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About Turismo Oropesa

Turismo Oropesa is a Peruvian company that has more than ten years in the field of inter-provincial passenger transport in Peru, it is one of the most popular. Despite its extensive experience and having several loyal customers due to its dedication and professionalism, Turismo Oropesa always seeks to provide the best travel experience to all its users through a journey full of safety, well-being and comfort. In this way, Turismo Oropesa continues to innovate its services and wants to continue growing to become one of the leading companies in the Peruvian transport sector.

This prestigious bus transport company has different destinations to which its clients can go when walking or doing work. These destinations are Lima, Lircay, Ica, San Clemente, Huaytara, Ayacucho and Huancavelica. Of all these, its main offices are in Lima and Huancavelica. It is also important to keep in mind that they have daily bus departures only in 5 of these tourist points: Lima, Lircay, Ica, Ayacucho and Huancavelica. Turismo Oropesa wants to continue expanding its coverage, so it is possible that in the future they will add more destinations for their clients to have more options.

The Oropesa Tourism buses have two floors and are designed so that all clients have enough comfort and rest easy. In the Economic Service, the buses have a reclining seat, air conditioning, heating, DVD and on-board service. You can also choose the Executive Service, which offers seats with reclining 160° and 140°, air conditioning, HD screens, chemical toilet, USB input, small snack and the attention of a staff. Be the type of service you choose, do not hesitate that the staff of Turismo Oropesa will provide all the possible comforts for you to have an incredible trip.

Other points to keep in mind when buying a bus ticket with Turismo Oropesa is that children under 5 do not pay, but neither will they be able to access a site for them and the snack service. It should also be considered that the maximum weight of the luggage is 20 kilograms, even so you can travel with the surplus as long as an extra fee is paid. If you are a person with a disability and you must travel with your guide dog, then you must present your CONADIS card so that the animal can be with you on the bus.

If a last minute emergency occurs and you want to cancel or postpone your bus trip, Turismo Oropesa offers you the following options. It is not possible to cancel your bus trip, you must present yourself 6 hours in advance to the terminal or the office where the ticket was purchased and there request the postponement of the trip or the transfer of the ticket to a third party. Keep in mind that you will only be able to travel within the next 60 days and that you could pay an additional cost for that new ticket. If you have bought online, you only have 24 hours to carry out the online postponement process, then you must comply with the stipulations above.

In addition to offering inter-provincial passenger transport service, it also has parcel delivery services. In all its offices the system is enabled to receive packages and be transferred to their destination with all the security required. The price varies depending on the weight of the package and the distance from the point of origin. In Oropesa Tourism you can also quote the transfer for large groups (or institutions). The interested party can call the Oropesa Tourism offices and ask about the cost of the service, which depends on the distance to the destination point and the type of bus chosen.

You must bear in mind that the order is registered with a secret four-digit password, which the recipient must also know. If the receiver cannot dial the correct combination, then the sender must change the password. This can be done in any of the agencies and you must pay an amount of S/5. Remember that your parcel must be properly packaged. Otherwise, Turismo Oropesa is not responsible for the risks during the transfer.

The recipient of the parcel must know that he or she only has 30 days to claim the object, since from this time he goes to the abandonment warehouse and if he wants to pick it up, he must pay an extra fee. If it is a perishable good, Turismo Orpesa reserves the right to burn or eliminate if found in a state of decomposition. On the other hand, the sender must ensure that the order is properly registered, since claims are not accepted if the ticket or ballot were not filled out correctly.

If you want to file a complaint or claim about one of their services, you can enter their website, go to the lower right corner and select the "Book" option. This tab will redirect you to the Oropesa Tourism Claims Book. Keep in mind that you must identify yourself with your ID and full name. Also, you must fill in the service details and attach the series and number. Finally, the details of the complaint and / or the claim are written, as well as the order that is made to Turismo Oropesa. The company will contact you through the email provided.

Like other Peruvian companies, Turismo Oropesa has launched a new function on its website called "Electronic Invoicing". What is it for? It is so that your clients can consult an electronic document (invoice, sales slip, credit note or debit note) if they have requested it at the time of purchase of a service (mostly orders or tickets). You can search for the document by entering the issue date, the type of document you want to search for, the series and finally the number. You can also enter your RUC and the amount. This function is very useful if you have lost your document and need a copy, or if, due to some system error, it never reached your inbox.

Information contact of Turismo Oropesa

☎ Telephone number of Turismo Oropesa: 711 9635. Email: contacto@oropesa.pe.

Turismo Oropesa Bus Company

Turismo Oropesa is a well-known company that defines itself by its desire to satisfy the needs and expectations of passengers who use long-distance buses to travel. Turismo Oropesa is backed by a fleet of modern buses and is supported by a professional team who are highly trained. The operator strives to provide quality service that encapsulates their punctuality, concern for safety, and comfort.

Turismo Oropesa Bus Service On Board

  • Leather seats reclinable up to 180° (1st floor)
  • Seats reclinable up to 160° (2nd floor)
  • GPS
  • 4 hours per shift drivers
  • First aid kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Hostess on board
  • Food service / Snacks
  • Folding tables (1st floor)
  • Covers
  • Head pillows
  • TV / music
  • Air conditioning
  • Reading light
  • Outlets
  • Toilets

Select Your Agency

  • ● LIMA; Agencia La Victoria | Av. Luna Pizarro 240 - La Victoria; ☎ Telephone: 999-958-267
  • ● PISCO; Agencia San Clemente | Av Los libertadores S/N - San Clemente; ☎ Telephone: 947-871-904

Bus Amenities

140° Seat Reclination





Reading Light


160° Seat Reclination

Charging Point


Bus Hostess


Central TV

Fire Extinguisher

Emergency Contact Number


Does a child pay a ticket at Turismo Oropesa?
According to the Oropesa Tourism policies, children under 5 do not pay. However, it should be clarified that in this case, these little ones must go on the lap of their parents and they will not be given snacks like the other clients. This must be taken into account before agreeing to pay or not the bus fare to your son or daughter.
Can I cancel my Turismo Oropesa bus ticket?
At the moment Turismo Oropesa does not allow the total cancellation of the bus ticket or the refund of money. If you cannot travel on the scheduled date, you must approach the terminal 6 hours in advance and postpone it. You can also change the ownership of the bus ticket. In both possibilities there is the possibility of being fined.
¿Where can I register my claim regarding a Oropesa Tourism service?
If during your trip an inconvenience occurred that left you disappointed in Turismo Oropesa, you have the possibility of registering a formal claim in its claim book. To do this, please enter their website and go to the lower right corner. After entering your claim, you will receive a response to your email within a certain period of days.

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