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Travel by bus

Traveling by bus is considered a tradition in Peru. It was one of the first mass transportation methods to travel long routes and today it is very popular among peruvians regardless of age. This is so because by traveling by bus the passenger can reach different parts of Peru, even corners where there are no airports, at a very economical price. If there are two words that define the bus trip, they are the following: simple and cheap.


This practice began a long time ago in the capital and quickly spread to all departments of the country. At the beginning, it was a rather disorganized and informal business with passengers standing on the bus, rates that varied depending on the seller and all types of luggage (such as farm animals). In addition, each bus was controlled by its owner, so the differences between each one could be abysmal and that made it difficult for people to enjoy the experience of traveling by bus.


With regularization, an important initiative of the Peruvian State, land transport companies were born. These companies followed the instructions of the law, so they offered a more orderly and safe service. For example, the ticket did not sell a place on the bus, but a seat, so the passengers stopped standing. This simple practice made bus travel safer, which resulted in more confidence on the part of the passengers.

Why is traveling by bus so popular?

Traveling by bus is very popular due to many reasons, but mainly because it is a cheap, comfortable service that reaches the whole country. In the first place, it is a service that does not usually exceed 100 soles (the national currency in Peru), which makes it an accessible way of travel for any social sector and/or budget managed.


Another reason why traveling by bus has become popular in Peru is because the service offered is comfortable. With the infinity of services offered by buses now, it is known that customer service is one of the priorities for the transport company. For example, among the most common we can find the reproduction of movies, headphones to listen to music and lunch and/or dinner according to the time when the bus trip is being made. For higher prices, the passenger can get a ticket that offers more services, such as WIFI network (always subject to bus availability) or reading light.


Third, traveling by bus allows the traveler to reach places inaccessible by other transport methods. Peru is such a large country that there are several destinations that do not yet have an airport, which is why the bus is the best way to reach them. For adventurers, traveling by bus is the best option to get to know all of Peru.

Why travel by bus and not by other means of transportation?

Traveling by bus is especially convenient for several reasons. First of all, it is much more economical and helps the stability of your pocket, so you will have a larger budget for activities in your destination city. Secondly, traveling by bus allows you to reach places that other means do not reach, so you can explore the most remote places of our country. In addition, traveling by bus is healthier for the environment, for future generations and for the carbon footprint we produce. Finally, it is an adventure for those who love landscapes, and will allow you to see beautiful views that you cannot afford with other means of transportation.

What can a bus trip be enjoyed?

Those who take a bus trip can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Saving a considerable amount of money.
  • Traveling with many comforts inside the bus.
  • Being able to socialize with other passengers.
  • Traveling in an eco-friendly means of transportation.
  • Observing beautiful landscapes.

Bus Travel companies

In Peru there are many companies that sell Bus Travel tickets, the important ones are:

Transportes Línea


Ittsa Bus

Other Bus Companies

Popular destinations to travel by bus

Traveling by bus, you can visit fascinating destinations such as:

  • Lima
  • Ica
  • Moquegua
  • Arequipa
  • Cusco
  • Cajamarca
  • Puno
  • Tacna
  • Huaraz

And many more!

What is the best time to travel by bus?

Choosing the best time to travel by bus depends on several factors and your preferences. If you prefer to take advantage of the whole day at your destination, a morning trip may be ideal. Avoiding rush hour may ensure a smoother ride. For longer trips, leaving in the evening allows you to rest during the trip. Weekdays tend to be less crowded. Check the schedules available on redBus to find the option that best suits your needs.

Frequent Questions

What time is recommended to travel by bus?
Traveling by bus is always a pleasant and incredible experience, but many travelers have shown their preference for this adventure at night, preferably if it is a long route or more than 6 hours. This is the majority's choice because at this time the passenger can spend a large part of the trip sleeping, so that the route does not become long. If you travel to the peruvian Highlands or you must cross the peruvian Highlands during the trip, then you’ll have less possibilities to suffer from altitude sickness.
Is it safe to travel by bus?
Traveling by bus is very safe and fun! The peruvian roads are well built and have road police, security staff in charge of watching over all the people that cross Peru in this method, whether for recreation or business. In addition to the State's implementations, the passenger has the security provided by the transport company itself, which is summarized in modern and well-equipped buses, trained personnel in case of emergencies and a security policy that responds in cases of accidents.
What papers do I need to travel by bus?
The roles that are needed to travel by bus depends on several factors. For example, to board the bus, a valid identity document (or ID) is required, so if it has been stolen or misplaced, the passenger will need to take the police report and/or a record of the RENIEC that certifies that your new ID is already being processed. Also, if traveling with a minor, the terramoza will need to validate that the minor has the permission of both parents to travel, so the person in charge must present a notarized letter where the parents have authorized the trip. In addition, if the passenger is a person with a disability and requires special attention during the route, a certificate must be presented so that the bus company can do the procedures required.
Is it difficult to travel by bus?
Traveling by bus is not difficult; On the contrary, it is simple and fun. It is the most popular way of transport and for several reasons. First of all, for how comfortable and incredible it is to see the natural landscapes of Peru from an ergonomic seat. There is nothing like connecting with Peruvian nature even for a short period of time. Secondly, the bus offers various services that will make the trip enjoyable. For example, the most common are play a movie, music and lunch / dinner. More expensive services offer WIFI or USB input to charge a cell phone, among others.
Is traveling by bus cheap?
Traveling by bus is very cheap, although this also depends on the route, the season (if it is high or low) and the anticipation with which tickets are being purchased. Usually, traveling by bus can be very cheap if you buy it two weeks or a month in advance. It is also recommended to always check the social networks of the transport company of your choice to see if they have a current promotion that can help you have the best price.
How do I buy my ticket to travel by bus?
You have two options to buy your tickets and travel by bus. The first is the traditional way of approaching the terminal, making your queue and buying your tickets there. The other is to buy through the website or mobile application of your trusted transport company. We recommend using this second method since it is safe and 100% reliable, in addition the passenger will save a lot of time since they can make the purchase from the comfort of their home.
What are some advantages of traveling by bus over other means of transportation?
Traveling by bus, unlike other means of transportation, is eco-friendly, more economical and allows you to travel looking at the beauty of the scenery outside. It is preferred by the more adventurous.
How can I find the best prices when planning a bus trip?
On redBus, you can find a variety of companies, depending on the route you choose, and buy the one that best suits your pocket. Don't wait any longer and book your ticket!
Is it advisable to book specific seats when traveling by bus?
It is advisable to do so to ensure a space on the bus, and with redBus you can choose it from the moment you buy your ticket. All you have to do is select the route you want to travel, choose your seats, pay for your ticket and wait for the confirmation in your email.
What is the average duration of a bus trip for different distances?
You will be able to see the exact duration of your trip when you buy your ticket from the web or the app, quickly and easily.