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About Pisco

The territory of Pisco was the place where the main pre-Hispanic cultures were settled, from 1000 B.C., and so it’s one of the richest and most abundant provinces in archaeological remains. The cultures that stand out are Paracas and Nazca, both maximum examples of the pre-Hispanic textile and ceramic arts, respectively. During the colonial period was founded the city of Pisco as Villa de San Clemente de Mancera, altough its settlers used to call the city Villa de Pisco. The meaning of Pisco is bird in quechua. This flourishing port villa suffered the attacks of the most well-known pirates of that period, besides natural catastrophes that forced the city to move to the current place, at the south... of the Pisco river mouth. This is how in 1689 the city would be again founded, but this time, under the name of Villa de Nuestra Senora de la Concordia de Pisco.In the last years of the colonial period, near the Independence of Peru, Jose de San Martin arrived to Pisco. He disembarked in the Paracas bay, place where the first flag of Peru was created. For that reason among others in 1832 Pisco was declared Villa and Port of the Independence. However, it was in 1898 that the villa obtained the title of city, transforming into the capital of the province. Nowadays the city preserves its fame and prestige as port and agricultural city, besides its rooted winemaking tradition that go beyond borders.
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Travel tips for Pisco

-The city of Pisco is located at 143 mi (230 km) to the south of Lima.-Pisco is divided in Pisco Pueblo and Pisco Playa (the area of the port and the breakwater.-The main economic activities of Pisco are related to the textile and fishing industry.-It’s indispensable to have a sunscreen with high protection, since the sun in this region is burning.-There are not many rains in Pisco, so don’t you worry about it when packing for your trip.To get around in Pisco and surroundings won’t be complicated, although the unreliability of the means of transportation distrurbs you. The distances are short and there is not much to explore in the urban area, since the main tourist attra...ctions are located out of the city. You can take a mototaxi paying s/ 1- s/ 5 or take a shared taxi for s/ 2- s/ 4.The city of Pisco hasn’t recovered from the earthquake that hit the city and its inhabitants in 2007. The social problems that proceed from this disaster can be perceived in some areas of the city (crime, poverty, among others). That’s why you should keep in mind the advices of the locals and always ask the places that you should not go. There are nice people in Pisco, they will know how to warn you from the common risks. Think about hiring the services of any tour in the agencies of the downtown, since your experience will be safer and more pleasant this way.
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Table of Contents

Pisco weather

Best time to visit Pisco

The best period to visit Pisco is beginning of September, when the locals celebrate the Semana Turistica de Pisco.

Climate in Pisco

-The weather in Pisco is chararacterized for being desert and warm, with temperatures that reach 80.6 °F (27 °C) in summer, and descend to 53.6 °F (12 °C) in winter.-In some towns there are winds known as Paracas, famous for bringing sand remains and reaching the speed of 44 mph (70 km/h). Sunglasses will be helpful when those winds arrive, to protect your eyes.

The things to do in Pisco

Accomodations in Pisco

Sol de Pisco
Location: Av. San Martin 403, 056 Pisco
Rate: s/ 49 - s/ 115
It’s a modest hostal, but welcoming and with pleasant staff that will help you in anything you need. Inside the establishment you can have a drink in its bar, use the wifi or rest in the rooms with private bathroom and TV. Sol de Pisco has a good location, since from it you can access easily to the main tourist attractions that Pisco offers you.

Important dates in Pisco

Semana Turistica de PiscoSeptember the 1st to the 9thDuring this week all the tourist attractions are encouraged around the province with tours to the main tourist attractions and the famous routes of pisco, where you will learn about the vineyard where this drink is prepared; besides, there are traditional gastronomic fairs, where the visitor can taste the best of the local food and artisan fairs, where the best artisans of the province come to sell their products.
Procesion del Senor de la AgoniaOctober the 28thIn October the 18th the activities start around this saint image, with masses, prayers, fairs and fireworks. The central day of this important date is celebrated the multitudinary procession through the main streets of the city and the downtown of Pisco.


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