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Table of Contents

Information About Tacna

Tacna562 m.a.s.lWarm and dry

Tacna Facts

AnniversaryBest time to visitMain destinations from Tacna
June 29thNovember, December and JanuaryLima, Cusco, Arequipa, Puno

About Tacna

The first Hispanic settlements in Tacna date from 1572. In the pre-Columbian period, the territory was inhabited by different indigenous communities as the uros, lupacas and camanchacos, until the arrival of the inca Túpac Yupanqui, who conquered Tacna, adding the territory to the Incan Empire. During the colonial period there were indigenous uprisings that would cause the reduction of the population by the Spanish soldiers hands. After the independence in 1821, Tacna would be recognized as the “heroic city” for the role of the city and the locals in ...the achievement of the Peru’s independence. Inside the history, rich of historical events, Tacna passed from being a Peruvian city to taking part of the Chilean territory, as direct result of the Pacific War (war between Peru and Chile); at this war, part of Tacna had to be given. However, in 1929 Tacna joins again Peru, after more than 50 years being in possession of Chile. In Tacna took place the most important events of the 20th century as the “Tacnazo”, coup d’état where the military government of the president Juan Velasco Alvarado was overthrown.
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Travel tips for Trujillo

-Take with you a windbreak coat and sun cream, given that besides having a nice and warm climate, the winds are frozen and the sun can harm your skin.-To taste the best marine food in Tacna, we recommend you the beach Boca del Río, where you can also lodge, with lots of comfort and in the outskirts of the beach-city. If you want to go, make your booking in advance!-The electric current type used in Tacna is 220 v. and 60 Hz. Don’t you forget your adaptor!In Tacna you can get around in “colectivo” (a shared tax)i, by taxi or by foot. The colectivos are always the cheapest motorized transportation. But if you go on a group, the taxi will be low-cost and safer, specially if it’s night. ...If on the way you have any doubt, you can always check the map and ask the tourism police or the locals, who are very nice and will help you to find your way.If you wish to enjoy your stay in Tacna to visit Chile, consider that there is an allowed term. If you travel with children, take always with you the notarial permit, which must have specific details (don’t you forget neither the birth certificate). You shouldn’t forget that there is a limit on the value of your purchases (in Tacna there is trafficking). If you go over this value, you must declare it to the Peruvian authorities. The different towns have different climates, from semi-warm and humid to semi-arid, temperate and dry.
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Tacna weather

Best time to visit Tacna

The best period to visit Tacna goes from October to February, since the temperature ascends to stabilize later, so you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

Climate in Tacna

-The climate in Tacna is desert.-The level of precipitations is really low, so much that is nearly unnoticed.-The maximum temperature is 80,6 °F (27 °C) and the minimum is 57,2 °F (14°C).

The things to do in Tacna

Tacna is an unusual place: deserts and fertile valleys live together in the territory, creating unique landscapes between the coast and the mountain range, next to the border with Chile. The warm weather of the mornings allows to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the thermal waters and lagoons. On the “paseo cívico” (civic walk, a main street) are located many tourist attractions as the Cathedral of Tacna. We recommend you to taste the typical dish “picante a la tacne...ña”. You can also enjoy the vineyards, that produce wines and piscos of high quality for the exportation.The city of Tacna is located on the border with Chile, and is very commercial and bustling. Trade with northern Chile and import/export with Japan and China have led to tremendous development in this economy of "duty free" city. Tacna, actually center of the southern business, was home to ancient pre-Hispanic civilizations like the Wari and Tiahuanaco cultures
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Accomodations in Tacna

Location: 40, Av. Circunvalación Sur
Price: 60 soles with shared bathroom
Next to the station, it's appealing and above all safe.
Hospedaje Bianca
Location: C. Francisco Cornejo Cuadra 890
Price: 66 soles
It is simply, with the things you need.

Important dates in Tacna

Anniversary of the Alto de la Alianza Battle(May 26th)This day the Tacna locals pay tribute to the braves dead in the Tacna battle (in 1880, during the Pacific War).They make parades and civic ceremonies on the area of the historic complex and monumental Alto de la Alianza. Interesting to know part of this heroic city’s history.
Winter Solstice - Night of Saint John and the Caravan to the Old Valley. (June 23rd and 24th)Celebrated in Spain with beach bonfires, in Tacna the festival became a millenary ritual in which a payment is made to the pachamama (Mother Earth),alongside artistic and cultural representations, around bonfires that illuminate the night cultivation of Tacna. A must see!
Anniversary of the reincorporation of Tacna to Peru(August 27th)This celebration starts August 27th and last one week (is known as the Tacna Easter). It’s considered the most important festival of the city, since it commemorates the reincorporation of Tacna to the Peruvian territory, after being in possession of Chile for more than 50 years. Those days the Tacna patriotism goes out to dress the streets of party colourswith the Procession of the Flag (Procesión de la Bandera), which starts on the Plaza de la Mujer Tacneña to the Paseo Cívico.
FITAC(August 24th -31st)The International Fair of Tacna (FITAC) is held in the Recinto Ferial Parque Peru, in about 20 hectares. Products presented include handicrafts, industrial, commercial and institutional producs, livestock and gastronomy, as part of the activities on the Tacna’s Easter.


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What is the best time to visit Tacna?
Tacna has a warm and dry climate for most of the year. The best time to visit Tacna is during the months of May to September when temperatures are milder and there is less chance of rain. However, keep in mind that Tacna can be visited at any time of the year due to its pleasant climate.
What are the local transportation options in Tacna?
In Tacna, you can easily get around using taxis or ride-hailing services. You can also rent a car for added convenience and freedom of movement. The city center is relatively compact, so you can also explore it on foot.