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Huanta to Lima19:0021:00BOOK NOW
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About Expreso Antezana Transport Company

Expreso Antezana is an interprovincial transportation company that has been in the Peruvian market for years and has earned the trust of many Peruvian and foreign travelers. It was founded in 1993. If you ask those users who have traveled with Expreso Antezana, they will say that the company stands out for its comfort, punctuality and safety, three characteristics that have made a difference. For this reason, their clients assure that they would undoubtedly trust them again for the next occasion. Thus, among its long-term objectives is to be a recognized company that, through alliances, can provide a complete service to all its clients.

Expreso Antezana has six values ​​that govern its day-to-day work. These are: efficiency, commitment, transparency, loyalty, teamwork and cooperation. On every bus trip they make, Expreso Antezana presents a very efficient service characterized by the commitment and cooperation of its help staff. In this sense, his staff tries to solve every problem that may arise and they believe that teamwork is the best way to do it. Transparency can be found throughout the price, from the purchase of the bus ticket to the trip itself, since at all times they care about the comfort of the user.

In order for its clients to have a pleasant experience, Expreso Antezana offers quality and personalized attention offered by highly qualified personnel. Expreso Antezana cares a lot about customer service, so do not doubt that they invest a lot in the training of their staff, since they are the representation of the brand when having the first contact with the customer. Therefore, do not hesitate to approach any person in charge of having any questions or problems before or during your trip, as they will provide you with a solution with the necessary immediacy. Remember that traveling with Expreso Antezana is traveling safely.

This company, which was founded in 1993, has Scania brand buses that stand out from other brands for their performance, durability and safety. Each of the buses has an integrated GPS system that tracks the route it follows and is of great help during emergency situations. Also, with the Scania brand, a lot of work is done on the design of a personalized driving dashboard, which offers a unique, safe and comfortable experience to all drivers who drive a bus of this brand.

In addition to providing the interprovincial passenger transport service, Expreso Antezana also performs the cargo and parcel service and the money order service. Regarding the first, it is a system for which we work with the best control and monitoring technology. The price varies depending on the weight of the package and one of the facilities that Expreso Antezana offers is that it can be paid once the package reaches the destination. Regarding the money order service, the list of places to which money can be sent is the same as the list of destinations. Expreso Antezana guarantees the seriousness and punctuality that this system requires so that your money orders always arrive on time.

Due to the time they have been in the market, Expreso Antezana has agencies distributed throughout Peru. If you are looking for their main agencies, you can find them in Lima (at Jr. Carlos Zavala # 235), Ayacucho (Jr. Manco Capac # 273), Huancayo (Jr. Arequipa # 309), Huancavelica (Jr. Manchego Muñoz # 616) , Ica (Jr. Lambayeque # 135) and Huanta (Jr. Maximo Gomez # 273). In any of these agencies you can embark and disembark if you have an Expreso Antezana bus ticket. In addition, you can also use the parcel loading service and the money order service, you just have to go to the respective counter and carry out the necessary procedures.

In addition to all of the above, Expreso Antezana cares about having a pleasant atmosphere in all its agencies no matter where they are located. For example, during Christmas they hire entertainers and clowns and decorate the place with green and red balloons to entertain the little ones in the house. The show lasts 15 minutes, sometimes they can even extend it if there are many boys or girls in the agency. This does not happen only at Christmas, but also on other important dates such as National Holidays, Halloween or New Years, among others. There are also short shows for adults.

If you still haven't decided on a bus company, Expreso Antezana is an excellent option for you to travel by bus. It gives you security, comfort and an exclusive service regardless of the amount you spend or the type of bus you choose. Just check our page to see all their destinations and buy your Expreso Antezana bus ticket now to start the adventure.

Expreso Antezana's most important destinations:

Expreso Antezana's Services:
Expreso Antezana has four types of service from which travelers can choose. The first is Economy and has seats with 120 ° recline. The second is called Dorado Classic has seats with 160 ° and 140 ° recline and air conditioning. The third is Dorado King, which offers seats with 180 ° and 160 ° recline, screens for each seat, WIFI available and refreshments. The last one is Dorado Suit, the most expensive but with more comforts since it has seats with 160 ° recline, refreshment, terrace / o, WIFI and heating. In all buses you will find film and chemical toilet.

REGULAR SERVICE: It has 140 ° reclining seats (1st floor), Air conditioning, Restroom services, Driver change every 4 hours, GPS Monitoring, First aid kit, Fire extinguisher, TV / Music, Leather reclining 160 ° seats (1st floor ), 140 ° reclining seats (2nd floor) and Individual screen (2nd floor).

VIP BED SERVICE: It has 160 ° leather reclining seats (1st floor), 160 ° leather reclining seats (Dorado Suite 2nd floor), 180 ° leather seats (Dorado King 2nd floor), Blanket and pillow, Air conditioning, Services hygienic, GPS Monitoring, Driver change every 4 hours, Comprehensive camera system, First aid kit, Fire extinguisher, Terramozos on board, Refreshment / snacks, Folding tables, TV / Music, Wi-Fi on board and Outlets on board.

Their Fleet:
It has Scania brand buses that stands out from among other brands for its performance, durability and safety. Each of the buses has an integrated GPS system that tracks the route it follows and is of great help during emergency situations. Also, with the Scania brand, a lot of work is done on the design of a personalized driving dashboard, which offers a unique, safe and comfortable experience to all drivers who drive a bus of this brand.

Their Routes:
The list of destinations that Expreso Antezana goes to is long. Currently, it has several popular destinations for both those who travel for pleasure and / or work in the north and south of Peru. Among them are Ayacucho, Huancayo, Huancavelica, Campoarminio, Chimbote, Trujillo, Chiclayo, etc. Other destinations that users can choose for their trip are Huanta, Acobamba and San Miguel. Remember that your itinerary is available through its website and up to a month in advance, so you can buy your bus ticket in plenty of time to choose the best seats.

Telephone and Contact of Expreso Antezana:
☎ Telephone of Expreso Antezana: 713-9677

Expreso Antezana Bus Service On Board

  • Reclining seats up to 130°
  • GPS tracker
  • 4 hours per shift drivers
  • Security cameras
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguish}]
  • TV/ music

Select Your Agency

  • Lima ▶ Address: Jr. Carlos Zavala 235. ☎ Telephone: (01) 427-2894

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Q: How much luggage can I take with me without paying extra?
A: In order not to incur an additional expense, the weight of the luggage cannot exceed 20 Kilos
Q: I am not going to travel, how can I reschedule my trip or get a refund?
A: The client can request the return before 24 hours before the departure of the bus or they can send their ticket to an open date and use it within 90 days
Q: Does Expreso Antezana offer discounts or promotions?
A: Transport companies have the freedom to promote their services through discounts or promotions. If there is one, each company reports this possibility in its own sales channels. We recommend you review our own promotions and discounts that cover the entire universe of bus companies on redBus. Enter here for more information.
Q: I want a private service, can I request it in Expreso Antezana
A: At the moment redBus does not take steps to carry out services of this type. It is possible to get private services from transport companies directly with them. Check the page that you will find all the contact information.
Q: Can I travel with my pet?
A: No, the transport company does not accept pet service on trips and it is not allowed
Q: What is the phone number of the company Expreso Antezana?
A: The Company Expreso Antezana contact is: ☎ Phone: 01-427-2894
Q: What's the mail from Expreso Antezana?
A: At the moment there is no contact email. Their contact method is ☎ Phone: 01-427-2894
Q: What is the total number of routes covered by Expreso Antezana daily?
A: Expreso Antezana covers 5 routes (approx.) daily.
Q: What is the total number of buses that have departures on company nights Expreso Antezana?
A: There are 5 night bus departures for the company Expreso Antezana.Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?
Q: Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?
A: Yes, you must print it before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print their bus ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format and then be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company with which you are going to make the trip.
Q: Can I buy the ticket in someone else's name?
A: Of course. You can purchase the ticket for another person on redBus, as long as you have the person's information, when completing the passenger's information.