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About Av Atahualpa

Atahualpa avenue is the name of an important avenue of the Cajamarca district. It was built in 1954 and it's really important because it serves as a conection between two districts: Cajamarca and Baños del Inca. The historical records show that Atahualpa avenue was possibly the path that Atahualpa used to meet up with the spanish Francisco Pizarro. Nowadays this avenue has 10 blocks, in which you can find important buildings such as the Cajamarca National University.

Travel tips for Av Atahualpa

- The weather on Atahualpa Avenue is usually warm, but we suggest you to bring a jacket to be warm during the night, especially if you visit Atahualpa Avenue during the rainy season (from February to April).

- Here on Atahualpa Avenue you can take a taxi that takes you to other tourist spots in the Cajamarca district without the need to purchase a service from a tour agency. Of course, we recommend you to ask about referential rates before boarding the taxi. This way you will avoid being scammed.

Best time to visit Av Atahualpa

The best time to visit Atahualpa Avenue is between june and august because during this season the temperature drop to 13.5°C and the probability of raining is minimun. This way, you'll enjoy more your days there.