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About Moquegua

On the Early Horizon period of Peru, the region was controlled by the Pucara culture and on the Medium Horizon by the Tiahuanaco culture. In 1540 the Spanish arrived looking for new lands to settle and it was in 1541 that Moquegua was founded, at the same time than the Ilo harbor.Moquegua standed out in the fight to acquire the independence, reason why on January the 9th 1823 acquired the title of city. Moquegua was part of the independence of Arequipa and then part of the 7 provinces of the department, a position that the city conserved until the decade of 1830.

Travel tips for Moquegua

Moquegua is located in the South-East of Peru, and it's border of the most arid desert of the world, the Atacama desert.

Moquegua weather

Best time to visit Moquegua

The best moment to visit Moquegua is from October to December, a period when the temperature ameliorates and there are several important dates celebrated in the area.

Climate in Moquegua

The climate is dry during the whole year, semiwarm and sunny, with a maximum temperature of 80,6 °F (27 °C) and a minimum temperature of 50 °F (10 °C).

Things to do in Moquegua

Nightlife in Moquegua

Irpa Rock

Location: Moquegua 350
(053) 461098

Where to eat in Moquegua?

Las Glorietas

Location: Calle Samegua s/n
(053) 461181

El Bosque

Location: Av. 25 de Noviembre s/n La Villa Moquegua
(053) 462245

The tourist places to see in Moquegua are:

Plaza de Armas of Moquegua

Location: Downtown of Moquegua
The square is surrounded by gardens, high ficus (a kind of tropical tree), colonial and republican mansions and in the center there is a fountain that represents the Three Graces.

Church of Santo Domingo

Location: calle Ayacucho, cuadra 6
Hours: Monday to Saturday 07:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
This temple replaced the church of Santa Catalina that was destroyed by the tremors. The church has an image of San Francisco de Asis, an interesting pulpit and the altar made of engraved stone.

La casa de las 10 ventanas

Location: crossing point of the streets Ayacucho and Tacna
Hours: Monday to Friday 08:00a.m. – 1:00p.m. y 4:00 p.m. – 7:00p.m.
This house was built by Fernandez Maldonado as a lodging and stands out for the 10 windows to the Tacna street. The house has 2 floors; the first floor stands out for the front of volcanic stone and the second for the balcony on wood. It's recommended to visit it outside, since inside it's damaged.

The things to do in Moquegua

Cerro Baul

At 11 mi (18 km) to the North-West of Moquegua, after a one hour trekking, you will admire an archaeological site and a beautiful view.
It was an old maize drink factory that was abandoned suddenly after a fire.The taxi will cost 30 soles round trip. If you prefer you can take in the center a combi (s/ 1,50) or a colectivo (s/ 3) that takes the direction to Torata.

Typical dishes in Moquegua

Typical dishes of Moquegua

Moquegua is characterized for its typical dishes as cuy frito or picante de cuy, chancho al cilindro, caldo de mondongo; but there is one dish that only the locals cook: cacharrada, made of several types of meat and cooked under the ground. There are several options to taste those delights, we propose you some restaurants.

How to reach Moquegua

Moquegua by train

Nowadays there is no route of train to get to or to leave from Moquegua.

Moquegua by flight

The distance between the cities of Lima and Moquegua is 806 mi (1297 km). Moquegua has an aerodrome called Hernan Turque Podesta, used as airplane school and also used by the Peruvian army; the nearest airport is located in the district of Ilo at 57 mi (92 km) of distance, a travel that is made in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The main airline that operates in the airport of Ilo is Star Peru, that provides flights to the Peruvian capital.

Moquegua by bus

To get to Moquegua from Lima it's necessary to follow the Panamericana Sur, with three bus companies Oltursa, Tepsa and Excluciva. The three companies leave at 3:00 p.m. and 4:15 p.m.The trip lasts 18 hours.

Accomodations in Moquegua

    Hostal Plaza

    Location: Ayacucho, 675
    (053 46 1612)
    Rate: 35/55 soles
    This inn has a good quality-cost relationship and provides beautiful rooms.

    Hostal Arequipa

    Location: Arequipa 360
    Rate: 37/59 soles
    This inn is located in one side of the Plaza de Armas.

    Hotel Alameda

    Locaation: Jr. Junín 322
    (053) 463971

    Hotel Colonial

    Location: Calle Estadio Norte 120
    (053) 461569
    The rates go from US$41 to US$ 75.
    The hotel has a swimming pool.

    Hotel el Mirador

    Location: Alto de Villa s/n
    (053) 463851
    The price of a room is around s/ 250 (includes breakfasta and access to the swimming pool.

Important dates in Moquegua

Fiesta de Santa FortunataOctoberAll the October the 14th tourists arrive to the region to participate of the date in honor of Santa Fortunata, with fairs and cultural spectacles.
Semana turística de MoqueguaFrom November the 20th to the 25thIt's a week of celebration of the anniversary of foundation and you can do routes through the main attractions; but if you love adrenalin and adventure you can use mountain bikes and do hang- glider flight.

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