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RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Andahuaylas to Lima13:3017:30BOOK NOW
Andahuaylas to La Victoria13:3017:30BOOK NOW
Andahuaylas to Cusco20:0020:00BOOK NOW
Andahuaylas to Terminal Terrestre Cusco20:0020:00BOOK NOW

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RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Lima to Andahuaylas14:0017:45BOOK NOW
La Victoria to Andahuaylas14:0017:45BOOK NOW
Nicolas Arriola to Andahuaylas15:0017:45BOOK NOW
Terminal Atocongo to Andahuaylas14:0015:00BOOK NOW
Terminal Ica to Andahuaylas20:1520:15BOOK NOW

About Andahuaylas

The city was founded by Francisco Pizarro in November the 7th 1533 as San Pedro de Andahuaylas, called the Big of the Crown, leaving a cross on wood that meant the beginning of the constru...ction of the Cathedral in the main square. The province of Andahuaylas and the district of Andahuaylas were created together on June the 21st 1825 by decree of the Simon Bolivar government.
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Travel tips for Andahuaylas

If you are travelling from August till the end of the year, bring warm clothes, since the temperature -that is always low- can drop considerably. The most co...mmon means of transportation in the city are the mototaxis, taxis, and combis. You can negotiate the price in all of them, thinking that the average is S/ 1.
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Andahuaylas weather

Best time to visit Andahuaylas

The best moment to visit Andahuaylas is between May and August, since the temperature is nicer.

Climate in Andahuaylas

The climate is temperate, with mild rains and a thermal sensation also moderate. The maximum temperature is 68 °F (20 °C) and the minimum 43 °F (6,3 °C).

Where to eat in Andahuaylas?

This city is one of the original ones founded by Francisco Pizarro the following days to the conquest, also called La Tierra de los Celajes, due to the amazing twilights and cloudy sky that covers the settlers. You can appreciate the architecture of the chancas, old settlers that fought the Incas because they did not want to be conquered. You can e...njoy nearby interesting natural wonders as the Lagoon Pachuca, a natural refuge for diverse species of fauna, besides protecting historic celebrations as the Yawar Fiesta, a very spread important date, thanks to a document written by Jose Maria Arguedas, besides the celebration of Virgen de Cocharchas, that includes processions and songs in quechua
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Accomodations in Andahuaylas

Hostal Cruz del Sur
Location: Andahuaylas 118
Rate: S/. 20 to S/. 45
If you are looking for a low-cost accomodation, this is the place. The rooms are large and have a balcony.

Important dates in Andahuaylas

Señor de HuancaSeptember the 14thThe settlers build houses with stones that are placed nearby the precinct to ask for having a house, besides other wishes.
Yawar fiestaJuly the 26thIts famous the Spanish bullfight that represents the battle among the Andean world and the Spanish world.
Virgen de CocharcasSeptember the 8thFrom 1598 there are tributes, masses and processions ending August and the first weeks of September that honor the Virgin of Cocharcas, at the district of Chincheros. September the 8th is the central day.
Encuentro Nacional del Carnaval originario del Peru­ PukllayMarch the 19thIts the biggest and most transcendent date where you can get to know the typical dances of this region in the country.