms

Cancellation Policies

You can cancel your Turismo Rosita bus ticket until 24 hours before the trip, For more information about changes and reschedules, you can contact the bus company.


How much is the maximum weight per luggage allowed in Turismo Rosita?
It is usual for land transport companies to have a maximum weight allowed in warehouses so that the bus is not affected by suitcases. In most cases it is 20 kilos, which can be distributed in one or two suitcases and does not include travelers' hand luggage. However, this policy can change for each land transport company, so, before buying your bus ticket, we recommend calling Turismo Rosita directly.
Does Turismo Rosita have a point system for frequent travelers?
A point system is usually a program that rewards travelers who buy enough tickets through the system. It is usual for land transport companies to have this type of program. In the case of Turismo Rosita, at the moment it has not implemented it, but this does not mean that it can’t happen in the future. Follow their social networks to always be attentive to their latest news.
How can I register my claim for a service provided by Turismo Rosita?
It is important to note that claims are made directly with the bus company. In this case, we ask that if you have any suggestion or inconvenience, you go to one of the agencies or offices of Turismo Rosita to formally register your claim.
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