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About Barranca

Barranca is a port town located two hours away from Lima. It is a modern city with over 65 000 residents, and is an important trade hub for the country. During the past century Barranca, as many other coastal cites, was home to "haciendas" dedicated to the production of sugar, and mostly employed slaves for this work. Today, Barranca is well known for its beaches, which make it an atractive tourist destination during the summer. Recently, the archeological complex of Caral was discovered near Barranca, and is now believed to be the oldest remains of civilization in all Latin America.

Travel tips for Barranca

- Barranca is a coastal city with a warm weather. It is recommended you bring light clothes during the summer. - Transportation within the city is cheap.

Barranca weather

Best time to visit Barranca

The best time to visit Barranca is during the summer, so youll enjoy its beaches at their fullest.

Climate in Barranca

The average temperature in Barranca is 64,4 ºF although it is much more warmer during the summer. Rain is unusual in Barranca