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About Juanjui

In the pre-Columbian period the territory was dominated by diverse indigenous groups as arawacs, tupis and guaranies. With the passage of time the groups who controlled the territory were known as cholones and hibitos until the evangelism and set of laws took place by the Franciscans in the 17th century.The founder of the city is Jose Gaspar Lopez Salcedo, a Spanish who arrived to Peru in 1817 and fought for the realist cause wit...hout success, reason why he decided to remake his life in Lamas. He was told about a place with abundant resources, so he began the travel to Chacho and in 1826 with the support of the settlers they decided to enlarge the territory they occuppied. In December the 24th 1827 was founded the town, the Virgen de las Mercedes date, and the name of Juanjui is in honor of Juan Huido, an indian who emigrate to the area in previous times.
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Travel tips for Juanjui

-Using pale color clothes and cotton clothes will help to maintain you cold to support the heat of the city; it's recommended not to forget the sunscreen against the UV rays.-It's recommended to be vaccinated against the yellow fever, hepatitis A/B and the anti-tetanus injection, specially if you go through rural areas or surrounded by nature.-You should learn about the growth of the Huallaga river flow, since it's close to the city and could represent a risk for the people who are close to it.The traveler can get around the city by taxi, bus and mototaxi, which is the cheapest mean of transportation. The settlers also get around by motorbike and van.The lowest rate that you obtain travelling by mototaxi is s/... 1 in short and direct distances. The cost of the public transportation is from s/ 1, depending on your destination. To get around by taxi the cost goes from s/ 3 to s/ 10, depending on how far is the place where you want to go to, and it's usually faster and more direct. Keep in mind that you can negotiate with the driver before boarding the vehicle.The downtown of the city is the safest area and the natural areas which are not yet paved are the ones that represent a higher risk, since the criminals can take advantage of the conditions. It's not recommended to bring high value objects at the sight of other people and not seeing them since there can occur thefts or even assaults, and be more awaiting at night.
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Juanjui weather

Best time to visit Juanjui

The best time to visit Juanjui is at the Semana turística de la Provincia de Juanjui, which take place in June-July. You will find parades, traditional dances, among other events.

Climate in Juanjui

-The climate of Juanjui is warm and humid and has an average temperature of 80,6 °F (27 °C).-The city has abundant precipitations throughout the year, the driest season goes from June to August. It's always recommended to have an umbrella by hand.

The things to do in Juanjui

Accomodations in Juanjui

Hospedaje Eden
Location: Jr. Ayacucho with Jr. Ica
Rate: no available information
They propose from simple to marital rooms, private bathroom, cable TV, wifi. It's a sober lodging for not very demanding people.

Important dates in Juanjui

Semana turística de la Provincia de JuanjuiDate: June-JulyOn occasion of the province anniversary of the Mariscal Caceres you can admire on the streets allegorical cars, troupes that cheer up the parades, traditional dances and a great gastronomy fair that shows the most delicious dishes of the region. The Kuntur Raymi is celebrated as well as the rituals of Pajaten at the end of the week and you can appreciate the appealing burning of castles, serenades and the horse race.
Fiesta Patronal de la Virgen de la MercedDate: SeptemberTake part of the activities that are made due to the most important patron saint of the city. The celebration includes gastronomic fairs, sport, religious and tourist events that can enjoy locals and also visitors. To finish the party there is a burning of castles and there are fireworks.
Señor de los MilagrosDate: OctoberIt's a religious festival that mix up the religious, costumbrist and tourist aspects of the city, and in the procession you can see the Senor de los Milagros on the streets, besides tours around the natural areas more emblematic of the city.


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