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About Mollendo

Mollendo is a city in de Arequipa Department. It is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, and at 85km from the city of Arequipa. This city has the most important por of the south of Peru: Matarani. Its principal touristic attractive are the many beaches on the coast.

Travel tips for Mollendo

- Like in any other trip, we recommend to be careful with your belongings and to not lose sight of your luggage.

Mollendo Weather

Best time to visit Mollendo

The best season to visit Mollendo is in summer, which is between january and april.

Climate in Mollendo

The weather is very similar to Limas. The maximum temperature is 26°C and the minimum is 13°C.

Things to do in Mollendo

The tourist places to see in Mollendo are:

El Castillo Forga

It is a castle located on the Castillo on top of a rocky mountain on the beaches of Mollendo. This neo gothic construction was built in the 1900s.

Lagunas de Mejia

It is a wetland of 690.6 hectares that is located que se encuentra ubicado at the mouth of the Tambo River.

The things to do in Mollendo

Main Square

In the main square of Mollendo you can find the first buildings built on the city in the 1800s. Also, it is the center of the main activities of the city.

Nightlife in Mollendo

El Mar de Copas

Location: n/d
Business hours: n/d
Price: n/d
This bar, located very near the pier, has a varied menu of drink at a affordable price.

El Buen Punto Cafe Karaoke

Location: 220, Calle Comercio, Mollendo
Business hours: n/d
Price: n/d
This bar not only offers a varied menu of drinks, but also garantees their customers a good night of fun.

Where to eat in Mollendo

Typical dishes in Mollendo

Perol de Mariscos

It is the traditional dish from Mollendo. It is prepared with seafood, lemon, pepper and salt.


Raw fish cooked with lemon and pepper.

How to reach Mollendo

Mollendo by train

Currently, there is no train routes to this destination

Mollendo by flight

To ge to Mollendo by flight, it is necessary to land on the Rodriguez Ballon airport located in the city of Arequipa, and then take a bus to Mollendo. The price per flight ticket is approximately 90 dollars.

Mollendo by bus

The bus trip to Mollendo takes 17 hours. The bus companies that takes you there are Oltursa and Tepsa. The price per ticket goes from 130 to 170 soles.

Accomodations in Mollendo

    Hospedaje Alexito

    Location: Calle Lara N° 410, Mollendo
    Price: starting at 33 soles
    The accommodation includes free WiFi and private parking lot. Every bedroom is equipped with TV and water boiler.

    El Principado

    Location: Calle Comercio #1416, Mollendo
    Price: starting at 52 soles
    The accommodation is located at 800 meters from the main square of the city. It includes free WiFi and a terrace. Every room has private bathroom.

Important dates in Mollendo

Mollendo AnniversaryJanuaryThis event is the biggest on the city. Throughout january, there are many activities, such as the Señorita Mollendo contest, a serenade, artistic caravan, mass and food festival.