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About the Land Transport Terminals in Perú

As the interprovincial travel business advanced and began to regulate, there was a problem that was not only an inconvenience for passengers but also for bus companies themselves: the lack of a safe place where travelers could board and disembark. There was a great deal of informality at this time, so the buses stopped in different spaces, causing passengers to be uncomfortable and the crime rate on the road to be high.

Crime was a major blow to the interprovincial travel business and soon the passengers demanded that the different bus stops be reduced or eradicated to prevent theft. As a result of all this, the transport companies decided to create the Land transport terminal, an official place in different destinations where buses could board and disembark their passengers. These Land transport terminals had security personnel to ensure that no criminal act occurred, as well as different food and candy stalls so that travelers could eat something before traveling.

At first, these Land transport terminals were only present in the most important cities of the country but soon, thanks to their effectiveness, they were built in different destinations. In addition, although at first, they could only board and disembark here the buses of the companies that built the terminal, soon the system changed and different companies began to affiliate, thus formalizing the transport system.

In recent years, the most important Shopping Centers in the country saw an opportunity in this business and built their own Land transport terminal. As a result, important malls such as the national chain “Plaza Norte” have Land transport terminal within their facilities, improving the experience of passengers, who can access restaurants and shops before or after boarding.

There are currently more than 150 land terminals throughout Peru, many of them from some transport companies such as Civa, Oltursa or Mobile Bus. Many of these have a modern 2-floor infrastructure with shops, restaurants and cafes of all kinds. It is estimated that in the following years more Land transport terminal will be built to increase the possibility of boarding and landing of passengers and thus improving the land transport business.

Why departing from Land transport terminal is gaining popularity among travelers?

Boarding in Land transport terminal is a practice that is gaining a lot of popularity among travelers due to several reasons. For example, they provide a lot of security. Being a place full of security staff, the passengers feel confident when boarding and disembarking here because they know they will not be victims of crime.

In addition, the Land transport terminal also set a fixed departure and arrival point. This is important because, before the Land transport terminal, the possibility of not arriving on time or getting lost on the road was very high because the routes used to vary and that caused many delays. In addition, this also makes it easier for a passenger who does not know the place very well to reach easily the bus station.

It is also important to note that the Land transport terminal facilitates purchases. Having enough stores inside, the traveler no longer must leave there to finish acquiring what he needs. For example, the Land transport terminal have small craft shops where you can make those last-minute purchases. Or if you only need items for your cell phone, the Land transport terminal have stands for all kinds of needs.

Main Land Transport Terminals in Perú

In Peru there are more than 500 terminals built in different destinations of the country, such as Lima, Piura or Trujillo, to mention only some popular destinations among travelers. In recent years the number of Land transport terminal have been increasing and today there are several more that are under construction, offering more stops to travelers, whether national or international, so they can board or land at the point that they wish.

The most prominent in Lima are: Gran Terminal Terrestre Plaza Norte, Terminal Marco Polo, Terminal Terrestre Atocongo, Terminal Flores, Terminal Civa y Terminal Ormeño.

And in different parts of Peru we can find the following: Terminal Terrestre Tacna Manuel A. Odria en Tacna, Terminal Terrestre Trujillo, Terminal Terrestre Huancayo, Terminal Terrestre Ica, Terminal Terrestre Piura, Terminal Terrestre Huacho, Terminal Terrestre Tarapoto, Terminal Terrestre Tumbes, Terminal Terrestre Cusco, Terminal Terrestre Ayacucho, entre otros.

Frequent Questions

How long in advance should I be at the terminal?
We recommend to all travelers to be at the terminal at least 30 minutes in advance before departure time. This is because there are a number of procedures that are carried out before boarding, such as presenting the ticket at the counter, weighing and leaving the bags or even buying last-minute items. All this may take time depending on how many people are in the queue at that time.
How much weight can I carry in my luggage?
Most transport companies allow carrying up to 20 kilograms of luggage. If the suitcase exceeds this weight, there are two options: either leaving the items that cause the excess, which can cause discomfort at the moment, or pay an additional commission that allows that extra weight. Anyway, we recommend asking the bus company itself for the weight of luggage allowed so that there are no problems when boarding.
Are there taxi services in the bus terminal?
Of course. Inside the land terminal you will find a series of taxi company counters that offer their services to any passenger who wishes to reach their destination after disembarking. You can approach them and ask for the rates, they usually go to any point of the city. In addition, if the traveler wishes he or she can also find a taxi in the street, however the terminal is not responsible for the damages that they may suffer.
What documents are necessary to board?
The documents that you must carry to board are your physical ID and your ticket. As for the ID, it almost always does not matter if it is expired or not, but you should always check with the transport company. And as for the ticket, it is not necessary to have it printed, as many of the transport companies accept the PDF format or QR code when boarding.
Can my family accompany me in the waiting room?
The waiting room is specially designed so that passengers can rest and eat if necessary, so it has a large space. Family and / or friends can accompany the traveler if necessary, but it is prudent that they leave once the passenger has embarked so that another person can use the service as well.
What services do I find inside the terminal?
Within the terminal there are a variety of services that allow the traveler to have a pleasant and fun time. For example, it has different restaurants and coffee shops so you can eat something before boarding. There are also stores in some terminals where you can buy clothes, cell phone items or souvenirs for friends and family.