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About Aucayacu

Aucayacu is a town located in northern Peru. It is the capital of the José Crespo y Castillo distrinct in the Leoncio Prado province, in the Huánuco Region (situated in the middle part of the Huallaga River, between the Cordillera Azúl National Park and the w...estern Andean Mountain Range). In 1963, the Jose Crespo y Castillo district was founded. Its name in quechua means "indians who inhabit the western slopes of the andes", and it is an homage to all natives who preffered the nomadic lifestyle of the rainforest.
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Travel tips for Aucayacu

It is important that you carry sunscreen, a hat, trekking shoes, t-shirt, pants, repellent, waterproof coat, s...wimwear and boots for the rain. Also, as in any other city, you have to be careful with your valuable objects.
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Aucayacu Weather

Best time to visit Aucayacu

The best month to visit Aucayacu is January because it has the lowest precipitation.

Climate in Aucayacu

The climate in Aucayacu is tropical. The average annual temperature is 78.08°F (25.6°C). November is the warmest month of the year, with an average temperature of 79.24°F (26.3°C), and july is the coldest month of the year, with an average temperature of 75.92°F (24.4°C). The greatest precipitation occurs in June and the lowest precipitation occurs in January.