About Bagua Chica

Bagua Chica is popularly known as Bagua, to distinguish it from Bagua Grande, a city nearby that also is part of the Amazonas department. The history of the area where it’s settled nowadays is very related to the bagua culture, developed between the 1300 to 200 b.C. It’s considered as one of the most ancient of the north-east of Peru. The old bagua stood out particularly in pottery, but they were also good farmers and hunters. The lifestyle of this culture was very tied to the Bagua river -that is known today as Utcubamba river-, so they were good swimmers and fishermen. During the 15th and 16th centuries the little nation of Bagua was big enough to take up a great part of the valley of low Utcubamba. Their importance was so big that they even had their own language, sophisticated and rich in words, that reflected the potential that they would reach if there was not Spanish colinization. It’s a pity that today the language of the bagua is mostly extinguished; they only conserve some words at school and references that show their existence.

Travel tips for Bagua Chica

-Bagua Chica is another name of Bagua, capital of the province with the same name.-Although it is known as Bagua Chica, it’s better if you refer to the city as Bagua when you are inside the city, since for some the other name is pejorative.-The weather in Bagua Chica (or Bagua) is considered warm and rainy for seasons. Its temperature can go over 87.8 °F (31 °C) in warm days and drop to 68 °F (20 °C) in winter.-You should also have by hand the basic kit for the tropical cities: a good sunscreen, sun glasses, bottled water and a raincoat for the unexpected rains.-The mosquito in the Amazonian areas can be transmitting of sicknesses, poisonous or just irritant. Have with you a repellent to protect you from insects and avoiding being bitten by them.-The people from Bagua are called “baguino”, but some says “baguense”. We recommend you to use just the first term.-Bagua and surroundings have the most fertile floors of the Amazonian department, so the agricole activity is plentiful. Coffee, rice, wheat, manioc and cotto,n among other products, are cultivated.To get around to the main meeting points of the city or any street far away from where you are, you can take easily a “mototaxi”. Those vehicles are numerous in Bagua Chica, since they are low-cost. The service costs from s/ 1 to s/ 3. To go to longer destinations, take a particular taxi or a shared taxi. The first costs s/ 4 - s/ 10. By shared taxi the transportation costs from s/2 to s/ 5.Bagua is a little city constantly affected by the intense rains that, in some cases, harm the urban heritage. The proximity of the city to the river Utcubamba is also a risk factor, since the water of the rain can cause the flooding of the river’s affluent. The social risks you can have in Bagua Chica are the thefts. Avoid to get distracted of your valuable belongings and don’t go through unsafe roads. If you visit the city with caution, you will have a pleasant trip.

Bagua Chica weather

Best time to visit Bagua Chica

August is the driest season, so may be the best moment to travel to Bagua Chica, even if there is rain anyways.

Climate in Bagua Chica

-The weather in Bagua Chica (or Bagua) is considered warm and rainy for seasons. Its temperature can go over 87.8 °F (31 °C) in warm days and drop to 68 °F (20 °C) in winter. Its a tropical weather.

Things to do in Bagua Chica

Bagua Chica is an Amazonian city located at the bank of the Utcubamba river. Even if the name Bagua Chica (means little Bagua) is very used to make the difference from Bagua Grande, it's offensive for the locals, that's why we recommend you to say just Bagua when you visit the city. Bagua Chica is an ecological tourist attraction due to the adventure sports and trekkings outdoor that the visitors can do. On the outskirts of the city you can practise climb and mountain cycling on the Arenal Canyon. You can also do a horse trip on the route to the lake El Porvenir. Horse trips are very typical on the adventure route on the surroundings of Bagua. There are some urban places to visit as the Plaza de Armas, modern architecture. There are panoramic sights of the natural environment that encircles Bagua Chica. You can visit the Iglesia Matriz of Bagua (Church) without leaving the city that has stained glass windows inside.

Nightlife in Bagua Chica

Discoteca La Paz

Location: doesn’t say
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: doesn’t say
This nightclub is from the few nightlife bars that you can find in Bagua Chica. If you look for places to share a drink with friends, the bars of the hotel will be a very good and calm option.

Where to eat in Bagua Chica?

Restaurant Barucci

Location: Calle Alfonso Ugarte with Jr. 28 de Julio
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: among s/ 15 and s/ 30
You will find a large variety of dishes made of the freshest fishes and shellfishes, but also you will have creole dishes, dypical of the coastal peruvian cities.


Location: Jr. 28 de Julio
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: doesn’t say
The restaurant Camotitos provides diverse choices for lunch or dinner but, as all good restaurant of Camana, the specialty is plates whose main ingredient is prawns. The “chupe de camarones” that you will taste here is just exquisite, highly recommended to the people that taste for the first time the seasoning of Camana. You will be very satisfied with the food, served in abundant portions.

The tourist places to see in Bagua Chica are:

Museo INC Bagua

Location: Jr. Arequipa N°339
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Price: s/ 2
In this museum you can find two exhibitions where you can compare the different periods in Bagua’s history. In the first period you can see fossil remains found in Retema, that belong to the marine animals of the Late Cretaceous period. The second period shows the main discoveries of the archaeological remains of the bagua culture: from pottery to tools and a funeral vase.

Museo Susana Meneses

Location: Jr. Los Cedros cdra. 5
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Price: s/ 5
This museum was created by the owner of the exhibition pieces, Angel Jauregui Samora, who wants to preserve the collection in good conditions and promote tourism. Inside the museum you will see copies of the fossil remains found in the area of Bagua as the Titanosaurio and the Baguatherium jaureguii, among other objects of the moche, chimum and nazca cultures.

Caverna de Churuyacu

Location: at one hour from the district of La Peca
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: free entrance
For the most experienced explorers, the cave represents a nice challenge. Its inside has large and narrow passages, very rough, with a variety of stalactites and stalagmites of prominent size.

Comunidad Nativa de Wawas

Location: at 55.3 mi (89 km) from the city (at 387 meters above the sea level)
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: free entrance
Learn about the lifestyle of the man who lives in harmony with the nature in this community where you will make homestay tourism, getting to know more about the ancestral traditions of the natives. You will be surrounded by diverse flora and fauna of enchanting landscapes and the nice atmosphere of hospitality that the inhabitants offer you.

The things to do in Bagua Chica

Trekking to the caves of Cambiopitec

Location: at 15.5 mi (25 km) from the city
This tourist attraction, just ideal for the speleology amateurs (caves exploration), is a trekking route very crowded for the ones who enjoy a good trekking in a natural environment. There are also horse rides that last about 1 to 2 hours. In both cases it’s an excellent experience, very healthy and calm.

Typical dishes in Bagua Chica


It’s a very consumed dish in the city of Bagua, due to the variety of ingredients and flavors the plate has. It was created due to the need of cooking using local ingredients, since there are not so many foods, but with the passing of time it reached great popularity in the main cities of the jungle. It’s prepared with banana, mint, peas, pork skin, beans, salt, cummin and achiote.

Cuy con papas

The guinea pig is the main ingredient of this popular dish, very consumed in part of the Amazonian cities (and other regions of Peru). For its preparation the guinea pig is fried until it’s gold-colored and crunchy, to be served then in a stew of peanut and chilly pepper, boiled potato and an onion gravy.

How to reach Bagua Chica

Bagua Chica by train

There is no train available nowadays to get to Bagua Chica.

Bagua Chica by flight

There is not an airport in Bagua Chica. The nearest airport is the one located in Jaen, at approximately one hour from Bagua Chica. From Lima to Jaen you can take a flight for example with the airline Latam. However there arent numerous flights, so book it in advance to be sure there is one.

Bagua Chica by bus

To the Amazonian city of Bagua Chica you can get from Chiclayo by bus with the terrestrial transportation company Civa. The average distance is 193 mi (311 km) and the travel takes approximately 4 hours (depending on the weather and the conditions on the highway). The bus ticket costs s/ 30, but it varies depending on the season (in low season you can buy tickets at s/ 20).

Accomodations in Bagua Chica

    Hostal Antara

    Location: Jr. Libertad 213
    Price: doesn’t say
    It’s a low-cost hostage for the backpacker traveller. They also have more expensive rooms for the customers that prefer a more exclusive service.

Important dates in Bagua Chica

Festividad del Santo Patron San Juan Bautista(June the 24th)The history of this patron saint festival is curious, since originally the settlers of Bagua chose as patron saint to San Pedro, until the arrival of immigrants from Cajamarca, who started the tradition of worshipping to San Juan Bautista. The situation became complicated since there were conflicts among the people who preferred one celebration rather than the other. At the end the parish priest called together to a massive voting that made history due to its peculiarity, being the patron saint of Bagua at the end San Juan Bautista. From June the 24th to the 29th there are cultural and religious activities in the city, don’t you miss them!

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