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About Chachapoyas

The history of Chachapoyas goes back to the ancestral period (7.000 years b. C.) when the first settlers of the area left traces of their past in remains on rock. However, the most important legacy of the life in this territory was left by the Chachapoyas culture (13th century AD). The Chachapoyas culture were a population of combative and fierce spirit in the battle. They opposed violent resistance to the inca’s expansion but they were defeated by the inca Tupac Yupanqui.Its Spanish foundation dates from 1538, under the name of San Juan de la Frontera de los Chachapoyas. In 1544 the settlers decided to move from the settlement of the city to an area less rough and with better weather. During the Independence war, the settlers of Chachapoyas woke up their... ancestral spirit of fight to join the liberator army. On June the 6th 1821 took place the Higos Urco Battle, a legendary confrontation where the courage of the Chachapoya’s culture defeated the realistic forces, leaving heroic names as Matiaza Rimachi, an indigenous brave woman when she was defending her ideals.Nowadays Chachapoyas, since it’s the oldest and most historic tradition city, is recognized as the Amazonian capital and the entrance door to the peruvian jungle. Its location between the mountains and the beginning of the jungle gives to the city a varied and pleasant climate. The name comes from the indigenous word “sachapuyos”, which means “men of the fog” due to the peculiar fog that dominates the area of the hill Puma Urco, close to the city.
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Travel tips for Chachapoyas

-Bring light and at ease clothes, but also a coat.-You shoudn’t either forget the sunscreen, the repellent, sun glasses (to protect your eyes) and trekking shoes for the uneven roads.In Chachapoyas you will find taxis and mototaxis to go through the short distances of the city (distances are not very long). Those vehicles also go to the proximity cities, but they are expensive (specially for tourists). The taxis are expensive and they don’t have a really good service. If you are not too over-loaded, we suggest you go walking. To visit the main tourist areas you will have the option of contracting any tour by bus on the tour agencies to the Plaza de Armas (If you like sport and adventure is better to get around by foot).-Its geography is uneven, fact not so favorable for tourism in rainy seasons, specially on the risky roads, since the vehicles can’t go across easily or they are exposed to accidents.-Try to buy safe tours (that have the cars in good condition) and ask about the most common natural risks as landslides, landslides of mud and rock, etc.-In spite of the risks, the rainy season is one of the best to appreciate the nature. If you have a raincoat and rubber boots you will enjoy it, provided that you avoid the risk areas (as riverbeds and highest areas).
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Table of Contents

Chachapoyas weather

Best time to visit Chachapoyas

-The best season to visit Chachapoyas is from May to November.-There are several important dates that are celebrated those days and you can participate in, as the Tourist Week of the Chachapoyas, beginning of June.

Climate in Chachapoyas

- Since it’s located between the mountains and the beginning of the jungle, the climate is mild, cold and warm, with a maximum average temperature of 23 ºC (68 ºF) and a minimum of 13 ºC (51 ºF).-The rainy season goes from December to April. If you travel in this period, don’t you forget a raincoat.

The things to do in Chachapoyas

Chachapoyas is an Amazonian city located in the North-East of Peru, close to the Utcubamba river. Chachapoyas history is full of events, because it was the crib of the Chachapoyas culture, which was dominated by the incas during the pre-Hispanic period. It was during the colonization period that where built a lot of monuments and buildings that still exist nowadays and are part of the architectural appeal of the city. It's one of the oldest cities of Peru and also one of the first to be t...ransformed in a capital of department, after the Independence wars. Inside the city you will have the chance of visiting the Plaza de Armas, which colonial charm transcends the time barriers through the mansions that surround it. There is also the Pozo de Yanacu (a well), whose waters have the power of making fall in love of Chachapoyas beauty to everyone that drinks them. Another places to visit on the outskirts of the city is the archaeological remains of Yalapé and the Cóndores lagoon.
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Accomodations in Chachapoyas

Chachapoyas Backpackers Hostel
Location: Jr. Dos de Mayo 639
Price: rooms from s/ 18
This hotel is modest but has low prices, ideal for the people who doesn’t look luxury and has a low budget. The rooms are simple, doubles, triples and double bed with private bathroom and hot water (the breakfast is not included). Other services that the lodging has are laundry, wifi, kitchen and dining room, Spanish courses and a room with a PC at your disposition.

Important dates in Chachapoyas

Carnival of Chachapoyas(February to March)As in other cities of Peru, Chachapoyas celebrates a local version of the carnival with dances, joy, folklore and a lot of water (people get wet easily during the celebration).
Easter in Chachapoyas(April)The city show its faith in each of the religious festivals. In the churches of Chachapoyas there are prepared scenes where the devoted can dedicate to contemplation and reflection; there are also processions.
Semana Turistica de los Chachapoyas(June the 1st to the 7th)During this tourist week you will live all the cultural experience of Chachapoyas, from its history, dances, food and traditions. Those days you can participate of all the activities, making homestay tourism o simply observing the Chachapoyas culture, while you taste an exotic dish of the local gastronomy. Something you should consider (not to be missed) is assisting to the Festival de Danzas Raymillacta, where different communities are joined to show their dance skills.
Anniversary of the Higos Urco Battle (June the 6th)The whole city celebrates every year the legendary battle where courageous Chachapoyas settlers joined the liberator army to face the realists (Spanish army), defeating them and achieving like that an important succes for the Independence of Peru.
Patron Saint of the Virgen de Asunta(August the 15th)In this day the devoted from Chachapoyas honour the image of the Virgen de Asunta, called in previous times Virgen de la Asuncion, with prayers, processions and activities of cultural kind as the dance.
Anniversary of Chachapoyas(September the 5th)At this date locals commemorate the Spanish foundation of Chachapoyas with celebrations all over the province. There will be fireworks, typical of the rural festivals in Peru, typical dishes, dances, costumes, joy, and colors of the Chachapoyas town.


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