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About Huancabamba

Huancabamba is a province of Piura, located in the north of Perú. It is known as the "cradle of the magic" because wizards used the lagoons for magic rituals.

Travel tips for Huancabamba

- If you want to visit Las Huaringas, the most important lagoons in Huancambamba, you can take a taxi for S/. 35. The taxi will only take you to a certain point, you need to continue walking to reach the lagoons.

Huancabamba Weather

Best time to visit Huancabamba

The best season to visit Huancamba is between june and october, during this months the raining decreases.

Climate in Huancabamba

The climate in Huancambaba is moist and warm because Huancabamba is a valley. The temperature here can reach a maximum of 24°C and can decrease until 12°C. The season of raining is between january and april.