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About Bagua Grande

The former inhabitants of the region called this place Bagual Grande, with the passing of time, the city came to be known as Bagua Grande, current capital of the Utcubamba province. It was created as a district during the Independence campaign, the 12th of February of 1821, and for a long time it remained a rural area, although it has transformed into an active trade hub since the 60’s due to migrations and its strategic location as a gateway to the rainforest areas.

Bagua Grande Weather

Best time to visit Bagua Grande

The best time to visit Bagua Grande is during July and September, as it is the dry season, and the Patronal Feast of Santiago Apostol is celebrated.

Climate in Bagua Grande

The climate in Bagua Grande is tropical, with an average temperature of 77°F, although it can go over 86°F during warm days. The rainy season goes from March to May, so if you travel during this time it is recommended that you bring waterproof clothing or an umbrella to better deal with the tropical rain.

Things to do in Bagua Grande

Nightlife in Bagua Grande

Discoteca Kimbara

Location: Jr. Francisco Pizarro 195 Sec. pueblo Nuevo
Hours: 9:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m.
Prices: Unknown

Discoteca Sagitario

Location: Calle Higos Urco 282, a espaldas del hotel Bagua Grande
Hours: 9:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m.
Prices: Unknown

Live Discoteca

Location: Calle Mariano Melgar 1501
Hours: Unknown
Prices: Unknown

Where to eat in Bagua Grande

Restaurante Gourmet Central

Location: Angamos 166
Hours: Unknown
Price: Unknown
One of the best restaurants you will be able to find in the province. It has an excellent service and a varied menu with exquisite dishes. We suggest you order the ribs and the tacacho with pork.

Recreo Campestre el Zafiro

Location: Jr. Agustín Gamarra 205
Hours: Unknown
Price: Unknown
If you are travelling with your family through Bagua Grande don’t miss the experience country-side experience of this restaurant which is also a club. You will be able to enjoy its pools, gardens and also the best local gastronomy.

El Parrillero

Location: Calle Condorcanqui N° C 3
Hours: Unknown
Price: Unknown
If you enjoy exotic drinks with your meals, this restaurant will be your perfect choice.

The tourist places to see in Bagua Grande are:

San Antonio Waterfall

Location: Outside of Bagua Grande
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Price: Free Entrance
This waterfall has the peculiarity of being static, and is only at its fullest during the rainy season. In dry times its flow is reduced, and it even disappears on some occasions. The route up to the waterfall is ideal for trekking and walking through the countryside, and even some visitors will have the opportunity to bathe in the natural pools beneath the waterfall.

Burlan Lake

Location: cuadra 1 de la Calle Grau, 2do piso de la Biblioteca Municipal
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Price: Free Entrance (boat trips can cost s/.2)
Also known as the lake of the Angels, it is home to wild ducks and fish due to its warm waters, which come from the farming grounds nearby. The elevated areas in the andenes serve as natural lookouts for the lake. Nowadays, local farmers have formed an association to promote tourism in the area.

Archaelogical and Paleontogical Site Quebrada Seca Alta

Location: Quebrada Seca Alta farming grounds
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Price: Free Entrance
In this area several archeological remains have been found, such as fossils or prehistoric dinosaurs and mammals. Its potential is currently unknown as there is still much digging to do, and is quickly becoming a touristic attraction for the city.

The things to do in Bagua Grande

Trekking and ecotourism by the Berlin Forest.

Location: Departing from Alto Perú in a Santa Clara - San Felipe Santiago 685 colectivo
In the Berlín Forest you will be able to appreciate the natural lifestyle in communion with the nature. You can also take long strolls and walks through the rainforest, which is inhabited by the most representative animal species of the region, such as the gallito de las rocas and the oso de anteojos.

How to reach Bagua Grande

Bagua Grande by train

There is currently no passenger train that has Zarumilla as a destination.

Bagua Grande by flight

Bagua Grande no posee un aeropuerto propio. El más cercano está ubicado en el distrito de El milagro, a media hora por tierra de distancia.

Bagua Grande by bus

You can reach Bagua Grande from several cities such as Lima, Chiclayo, Huaura and Tarapoto. The bus company Civa covers several routes and departures. The trip from Lima can take up to 21 hours, and fares go around 100 and 160 soles. From Chiclayo the route is shorter, taking only 7 hours, and an average of 30 soles. From Huaura the trip can take about 19 hours, with prices around 120 soles. Finally, you can reach Bagua Grande from Tarapoto in about 10 hours, with a fare around 70 and 98.

Accomodations in Bagua Grande

    Río Hotel Bagua Grande

    Location: Jr. Cápac Malku
    Price: s/.58 - s/.146
    One of the best hotels in Bagua Grande: ample, clean and a great service. You will find here air conditioning, a terrace, a pool, a restaurant and a beautiful view of the city.

Important dates in Bagua Grande

Patronal Feast of St. James the Greater(24 and 25 de July)This festivity is divided in two days. During the first, a feast and a mass in honor of the Apostle, which is also accompanied by the FERAGRO fair, where the visitors will be able to find several local crafts. Also, there is a cockfight, where participants from Colombia and Ecuador are invited. The second day, a procession in honor of St. James is organized through the city.