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About Órganos

The territory of Órganos is linked with the tumpis and tallán culture, the latter widely known for their crafts and fishing skills. In 1936 the fisherman Demetrio Saldarriaga, who operated in Zorritos, and settled in Órganos with their familiars. He is considered the first habitant of the city. Although since the beginning of the XXth century some workers of the oil industry camped in the area. Its creation as a district was the 11th of 1964, during the first presidency of Fernando Belaúnde.

Órganos Weather

Best time to visit Órganos

The best time to visit Órganos is in December, as the anniversary of the city is celebrated during that month.

Climate in Órganos

The climate in Órganos is tropical and dry, with a temperature that stays above 78.8℉, and can even peak to 86.6℉

Things to do in Órganos

Nightlife in Órganos

Bora Bora Bungalows/ Discoteca Karaoke

Location: Riviera del Mar, Quebrada Las Gaviotas
Hours: Unknown
Prices: Unknown
This hostel offers the best nightlife experience in Órganos. By night you will be able to take part in karaokes while you share a drink with friends and with a great view of the beach and sea.

Where to eat in Órganos

El Manglar - Restaurant Cevichería

Location: 1N, one block away from the Plaza de Armas
Hours: Unknown
Price: Between s/.14 and s/.30
One of the best options you will find in Órganos. It specializes in seafood. Its excellent service is its selling point due to its organization, besides a variety of dishes and its location.

Restaurant Mucho Gusto

Location: Miraflores 4 - 2nd Floor
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Price: Unknown
The restaurant specializes in seafood, with excellent ceviches and parihuelas made with caught of the day.

Brisas del Pacífico

Location: Av. Aviación 4935, in front of Mercado Los Tallanes
Hours: Unknown
Price: entre s/.5 y s/.14
The fish tiradito is one of the most popular dishes near Órganos Beach, and Brisas del Pacífico excels at it!

The tourist places to see in Órganos

Playa Los Órganos (Los Órganos Beach)

Location: 700 meters from the Plaza de Armas
Hours: All day long
Price: Free entrance
Los Órganos Beach is among the most beautiful ones you can find in the peruvian coast. It is known for its clear turquoise waters, and fine white sand. It is very popular amongst surfers for the quality of the waves, and several water sports are practiced by the sea, which have made the area a must-see touristic attraction.

Playa Punta Veleros

Location: 1.5 km south of the city (20 min. By foot)
Hours: All day long
Price: Free entrance
Along with Órganos Beach, Punta Veleros is one of the most sought after beaches of the country. Several surf tournaments are hosted here, and all year long surfers come here looking for challening waves and the excellent weather. Due to the popularity of the sports, you will be able to rent surfboards and other equipment, and also find instructors. On the beach you will find excellent seafood restaurants and comfortable accommodations.

El Ñuro Beach

Location: a 8 km. south of the city
Hours: All day long
Price: Free entrance
In El Ñuro Beach is known as the “Turtle Paradise”, and locals collaborate in the preservation of the green turtle. Despite not being as big as Órganos or Punta Veleros, it easily compares in beauty and infrastructure, and here you can even swim with the turtles!

The things to do in Órganos

Wale watching

Location: Órganos Sea
Humpback whales swim through the Órganos Sea, and several locals and tourists come from the shores or nearby ships to watch them. There are some guided tours to better observe this near-extinction species. Some of the most well known ones are Pacífico Adventures and Iguana Trips.

How to reach Órganos

Órganos by train

Currently Órganos doesn’t have an active train station.

Órganos by flight

Órganos doesn’t have an airport of its own. The closest one is the Captain Guillermo Concha Iberico airport located in Piura, 104 miles away (around 2h 30 min) by car. This airport operates mostly domestic flights, and most frequent destinations are Ayacucho, Iquitos, Cusco and Tarapoto.

Órganos by bus

You can reach Órganos by bus from Lima, Chiclayo, Mancora, Trujillo and Tumbes. The main bus company that covers the mentioned routes is Oltursa, which offers several departures times and prices. From Lima the route can take around 19 hours, with an average cost between s/.125 and s/.180. Departing from Chiclayo, the trip is shorter, lasting 5 hours, and the price range drops to from s/.50 and s/.90. From Trujillo the bus can take around 9 hours and the ticket can cost you between s/.39 and s/.90. The shortest distance is from the beach of Máncora, which is only 20 minutes away, although the prices might be similar than coming from other cities. Those coming from Tumbes will enjoy a short 2 hour ride, and prices between s/.35 and s/.140.

Accomodations in Órganos

    Hotel El Gran Velero

    Location: Punta Veleros Beach, 0.7 km. away from the city
    Price: $38 - $76
    A great option to relax. Inside you will find an open air pool, wi-fi room service, a balcony and a terrace, among many other service that will make for an even better stay.

    Hostal Oceanic Bungalows

    Location: Riviera del Mar 591, 1.5 km. away from the city
    Price: $54 - $60
    An country side experience by the sea awaits you in Hostal Oceanic Bungalows. You will be able to enjoy the view of the sea and the sunsets from the terrace or on the hamacas. There are common areas and rooms have a minibar.

    Posada Morada Do Sol

    Location: km. 135 away of the Panamericana Norte highway, 0.5 km away from the city
    Price: $88
    This hotel - inn offers a pleasant stay, and rooms have full services such as wi-fi, parking, kitchenet, tv, living room, among many others. Some rooms even have a view of the sea.

Important dates in Órganos

Órganos Anniversary(11th of December)
The anniversary of Órganos is celebrated on this date, as it is the day it was officially recognized in 1965. This is the most important celebrations for the locals as it reinforces their identity and cultures. The activities hosted are masses, sport tournaments, gastronomic fairs and cultural events. If you want to know Órganos fully, do not miss this chance to travel during the first days of december.