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About Chulucanas

The pre-Columbian history of the region shows that the territory was dominated by Tupac Yupanqui, although there was a great resistance by the settlers of the place. It was a crossing point for the Spanish troops on their way to Cajamarca, and afther the conquest they settled in the territory. Chulucanas was part of the Yapatera property for more than 200 years, until in 1839 it was declared an independant town by the Huancayo Congress. In 1866 was created the district of Yapatera and was declared capital of Ch...ulucanas.There was a debate in 1935, the time when it was being decided the legal system of those lands, since Yapateras and Morropon wanted to become the province in charge of those territories; then the settlers of Chulucanas were opposed and argued that the province should have its name for being a bigger town and with more trade. Everything ended in 1936 with the Law 8174, during the Oscar R. Benavides government, when it was declared the creatioon of the Morropon province, whose capital would be Chulucanas.
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Travel tips for Chulucanas

-Using pale color clothes and cotton clothes will help to maintain you cold to support the heat of the city; it's recommended not to forget the sunscreen against the UV rays.-When you approach the river, it will be useful a repellent of insects.The most common mean of transportation in the city is the mototaxi, but there are also taxis, buses and the locals get around by motorbikes and vans.The lowest rate that you obtain travelling by mototaxi is s/ 0,50 in short distances. The cost of the public transportation is about s/ 1, depending o...n your destination. To get around by taxi the cost goes from s/ 3 to s/ 10, depending on how far is the place where you want to go to, and it's usually faster and more direct. Keep in mind that you can negotiate with the driver before boarding the vehicle.The downtown of the city is quite safe, while the far away areas or surrounded by vegetation can be a place where the thieves take advantage to commit thefts and assaults. When the night arrives, you should be cautious in areas without pavement, since there can occur thefts by motorbike.
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Table of Contents

Chulucanas weather

Best time to visit Chulucanas

The best time to visit Chulucanas is in June, for the Feria Agropecuaria Artesanal (agriculture and livestock fair, with lots of activities to participate in).

Climate in Chulucanas

-The climate in Chulucanas is desert and has an average temperature of 77 °F (25 °C).-There is a rainy season that goes from January to April, being the most rainy March; the rest of the year is nearly dry.

The things to do in Chulucanas

Accomodations in Chulucanas

Gran Hostal Plaza
Location: Calle Apurimac 771
Rate: no available information
Hostal Chulucanas
Location: Jr.. Ica 209
Rate: no available information.

Important dates in Chulucanas

Anniversary of the Morropon provinceJanuaryOnce a year is celebrated the anniversary of the politic creation of the province that includes parades, beauty competitions, artists presentations and music shows which commemorate this important date.
Fiesta de San Sebastián o San ChabaquitoJanuaryIts a religious celebration that worships San Sebastian, also called Chabaquito; during this period it usually rains and in the past it didnt rain or it rained too much the legend says the locals had to wash the image in the river. The celebration starts in Yapatera, but the spectators go to Chulucanas. During the celebration days there are food shops in the streets, devoted and not devoted who celebrate the important date and there are various religious activities.
EasterMarchIts a religious festival that join the catholic people to commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus in the cross and his divine rebirth; there is a crowded procession with the image of the Lord throughout the streets, there are masses and open-air dances and the people contemplate the burning of castles with fireworks as a party while music bands go with them during the route.
Feria Agropecuaria ArtesanalJuneIn June takes place the agriculture and livestock handicraft fair, where diverse artisans and artists exhibit their works in order to not forgetting the importance of this art. Besides that, as part of the event there are passacaglia, pottery competitions, painting, folcklore groups, games for children, among other activities to cheer up the spectators.


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