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Buy your ticket on our website
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Receive an email with all the instructions
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Go to your company's counter to validate your ticket

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Bus Travel tickets in Perú

Bus Travel tickets are a great mechanism that has facilitated and improved the land transport business around the world and especially in Peru. These are tickets that bus companies give so that users can access the bus that will take them to their destination. A land ticket has printed the name of the holder, the place of destination, the time and date of departure and the transport company that supports it.


Long ago the Bus Travel tickets were purchased manually, that is, the passenger had to go to the terminal, make a line and wait until it was his or her turn to acquire it. Today, with the technology, it is much simpler. Bus companies have websites where they sell their Bus Travel tickets virtually and there are even third-party services such as redBus that allows you to make a comparison between different companies and buy at the best price. This new modality not only allows the customer to save time, but also offers a lot of comfort.


In Peru, the purchase of land tickets is a big business due to its comfortable price and the few transportation options. Many tourist destinations do not have an airport yet, so their only connection is the roads. This makes thst te majority of travelers travel by bus. In addition, its economic price also matters a lot, because it is cheaper and therefore it is more convenient if you travel to different destinations or in large groups.

Where can I buy Bus Travel tickets?

Buying your bus tickets with redBus is a good idea because this platform allows you to know in real time which companies go to the selected destination, and thus be able to compare which of the schedules they offer is the most suitable for travel. You can also contrast each of the on-board services offered by each of the buses, to choose the most comfortable and pleasant transportation possible. Additionally, you can see all the prices so that the user can choose the one that best suits your travel budget, managing to buy your ticket without having to stand in long lines at the terminal.

Frequent Questions

Can I change the ownership of my tickets?
Changing the ownership of the tickets is very simple. Generally, bus companies ask for a letter where you can explain the reason, the copy of the current holder's ID and the copy of the ID of which would be the owner. It can be sent by mail or physically submitted to the offices indicated by the companies, and the response can take up to a week of business days. However, this policy may change, so it is best to communicate as quickly as possible with the Service Center of the transport company.
Do children have to pay for a ticket?
Children over 3 years old pay for a ticket because they already occupy a seat. However, if the child is going to travel on the legs of the father or mother, it is possible not to pay the fee. It is important to emphasize that a child who does not pay for a ticket will not be able to occupy a seat because all seats are sold in advance, so parents must be very sure of this in order to avoid misunderstandings. For more information, it is better to contact the Service Center of the transport company directly.
In what cases can I request a refund of my ticket?
It is important to clarify that reimbursement is a policy that depends on each bus company. In companies that do have this possibility, it is usual for the policy to be applied only in case the traveler has not been able to board because of the same transport company. That is, in case the passenger had a problem of his own and / or caused by him or her, the refund policy would not be applied. In addition, it is important to emphasize that reimbursement only begins when the passenger requests it from the Service Center. You can always contact the transport company to find out these policies before buying.
What papers do I need to buy a ticket for a minor?
The only paper you need to buy a minor's ticket is your ID or, if you are a foreigner, your country's official passport. It is important to clarify that if only one of the parents will travel with the child, a signed and legalized letter must be prepared by a notary where the missing parent authorizes the departure of the minor. By Peruvian law, a minor cannot travel without the consent of both parents, so the person in charge can prohibit the boarding of the child if such paper is not available.
How far in advance should I buy my Bus Travel tickets?
The bus companies update their system monthly, so you can buy your land tickets up to a month in advance if you wish. In a normal season, we recommend that you buy your Bus Travel tickets with 2 to 3 weeks in advance. This way you can choose the bus that best suits your preferences according to its services and choose the seat you want (aisle or window). If it is a high season, we recommend that you make your purchase one month in advance as the system may fail due to high demand and Bus Travel tickets can sell out quickly.
What papers do I need to buy a land ticket?
To buy a bus ticket you only need your ID in case of being a national traveler or an official passport in case of being an international traveler. However, these documents are not only necessary during the purchase of the bus ticket, but are also requested during boarding, so it is recommended that the passenger always have them with them to avoid inconvenience. Extra papers may be necessary if the client has a special requirement or need, to find out you can call the Customer Service Center of the land transport company in which you purchased your ticket.
What types of ground transportation are there?
Ground transportation encompasses a variety of modes of travel, including: cars, buses, trains, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, etc.
What type of transportation is ground transportation?
Land transportation refers to the movement of people and goods over the Earth's surface. It includes modes such as automobiles, buses, trains, bicycles and walking.
What is the difference between overland tickets and other means of transportation?
Ground tickets, unlike other means of transportation, are eco-friendly, more economical and allow you to travel looking at the beauty of the scenery outside. It is the preferred alternative for the more adventurous.
Do companies offering overland tickets provide online booking options?
Yes! redBus is an online platform for purchasing overland tickets nationwide. You will only have to choose the company of your choice, your seat, pay for it and you will have your ticket in your hands. What are you waiting for?