Terminal Plaza Norte to Chiclayo Bus


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Allinbus Bus Company

Allinbus offers an optimal transportation service, which aspires to expect the expectations of its clients. The company's services are characterized for its personalized attention, kindness, efficiency, comfort, security and higiene in its buses. Allinbus has a modern fleet of SCANIA buses, built in 2016. The buses go through maintenance before each departure in order to guarantee security and tranquility to the passengers. Additionally, they are tracked by GPS 24 hours a day.

Information Contact of Allinbus

● LIMA: Terminal terrestre Plaza Norte - Independencia. Telf: 940181901 / 946854165.

● LAMBAYEQUE: Chiclayo; Los Incas Nº165. Telf: 940181092.

● LAMBAYEQUE: Chiclayo; Víctor Raul Haya de la Torre Nº242. Telf: 940181073

What to do during the Terminal Plaza Norte to Chiclayo route on Allinbus buses?

Reclinable Seats up to 160° (First Floor), Reclinable Seats up to 145°, Hostess on board, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner depending on the schedule of the trip, Snacks, Foldable Tables, Blankets, Pillows, Individual Screens with, Streamed Content, Reading Lights, TV/Music, Air, Conditioning, Toilets, USB Chargers and electric plugs (First Floor).

Tourist attractions of Chiclayo

National Museum Royal Tombs of Sipán. It is the tomb of the Lord of Sipán. In this complex you can appreciate the funeral rituals of the rulers.

Historic Sanctuary of Pomac Forest. It is a protected area that is located in Ferreñafe and has an area of ​​5,887 hectares.

Archaeological Complex of Túcume. It consists of 26 pyramids that were built in 700 b.c. A tour of the metal production process is also offered here