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About Pampas

Pampas is a peruvian city, capital of the Tayacaja province, in the department of Huancavelica. This city and the province of its same name, are amongst the oldest of Peru. It is known that by the 18th of June of 1594, Lázaro Yuca Inca Cavachi Ladino was the gobernor and warchief o...f Pampas. There are also pieces of rock art on caves which are evidence of human life dating back from the neolithic age. Pampas is known for its agriculture farming, and by being a cultural center amongst neighboring cities, a product of several spaces and parks dedicated to this.
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Travel tips for Pampas

- Due to its location, it is common to suffer from sorochi upon arriving to Pampas. We recommend you don’t engage in physically demanding activities upon arriving to the city, in order to avoid any possible complication. ... - The distances in Pampas are short, so you won’t have any trouble crossing the city on foot. - As with any city, it its recommended to keep your personal belongings close and don’t wander on your own during the night.
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Pampas Weather

Best time to visit Pampas

We recommend you visit Pampas at the end of January, so you can coincide with the Patronal Feast of the Virgin Most Puro of Pampas.

Climate in Pampas

Due to it belonging to the Quechua region, Pampas is known for having a mild and rainy weather. Winter in particular is dry and mild, but frigid cold during the night, with an average temperature which varied between 53 and 56°F, but that can descend down to 35.6°F during the night.

Where to eat in Pampas

Dropping Points in Pampas

Here are some of the most popular dropping points in Pampas. Please note that these locations generally differ with each bus operator. The bus dropping points in Pampas are as follows:

  • Pampas
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Important dates in Pampas

Patronal Feast of the Most Pure Virgin of Pampas20th of JanuaryPatronal feast in honor of the town’s beloved virgin. After a mass, several processions, parades and activities are held during the week, until the 24th, which ends with a bullfight and the election of the next year’s mayordomo.
Llantacuy FeastOctoberFeast which tries to emulate a grooms proposal to a bride. During the feast several trees are cut down and carried around the city by men, and parades with festivo music are carried on through the whole town