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Transportes Bredde Bus Company

Transportes Bredde is a company with a long history that started its operators in 1999 with the aim of offering its inter-provincial passenger service on the Cusco - Andahuaylas and Andahuaylas - Cusco routes. This company is characterized by its clean, efficient, transparent, trustworthy and fast service that always listens to the opinions of both its clients and its staff. Over the years, Transportes Bredde has established itself as a renowned ground transportation company on the route it handles, becoming a favorite for those travelers who decide to leave Cusco for Andahuaylas.

Transportes Bredde is always looking out for its clients, they want them to have the best experience and get the best impression of their services. For this reason, two of its main objectives are to modernize its fleet and equipment whenever possible and constantly train its personnel. Transportes Bredde's interest in customer service is very high, which is why all the staff working in its agencies and offices are attentive and ready to help the user at all times. Also, they always urge everyone to leave their recommendations, suggestions and complaints if they have any.

With Transportes Bredde you travel safely and with the greatest possible comfort. At the moment, they offer a type of service that has delighted all their clients: buses of two floors with enough amenities to make your trip wonderful. Among the facilities that Transportes Bredde buses have are the following: reclining seats, reading light for each passenger, air conditioning, individual television screens (where you can watch a movie), music and toilets. As you can read, they have enough to make the route enjoyable and very fun, which is a benefit for everyone, especially for those who travel with young children.

If you have any doubts, suggestions or complaints, Transportes Bredde has the complaints book available to all its clients. They do not yet have a web platform, and therefore you will not be able to find it virtually at the moment, but it is found in all their offices and agencies so you can order it and fill it as you wish. Remember that to register your complaint you must fill out your personal data, such as full name and ID, as well as your travel information, such as the ballot number. Transportes Bredde will send you a response to your complaint to the email you have registered. If you do not receive a response, you can contact them to review your case.

Information contact of Transportes Bredde

☎ Telephone of Transportes Bredde: 083 797 290.

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Transportes Bredde Service On Board

  • Reclinable Seats
  • Air Conditioning
  • Reading Light
  • Music
  • Bathrooms

Cancellation Policies

You can cancel your Transportes Bredde bus ticket until 24 hours before the trip, For more information about changes and reschedules, you can contact the bus company.


Can I cancel and/or postpone my trip with Transportes Bredde?
Most ground transportation companies have a policy regarding the possibility of canceling or postponing a trip. It is usual for the administration to allow a passenger to request any of these two options up to 24 hours before the departure of the bus and it is done in person, in most cases a surplus must be paid to make the postponement effective in the new date the traveler wants. This, however, varies in each transport company, so Transportes Bredde may have different policies. For more information, do not hesitate to call them directly.
Does my child have to pay a ticket?
It is common for land transport companies to have a policy that allows children under 5 years to travel for free. However, these minors, although they can travel with their parents, do not have access to their own seat (that is, they must always be on the lap of one of their parents) nor do they have access to the other bus services (such as breakfast, lunch or dinner). We recommend asking directly to Transportes Bredde and to take these points into account when asking for a bus ticket for your child under 5 years of age.
What objects are prohibited in the luggage?
Objects that are prohibited in the Transportes Bredde hold are firearms, explosives or pyrotechnics, sharp objects, flammable products and toxic and hallucinogenic substances. If found in a passenger's suitcase, they can be removed and discarded to protect the safety of all travelers. Please, it is important to remember that this type of objects present a danger to all passengers and the personnel in charge of the bus since they can cause serious accidents, so it is recommended to follow the instructions and not carry them in your luggage.
Can I travel with my pet?
Many land transport companies allow farm animals as long as they go in the hold and present the respective documentation. When it comes to pets, there are two options. The first is that they go in the cellar as well and be sedated beforehand so that they do not suffer during the journey, the second is that they are with their owners inside the bus in case they are small pets. In the case of Transportes Bredde, we suggest you send them a message or call their offices to ask what their policy is and what documentation they need to allow your pet to travel.

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